Smart Home Improvements That Provide Good Bang for Your Buck

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Smart home improvements can make life easier and add value to your home. The options for automation are virtually unlimited, so how do you decide what’s right for you?

Here are some ideas to help you make the best choices when it comes to your smart home improvements.

Fun and functional

When it comes to upgrading your home, there are certain factors that are more likely to influence your home’s value than others. If you’re considering upgrades that will help sell your home or which will make a smart investment when house hunting, think about their return on investment (ROI) value. As some experts explain, ROI is a simple equation. To determine ROI, weigh the amount you spend on an improvement against the amount you can get back out of it. “Smart home” upgrades — automation that improves living space and lifestyles – is a hot housing trend. Look for concepts that improve quality of life, are fun, and are functional. For the best results on smart home improvements, hire a professional electrician.

The following options will make life easier for homeowners and should be considered when buying or selling a property.

Smart thermostat

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Automated thermostats are attractive for many reasons.  A traditional thermostat simply raises or lowers the temperature in your home, and a programmable thermostat can be told when to raise or lower the temperature and do so on its own. Smart thermostats, such as the Nest (which can be purchased for $169), take that a step further.  They learn from your behavior and sync with your habits, as well as allow you to control your home temperature remotely via your smartphone.  They tell you how much energy you’re using and are sensitive to humidity levels, adjusting themselves to improve your comfort as conditions change.

Automated lighting

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Automated lighting adds convenience and comfort to homes, in addition to lowering energy consumption.  You can control lighting when you aren’t home, alter the hue of lights, and change the brightness at will.  When it comes to choosing your best options, there are several pieces in the puzzle. There are smart bulbs, connected switches, and controls from home and away.  As CNET notes, automated lighting for a room, much less a whole home, can be a complex undertaking, especially when you remember many homes have multiple bulbs on single switches.  A professional electrician can safely install automated lighting properly for unified functionality. The average price to install electrical switches, outlets, and other fixtures in Austin range from $147 – $477.

Kitchen appliances

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and is typically at the heart of home improvements that pay off.  It stands to reason that smart kitchen appliances are a wise upgrade.  Keep tabs on your roast while you pick up the kids from school, and let your dishwasher text you when it’s finished cleaning up.  Look for eye-catching options in stainless steel.

Home security

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Many homeowners are interested in home security improvements, and Consumer Reports notes home security systems and security cameras are among the most desirable smart home features these days.  Systems offer a variety of options, such as alarms, cameras, remote monitoring, two-way talking, and floodlights.  Some live stream video and audio straight to your phone and some allow you to record as you go.

Environmental sensors

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Whether returning from a hard day at the office or a week at the beach, nothing is worse than coming home to a house that was damaged while you were gone.  There are smart home sensors that monitor your home environment, checking for concerns such as water leaks or excessive temperatures. You can also install sensors that keep tabs on the weather. They can be coordinated with your other home sensors; for instance, they can alert you if you left a window open and it starts to rain.

Home improvements should be just that — enhancements for a homeowner’s quality of life.  Automate your home to make things easier and create a more comfortable and eco-friendly environment. Your smart home decisions can equate to more efficient and marketable property.

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