Margarita Island: The Venezuelan Paradise

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Languorously lounging around at a white sand beach, sipping on chilled margaritas captures the perfect summer holiday at an island. However, sadly, since the secluded pieces of land encircled by the ocean become tourist hotspots during the sunny season, the cost of adventure at such locations becomes excessively high, leaving a rather deep dent in one’s pocket. Whether you go to the magnificent Maldives or traverse any of the Thai islands, you’ll have to set up a substantial budget for your summer shenanigans. But if you are big on exploring places off the beaten path, you can have a memorable beach holiday at a picturesque island in a quiet corner of the Caribbean: the Margarita Island.

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Isla of Margarita lies off the northeast coast of Venezuela and is the largest Nuevo Sparta State. Like all mainstream, well-frequented islands, this isle is speckled with mesmerizing natural wonders, including white sand beaches, rocky mountainous terrains, mangrove swamps, and bustling casinos. But what gives Margarita Island an edge over others is its serene ambiance and anonymity. The relative lack of people on this Venezuelan land lends it a laidback charm and tranquility that offers a much-needed respite to ever-busy city dwellers.

The historic, picturesque, and exciting Isla Margarita

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Discovered by Columbus in 1498, Margarita Island remained under Spanish rule for the better portion of history before breaking free of the shackles of colonialism in 1814. Because of the Spanish influence on the island, its attractions possess a Spanish charm, especially the impressive forts and monumental churches. If you are a history buff, the Venezuelan island will be a treat for you. From colonial-era buildings to revolutionary landmarks, the sequestered Caribbean wonder has many noteworthy sites for eager historians.

While the architectural side of the Island makes for an enriching experience, the natural landscape offers thrilling adventures. Although all aquatic activities are available here, surfing is considered the showstopper. Ask any of the locals, and they’ll tell you that you should take a surfboard into the sea to get a taste of Margarita waters. But if you’re more of a deep-sea person, then you can have an adrenaline course through your body by snorkeling, scuba diving, or deep-sea diving. And after all the invigorating experiences, lazy mangrove tours or horseback riding will gently bring you down from the intoxicating high of aquatic adventures.

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While the unpopularity of Margarita Island is a blessing for travelers looking for some solitude, it has rendered the accommodation landscape in the area underwhelming. Upper-tier resorts and guesthouses are a rarity on Margarita Island, and even the ones claiming to be 3-4 star leave tourists desiring for more. But why would anyone like to spend time indoors when they can bask in the enthralling beauty enveloping the island.

If you want to enjoy a genuinely rejuvenating trip to an island under the tropical sun on a tight budget, Isla Margarita should be your next travel destination. However, be sure to stay safe and out of trouble when on the island as the security climate can be volatile at times (that is, if anyone unnecessarily pokes their nose in other people’s business).

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