South Carolina Scenic Drives

By: Miriam Carey
┬ę Ashley River Road features locales like the Pink Swamp at Magnolia Plantation.

South Carolina scenic drives offer beautiful views of textures, colors, and locales along some of the state's gentle roads. To find out about three particularly picturesque South Carolina scenic drives -- Ashley River Road, Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, and Savannah River Scenic Byway -- go to the links at the bottom of this page. They'll take you to articles that contain photos, highlights, and detailed maps for each drive.

Filled to the brim with beauty throughout the year, South Carolina attracts visitors who come to explore history and stay to soak in the eye-catching and charm of the region. Here's a preview of what you'll find in our articles about South Carolina scenic drives:


Ashley River Road

This 11-mile route might seem short, but gardens and historic treasures along this river road will easily turn a 25-minute journey into a day trip.

Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway

Summer vacationers have been drawn to these breezy heights for centuries, but efforts to preserve the upcountry lands mean that this vacation spot retains the same charm it had 150 years ago.

Savannah River Scenic Byway

Drive 100 miles past three major lakes and the site of South Carolina's first Revolutionary War battle. Civil War buffs know Abbeville as the "Birthplace and Deathbed of the Confederacy."


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