Modified American Plan for Hotel Guests

By: George Adelman
An image of breakfast options at a hotel

Modified American Plan (MAP) covers the cost or fixed rate of breakfast and supper, room, or continental plan that guests are charged. The plan basically means an option for booking, which includes room night and usually a free breakfast. This plan is typically for families that are conscious of hotel pricing.

Furthermore, if the hotel is situated far away from restaurants or cafes, the Modified American Plan for Hotel Guests allows hotel guests attractive packages for breakfast and a second meal that could either be lunch or dinner during their stay. This means that if the guests had not planned for meal charges, it is already calculated and added into the cost of stay by the hotel.

According to this plan, guests have an option to choose between lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant at a fixed rate. However, guests can have a third meal as well at their Ala carte options. This plan is ideal for guests who are traveling and staying at the hotel for only a couple of nights so that they can explore other options of local cuisines as well as enjoy a meal at the hotel. It is not the ideal plan option for hotels where there are a number of restaurant options outside the hotel as customers would ideally choose to eat outside.


Benefits of having the Modified American Plan

  • It is cheaper than having three meals a day at the hotel. You can easily compare the prices of this plan with the total cost of three meals at the hotel. You will notice a significant difference in the cost.
  • You have the freedom to go to different restaurants and try their local cuisines. You can explore your options and find what you like, especially if you are there for a few nights.
  • You have the option to eat at the hotel every day and try a variety of cuisines. You can find several options every day, and you won’t have to go through the hassle of paying the bill each time.


What Are the Cons of the Modified American Plan?

  • The food could be unappealing or unappetizing. Sometimes the food might not be to your liking, and you might not be happy with it. The hotel does not make customized meals, so you will have to eat what it has to offer.
  • This plan is not ideal for you if you are in the habit of skipping breakfast. Not everyone is in the habit of eating all meals on a daily basis. So if you are one of those people who skip breakfast regularly, you might not like this plan.

There are other types of hotel dining plans as well that travelers should know. The continental plan includes breakfast for every guest who occupies the room at night. On the other hand, the European plan does not include any meals. Before choosing any plan, make sure that you ask the hotel staff to show you a sample of the menu in order to check the meals included.