St. Louis Renaissance Faire

By: George Adelman
A large crowd of people throwing pins

Thriving on the banks of the rivers Missouri and Michigan is the all-welcoming Missourian city of St. Louis. It is one of the most happening towns in American known for its baseball and boozy beers. Nicknamed as the Gateway to the West, the Missourian city also holds a prominent position among the LGBTQ community as it served as the breeding ground for the revolutionary movement for the rights of sexual minorities back in the day.

The LGBTQ community is not the only group that found comfort in St. Louis; every section of society has been wholeheartedly welcomed and celebrated in the Missourian city. The spirit of celebrating all things people is what distinguishes St. Louis from most American towns and makes it the host of many vibrant events, including the jaunty Renaissance Faire.


Re-enacting Renaissance

St. Louis was founded as a French fur-trading village in 1764 by Pierre Laclede, who named the newfound town after then-French ruler King Louis XV. This connection between the French culture and Missourian city is not the only link between the two beings; the popular Renaissance Faire is also a reason for the association between the European Nation and Gateway to the West.

St. Louis Renaissance Faire happens every year on the weekend between September and October at Rotary Park Wentzville, which is an hour away from downtown. It’s one of the most exciting festivals that take place in town.

People from all over America traverse across the country to be part of the happy gathering. They make their way to the Missourian Town to explore the replica of a 16-century French village with all the time-old features, including the period costumes, fun activities, foods, crafts, music, and shopping kiosks.


Things To Do At the Renaissance Faire

The French-inspired festival offers a wide range of activities to visitors. From enjoying live period music to watching jousting, there is a lot a spectator can do. They can buy all kinds of artisan ware gallivanting the market square. There is also a vast range of timeless French fare that they can indulge in to get a taste of 16th century France.

For eager gastronomes, the sundry food stalls serve various delicious delicacies, such as kabobs, roasted almonds, gyros, brats, beer, and ale. You can gorge on all the culinary excellence while enjoying the music in the background. You can also enjoy live sword fighting, juggling, a Viking camp, and a longboat display.


What’s In It For The Kids?

St. Louis Renaissance fest is a treat for kids. They get to dress up, which everyone knows that youngsters love to do. Plus, they get to play games in the Kids Kingdom at the Faire and try their hand at intriguing crafts, such as making pirate hats, fairy wands, etc. at the Craft Corner.

The venue for the event is massive, with an amphitheater, a large lake, and playing ground. So, even if someone doesn’t enjoy the festivities (though that’s highly unlikely), they can enjoy a lazy stroll around Rotary Park. Experience the essence of convivial St. Louis cloaked in ancient French culture at the annual Renaissance Faire!