10 Reasons to Go to Paris Right Now

By: Katy Palmer
Aerial view of the Paris skyline with the Eiffel Tower and business district La Defense in the back. Taken at golden hour. Paris, France Getty Images / Copyright Jinna van Ringen Photography 2011-2019

In the aftermath of recent terrorist strikes from ISIS in Paris, France, the world comes together to heal and prove resiliency to such threats. Thoughts, prayers, and communities provide much-needed support. In times of struggle, it’s important to remember all the reasons to love the City of Love and celebrate everything it does so well. Book a trip now to see these urban wonders covered in the colors of fall.


1. Explore Canal St. Martin

France, Paris, Canal St-Martin, buildings along the Quai de Valmy, autumn
Getty Images / ©Walter Bibikow

Spend a morning walking alongside the centuries-old canal and savoring some of the neighborhood’s best cafes. The hip area is also good for a gorgeous low-key stroll in the early evening, tempting travelers to share a bottle of wine and enjoy eccentric people-watching.

2. Visit Versailles

Kirill Neiezhmakov / Shutterstock

There’s no better time to surround yourself with these colorful gardens than in the fall. Warm-up inside the palace if the autumn breeze gets too chilly.

3. Sip the Best Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate with Whipped cream
Getty Images / kajakiki

Cozy up to the best cup of dessert in Paris. This ‘chocolat chaud’ is a chocolate-lover’s dream, steaming hot and covered in whipped cream. Enjoy the French treat next to the beautiful Tuileries Garden.

4. See the Salvador Dali Museum

marleyPug / Shutterstock

Unknown to most visitors, the museum is a perfect getaway from the regular tourist shops and markets in the area. Wander amongst the paintings and sculptures and enjoy his original artwork in person.


5. Foodies Will Love Fall Menus

momo2050 / Shutterstock

The high standard of French cuisine does not only apply to meat entrees. The French can whip up anything to fit our fads: vegetarian, vegan, and even gluten-free. Stop by Zoe Bouillon for an everyday mix of vegetarian fare or visit Rose Bakery for warm vegetarian baked goods.

6. Attend the Festival D’Autumne a Paris

Master1305 / Shutterstock

The Festival of Autumn in Paris provides a wide variety of arts entertainment and shows from September through December. With a program full of visual art, performance art, theater, music, dance, and cinema, there is something for everyone.

7. Go Christmas Shopping

Kiev.Victor / Shutterstock

With loads of authentic and unique vendors to choose from, browsing the local Champs-Elysees Christmas Market is sure to take care of those wish lists. Shops are open through January.

8. Reserve a Trip to the Fun Fair Museum

EQRoy / Shutterstock

Keep the mood light and the fun going all day at an appointment-only tour of the Fun Fair Museum. This nostalgic venue transports guests through decades of fair rides and memorabilia, dating all the way back to the 1850s.

9. Get the Classic Disneyland Paris Experience

rifqa.j / Shutterstock

Feel like a true American in Paris at the very European version of Disneyland. Stroll around with smaller crowds and Parisian Mickey Mouse ears to appreciate the full wonder of Disney lovers around the world.


10. Offer a Moment of Silence at the Eiffel Tower

WIN-Initiative / Getty Images

The lights may be back on, but the scene will be just as quiet as the time of the tragedy. Spend some time on the grass with a picnic or wait until nightfall for the breathtaking lights. This is the perfect place to give thoughts and prayers while supporting Paris in person.