5 Must Try Southern Thailand Adventure Activities

By: Flashpacking Duo
Beautiful sunset at tropical sea with long tail boat in south thailand Getty Images / Title_Theeradaj

Thinking of heading off to Asia in search of adventure? Then Thailand is a great place to start. English is widely spoken, the food is great and there’s plenty of activities for adventure seekers. But before you head to Thailand and delve into the southern Thailand adventure activities that must not be missed, you’d need to think about where you’re going to stay after a long day of scuba diving or rock climbing. From experience we would definitely recommend treating yourself to a luxury Thailand vacation, there’s nothing better than relaxing and taking time off in your own private space.


Rock Climbing in Railay

Located on a peninsula on the west coast of Krabi, Railay beach is surrounded by vast pillars of karst limestone home to monkeys and more importantly some of the world’s best rock climbing.

Amateur and professional climbers from around the world regularly head to Railay to test their skills on the 600 + challenging routes across the towering limestone cliffs. If you’ve never tried rock climbing before but fancy giving it a go there’s a handful of climbing schools on Railay beach which offers an array of courses and lessons to get you started or to brush up on skills if you have some experience. Equipment can also be rented too. Another popular activity on Railay is deep water solo climbing, where you head to sea stacks only reachable by boat climb without the use of ropes over water.

Explore hidden caves

Thailand is home to a vast network of caves running throughout the country, two of the more spectacular caves can be found in southern Thailand, the emerald cave on Ko Muk and Chet Khot cave near the town of Satun.

Located on the island of Ko Mut the emerald cave or Tham Morakot as it’s also known as a picturesque sea cave hidden amongst cliffs. The only entrance to the cave is through a cavity which can be achieved either by swimming or if the tide is low by kayak. Once you reach the other side of the cave you will discover a beautiful white sand beach enclosed by towering cliffs covered in vegetation. The cave really comes to life when the sun is directly above the opening turning the walls an emerald green.

Around 70km outside of Satun, you will discover the Tham Chet Khot cave system which curves through the mountains. A stream flows throughout the cave flowing through seven curves along the way, visitors can kayak through the cave system where they can observe stalagmites and stalactites using flashlights. The stream runs for around 600m varying in-depth as you go kayaking past colonies of bats on the cave roof. Once you exit the cave you can carry on paddling through the lush green jungle exploring the local area.

Scuba dive the Similan Islands

Thailand and Koh Tao, in particular, is famous for its scuba diving. Thousands flock each year to the tiny island to learn to dive and get their PADI certificate. While the diving is amazing around Koh Tao it can get crowded and accommodation gets booked up quickly. To avoid the crowds and have your own piece of paradise then the Similan islands off the southwest coast of Thailand is the place for you. Renowned for the best diving in Thailand, no other region offers the array of dive sites that the Similan islands do and all situated in a protected marine area. To get the most out of your time on the Similan islands most join a liveaboard where you sail between dive sites over a number of days, catering is taken care of and equipment is provided, so all you do is eat, sleep, and scuba dive. What else could you possibly ask for?

Kayak through Rajjaprabha Dam

Constructed in 1982, Rajjaprabha Dam was built to generate hydroelectricity for nearby towns and cities. As the water filled the dam over 150 islands formed, many striking towers rise high from the water, making a beautiful and mysterious scenery. It is often likened to ‘Guilin’ in southern China. Standing from the banks and admiring the view is good in its self, but to truly explore the dam you need to rent a kayak and get out on the crystal clear water and explore the many islands and experience first hand the surrounding natural beauty. One of the more popular times to get out on the dam is early morning when an eerie mist hangs over the dam making it even more alluring and if you’re lucky you may even spot a gibbon of a hornbill.


Join a Muay Thai Training Camp

Fancy a challenge that is physically and mentally rewarding? Then a Muay Thai training camp may be the choice for you. You don’t have to be a professional kickboxer or martial arts except to attend a training camp, just committed and not scared of hard work. If you stick it out and succeed you will be rewarded with high levels of fitness, great hand-eye coordination, and a boost in confidence. Muay Thai camps can be found throughout Thailand with some catering to western tourists more than others. Krabi, Koh Samui, and Phuket are home to some top training camps with clean, modern facilities and trainers ready to welcome you and put you through your paces!