Los Angeles' Exposition Park Rose Garden

By: George Adelman
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Los Angeles isn’t short of beautiful attractions, one of which is the Rose Garden at Exposition Park.

Like any other garden, the Exposition Park Rose Garden is a wonderful place where you can walk, relax and spend quality time among greenery and the beauty of nature. But more than that, Rose Garden is also quite a popular choice of location for wedding photography among to-be married couples.


About Rose Garden

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The Rose Garden at Exposition Park in Los Angeles was originally called ‘Sunken Garden’ and spans across an area of 7 acres. It was once referred to as “one of the city’s best-kept secrets” which is probably the reason for its popularity over time.

In 1913, the present Exposition Park was basically converted from what used to be an agricultural park and a race track. That particular region was the city’s agricultural park from 1871 to 1911.

After the construction in 1913, the rose garden area was primarily used for automobile racing, horse, racing, and dog racing.

Later in 1914, there was a change in plans and the city announced that they will construct a wildflower garden in that very park. However, the Rose Garden that we know of today wasn’t built until the year 1927. Eventually, in 1928, more than 100 varieties of flowers including roses, and a total of 15,000 bushes were planted in the park and the construction of the garden was also announced in numerous magazines.

Los Angeles Times, in particular, paid great appreciation to this garden and wrote the following as a way to applaud the project, “No more fitting tribute could be paid to the spirit of Southern California than to erect in the center of her largest city the greatest rose garden in the world.”

Ever since its creation, over time it has grown to more than 200 varieties roses and other flowers along with over 200,000 beautiful bushes.


A Popular Spot Among Visitors

Once the Exposition Park Rose Garden was fully developed, it turned into quite a popular spot among visitors. The seven acres of flowers spread through the lush grassy trails are mutually loved by USC students that come here to take a break and unwind.

The Rose Garden transforms into quite a magical backdrop for photoshoots and weddings with its spectacular central fountain.


Featured In Film and Television

If you watch a lot of films and television, you might have noticed that the Rose Garden is featured in the popular TV show “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. It was also seen in an American musical comedy-drama fantasy film ‘On a Clear Day You Can See Forever’ that features Barbara Streisand!


Visit the Rose Garden In Los Angeles

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Whenever you visit Los Angeles, make sure to take a trip to the Exposition Park Rose Garden because it is truly a must-visit spot that will totally blow you away!