Reno Sushi Places

By: George Adelman
Sushi rolls served on a black platter

Set against the alluring Nevadan sky, Reno lies in the northwest corner of the Silver State. Known as the biggest little city in the world, Reno is home to some of the most buzzing casinos in America. Tourists from far and wide trot over to the Nevadan city to try their hand at gambling and test their luck. Once done with card games, the exhausted vacationers scatter around the city, roving for trendy eateries to gorge on tasty dishes and delightful drinks. While Reno has an array of diversified cuisines to offer, some cooking styles are more common than others, and sushi is one of them.

Sushi, the Japanese delicacy, is among the most favored foreign dishes people like to try, which is why it is widely available in major cities around the world. Being a bustling hotspot, Reno has many sushi restaurants and bars at various locations around the city. Out of the several sushi places in the Nevadan city, a few stand out for their tasteful servings and incredible flavors.  If you plan to visit the northwestern metropolis, then be sure to treat your taste buds with assortments of sushi from these places.


Rickshaw’s Fine Asian Bistro and Sushi

The trendy oriental eatery is readily frequented by locals and foreigners alike.  People love the taste of food at Rickshaw’s as it carries an ideal blend of flavors with raw overtones that are quintessential to Asian dishes.

Rickshaw’s has two outlets in South Reno, but the one on Longley Road is primarily a sushi bar. It offers an all-you-can-eat style of serving so that the customers can eat as many sushi rolls and nigiri bites as they like. The restaurant also offers a fairly authentic, traditional Japanese ambiance to add to the dining experience.


Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

Ichiban Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar offers a wide range of sushi rolls and bites bursting with flavor. Visitors also get to experience teppanyaki, live cooking at the table, at the eatery, which makes the entire food experience much more oriental. Situated inside Harrah’s in Downtown Reno, Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is recognized for its genuine sushi taste. You cannot have an incorrectly seasoned sushi at the famous sushi bar.


Sushi 7

One of the trendiest sushi places in town, Sushi 7, has a warm and welcoming vibe, which food lovers find incredibly pleasing. But more importantly, the cafe has an extensive sushi menu, so no guest leaves unsatisfied. While pretty much all the food items on the restaurant’s menu are delicious, the green tea ice cream attracts the most raving reviews from every guest who tries it.

Fill yourself up with succulent sushi and then finish off the meal with the creamy, somewhat unconventional ice cream at Sushi 7.


Oceano at the Peppermill Reno

Oceano is a popular seafood destination in Reno with sushi on the menu. The restaurant’s interior depicts a scene from under the ocean, giving a touch of the environment underwater. The food at Oceano is delectable and is loved by almost everyone who steps into the place.

Treat the sushi connoisseur in you by visiting any of the mentioned sushi places in Reno!