Sleepovers at the American Museum of Natural History

By: George Adelman
T-rex skeleton at a museum

If you have ever watched the Ben Stiller starrer, Night at the Museum, then you must have wondered what it would be like to spend a night at the American Museum of Natural History (well, except for the part where all the exhibits come to life).

And lucky for you, the AMNH offers visitors to sleepover at the museum and exist alongside the intriguing displays all night long.


A Real Night at the Museum

Spending a night at a museum seems such an odd concept but also unbelievably exciting if you think about it. There so much one can do and experience by staying at the famous New York Tourist destination. From taking in the terrific T-rex and wandering the almost-deserted halls to taking pictures with reverential American leaders (with their statues, of course) and sleeping beneath the 94-foot-long blue whale, history enthusiasts and the ever-curious little adventurists can do a lot once the American Museum of Natural History can do once the doors of the place are closed for the general public.

All one needs to do is book a spot, pack their bags, and shuffle over to the massive gallery brimming with history and art. Kids aged 6-13 are welcome with their parents or guardians. However, on scout nights, 6-16-year-olds are also welcomed with chaperones.

The ticket cost for a night of fun and adventure varies from person to person, based on their affiliation with the AMNH.

  • $150 per person
  • $140 for Members
  • $130 per person for groups of 15 or more

If you plan to take your kid for the exciting overnight excursion to the American Museum of Natural History, then here is everything that you need to know.


Things to Know Before Heading for a Sleepover at the AMNH

First things first, if you want to land a spot on the night scene at the AMNH, you need to book way ahead in advance. The museum doesn’t allow any walk-ins or on-spot bookings. Next, you must pack well to spend the night comfortably under the magnificent blue whale. Among all the essentials, don’t forget to pack in pillows, sleeping bags, a flashlight, a washcloth, some change for the vending machines if you wish to fetch a quick snack.

The museum serves an evening snack that includes cookies, granola bars, juice, coffee, and tea and a light breakfast the next morning that has fruit, muffins, yogurt, coffee, tea, and juice. If you want to have something more filling, you can buy your own food at the cafeteria before 7:30 pm because that’s the closing time of the in-house food court.

You cannot bring outside grub into the museum or eat anywhere except for the designated eating areas. IF you fail to follow any of the two regulations, you will be dealt with seriously. The exhibits in the museum are tremendously valuable; hence visitors must respect the stipulated rules to ensure the age-old archeological wonders continue to stand in all their historical glory.

Spending the night at the American Museum of Natural History is undoubtedly an experience worth trying. Be sure to try the unique offering the next time you are in New York and roam around the empty museum before hitting the hay.