St. Louis Renaissance Faire

St. Louis Renaissance Faire or Festival is usually held in the United States and is open to the public. It is an outdoor event in which everyone dresses up as historical figures in order to recreate a historic setting for enjoyment. There are amusement theme parks as well as short term events with music, arts and crafts, festival food, theatrical acts, and much more!

The fair is usually set in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England or even during earlier medieval times, such as the period of the Vikings or the 17th till 18th-century pirates. The Renaissance Faire encourages people to be creative and enter in costumes as well as take part in performances. Some people like to indulge themselves in fantasies and dress up as elves and wizards too. It’s all about having fun!

Attributes of the Faire

There are many renaissance fairs that are set to represent the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. the arrangement is made like that of a village in England at the time of Elizabeth I. There are stages and seats arranged at the performance areas for shows and plays such as shows Shakespeare’s and many other comedic plays. There are several other performances as well, which include dancing, magic shows, singing, and circus.

The lanes are crowded with various vendors who sell renaissance fair handicrafts, books, clothes, and art. There are food stalls available around every corner, and the place is also crowded with games and rides.

Games and Entertainment

The games are also very entertaining. They include archery, ax throwing, target throwing, tomato torment, mug slide, etc. The festival also has horse riding available for visitors and a few hand-powered swings for children. There are also live animal displays and exhibitions such as the famous falconry, which was very popular in the renaissance period in Europe.
The main attraction of the festival is the acting performances by actors who are professional as well as amateur. They dress as historical figures and interact with the visitors while roaming around at the fair. The actors are also armed with weapons to imitate the historical figures that they are dressed as. There is also a ritual at the end of the festival, which usually includes dancing shows or a concert.

So if you are looking for some entertainment, you should definitely visit this fair. Travel back in time and enjoy the beauty of the ancient setting of the past. There is not a single corner of the festival that is not entertaining. Every step you take, every turn you make, you will see something happening. You will find people dressed as knights jostling their swords in the air on one end, and you will see kids spending time in arts and crafts. It’s a great place to be with your family as well as friends!

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