Must-Visit Art Galleries in Baltimore

By: George Adelman
Two couples admiring artwork in museum while on vacation Getty Images / Thomas M Barwick INC

Baltimore, a stunning cosmopolitan city right in the heart of Maryland, is home to great many art galleries, which is a real treat for all the artists and art-lovers out there.

The art galleries in this city feature everything beautiful contemporary artistic pieces to a traditional fine art.

Over time, the art scene in Baltimore has undergone a massive resurgence with an abundance of little to big galleries and art spaces popping up in different parts of the city. These spaces are especially dedicated to both national and regional artists and aim to showcase their awe-inspiring artists to people and visitors from all over the world.

If you ever happen to be in Maryland, here are some of the absolutely must-visit art galleries in Baltimore that will truly blow you away.


Current Space

This art gallery was established in 2004, and ever since its inception, it has been showcasing the works of different artists and always strives towards broadening the reach of those artists on both a local and an international level.

Current Space is an artist-run gallery that has successfully transformed into a hub for cultural production over the years. It encourages and promotes productive dialogue between different groups of artists, thinkers, activists, designers, and curators.


Guest Spot

Founded by an artist named Rod Malin, Guest Spot is a unique contemporary art space that is run by a team of talented artists.

What makes it one of those must-see art galleries in Baltimore is the fact that it brings artists and curators together where they can explore new and exclusive areas of creative practice and experiment with different things during the process.

As a visitor, you get to feast your eyes on some of the most brilliant pieces of art, and on top of that, Guest Spot also has a curatorial program that conducts different exhibitions which are mainly focused on the theme ‘impermanence.’


C. Grimaldis Gallery

This has to be one of the most contemporary art galleries in Baltimore and also the oldest one to exist to date!

C. Grimaldis Gallery specializes in art from post-WWII American and European times, which main focus on contemporary culture. This gallery has represented numerous artists, including internationally celebrated artistic professionals. The gallery opened its doors in 1977 and is also known for its photography ever since it was established.


Goya Contemporary

With a creative range of exhibitions, printed publications, and incredible collaborations, Goya Contemporary has made quite a prominent mark not just in Baltimore but also further afield.

It promotes the work and talent of mid-career artists and has always aimed to encourage artistic collection by bringing together the art and culture of our time through various mediums like catalogs, texts, and curatorial practice.


Don’t Miss Out!

If there’s a true artist residing inside of you, you must pay a visit to these art galleries in Baltimore. Even if you aren’t fond of art, you will find them so intriguing and awe-inspiring, making your visit totally worth your time!