Parlez-vous français?

By: Jesslyn Shields & Shelley Seale

For a taste of a European city in North America, you need not go further than Quebec. The lovely and historic City of Quebec has a feeling unlike anywhere else in North America — far more like that of Paris.

I’ve been spending the week here (and coming up week) Trading Places at a home exchange, getting to know the city and its charms — with my dog, Selma! At this exact time 5 years ago, I was doing another home exchange in Montreal; but this is my first time to Quebec City.

Here is a taste of my explorations so far:

My lovely neighborhood of Quartier Saint-Jean-Baptiste, only a few blocks outside the Citadel walls of Vieux-Quebec.


I spent the first day exploring Montmorency Falls, which are 30 meters taller than Niagara. Afterwards, I drove around the Ile d’Orleans, which is basically a 42-mile island filled with one farm after another, and a thriving agrotourism business. I delved into the Canadian food scene with poutine, featuring local goat cheese from the island, paired with a local wine.

The next day, I spent doing my favorite thing ever when I travel: simply wandering around, with no agenda, exploring and seeing what I will find.

I ended the day with a simple, but absolutely perfect, dinner setting next to the dancing fountain at City Hall.

And a ride down the funicular connecting Dufferin Terrace (just outside LeChâteau Frontenac) and Quartier Petit-Champlain below. It was amazing at night!

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Riding the funicular down in Old Quebec.

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All in all, some wonderful days in Quebec City! You can follow along on Instagram to see the rest of my explorations.