Sanur Beach Shrines – Blessings in Bali

A shrine of Ganesh in a market at Sanur, Bali.
A shrine of Ganesh in a market at Sanur, Bali.

I’ve been here in Sanur in Bali for a few days now. One of the things I love best about Bali is the way little shrines and temples are everywhere. Around ever nook and corner; every house and shop and restaurant has some type of shrine, whether it’s a small nook or a large statue. Little offerings are put on the pavement in front of just about every doorway, with incense and food — as you walk along the streets and sidewalks here, you have to take care not to step on them. They are everywhere.

As a predominantly Hindu island (90%) in Indonesia, where the rest of the country is largely Muslim, there is a sense of peace and beauty here that permeates everything. In Sanur, on the east coast of Bali, I’ve enjoyed discovering these little shrines and temples. Yesterday morning on the beach, a woman was putting out incense and offerings at one.


Here are a few other shrines and temples I’ve stumbled upon in Sanur:

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