9 Restaurants in Chelsea NYC That Are Worth A Visit

By: Rhiannon Ball
08 September 2019, US, New York: A street corner in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York. The area consists mainly of a mixture of apartment blocks and converted warehouses (lofts). Galleries, shops and many restaurants and bars make the district very popular. Photo: Alexandra Schuler/dpa (Photo by Alexandra Schuler/picture alliance via Getty Images) dpa/picture alliance via Getty I / (c) Copyright 2019, dpa (www.dpa.de). Alle Rechte vorbehalten

Not only is Chelsea one of the trendiest areas in New York City, but it’s also where you can find tons of great places serving up any and every type of food you could possibly be craving thanks to the wide selection of restaurants in the neighborhood. Pay a visit to businesses located in historic brownstones, low-rise buildings, or the iconic Chelsea Market located between 15th and 16th streets – especially if you’re feeling hungry. Wherever you go, you’re bound to discover more than one new favorite, whether you’re a local or traveler. Here is a guide to nine of the city’s best restaurants in Chelsea NYC.


NY Pizza Suprema

NYC’s pizza joints are world-famous and NY Pizza Suprema is one of the best you can find in Manhattan. After an Italian restaurateur opened it in 1964, the family business is now run by his son. He’s carrying on the tradition of freshly made pizzas by using ingredients like parmigiano-reggiano, pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil, and panna cream, all of which all imported from Italy. The business initially only sold single slices of cheese pizza with toppings upon request, but the menu has diversified quite a bit. Consider the specialty pizzas such as the Hot Honey Pizza topped with mushrooms and infused with honey, or the namesake Supreme Pizza that’s crafted with homemade tomato sauce and topped with Italian meats. Whatever you order, you’ll be floored by this restaurant in Chelsea NYC.

Los Tacos No.1

The reviews are in and Los Tacos No. 1 has one of the best menus in Chelsea! Skip the Times Square location and take a visit to the Chelsea Market location on 9th Avenue instead. You know you’re getting authentic Mexican cuisine in part because the brand’s co-owners are actually from Mexico. Their family recipes are simple and delicious, using rich ingredients to give you true Mexican culture and flavor. The menu is just as easy to digest as the food thanks to its curated selection of tacos and tostadas, quesadillas and mulas, nopal plate, and crunchy chips and dip. You’ll quickly notice its popularity once you see the never-ending line outside the stand, but it’s worth the wait to dine at this trendy spot. Everything is made in front of you – something customers really enjoy.


A cheap eats gem in the Chelsea Market is Miznon, which specializes in Mediterranian street food. It’s a worldwide brand that first opened for business in Tel Aviv, and some cities in Europe before finally making its way to New York in 2018. The glorious Israeli foods available here can be credited to Eyal Shani, the owner who took his knowledge of cooking from his hometown of Jerusalem to the rest of the world. His vegan lifestyle is reflected in Miznon’s menu with a wide selection of meat-free options. Start with a pita, ratatouille, and Israeli meatballs before moving on to the desserts. The price is right at this restaurant, but so are the flavors!


If you’re looking for quality sushi on a budget in the district, look no further than Momoya. This highly acclaimed restaurant offers a range of sushi options and specials such as the Saikoro Steak, Crispy White Fish Taco, Charred Shishito Peppers, and lots more. The condensed lunch menu will give you a choice of miso soup or salad as a side to sushi, donburi, or other kitchen entrees. Here’s a tip from one customer review on Tripadvisor: Momoya doesn’t take reservations. It’s a designated hotspot in New York City, so get there before 7 p.m. to avoid a longer wait time.


Empire Diner

For some classic American dining, check out the Empire Diner located in West Chelsea. It’s been a neighborhood favorite since 1976 and has gone through some changes in management and design. The place has been refreshed and updated with contemporary designs and New York decor, and you can choose to be seated either at a cozy booth or the bar. There’s something for everyone on the menu. Go for the avocado toast for breakfast, the matzo ball soup for lunch, or the empire special blend burger if you’re looking for a bevvie.

Cull & Pistol

This Michelin-acclaimed restaurant has been a go-to for seafood lovers since 2013, serving up only the best sustainable seafood. Located in the Chelsea Market, Cull & Pistol serves diverse menu items with its lobster and sushi bar. You can also find classics like lobster rolls, clam chowder, and a delicious shrimp cocktail on the menu.

Blossom Vegan Restaurant

Given that New York City is one of the world’s food capitals, it should be no problem to find a vegan meal that doesn’t sacrifice taste. This is exactly why Blossom Restaurant exists. This refined all-vegan business is located in a historic Chelsea townhouse. The flagship restaurant opened in 2005 and has been serving food with organic, animal-free ingredients ever since. Both vegans and non-vegans will be impressed by the quality of food here. Go with a decadent pasta, stuffed sandwich, or make your own meal with the Market Plate that lets you pick four tasty options There’s also a cocktail list to accompany your meal, from a maui ule to a classic margarita.

Grand Sichuan

You’ll have a tough time deciding what to eat after browsing through the extensive Grand Sichuan menu. This Chinese restaurant gives you everything from Chinese-American favorites to delicious Sichuan delicacies like Chong Qing Sour Cabbage Fish and the Dry and Sauteed Crispy Pig Intestine. Grand Sichuan has also put itself on the map for soup dumplings, so make sure to give those a taste at your next visit.

El Quinto Pino

Another one of Chelsea’s incredible restaurants is El Quinto Pino, a mid-century-modern and vintage-inspired Bring  Spanish eatery. It’s a charming tapas bar that provides customers with a personal spin on foods that are rooted in the Spanish tradition. In keeping with the tapa history of bringing people together with smaller snack-like foods, El Quinto Pino has a fine wine list to complement your meal. You can reserve a table in advance for brunch and dinner, or stroll in and take a seat at the bar. Choose from a variety of portioned tapas and appertivos such as the crispy pimentón dusted chickpeas, garlic & tomato rubbed bread or the signature rough-cut potatoes with spicy aioli (known as Patatas Bravas).