7 Health Tips for Anyone Traveling Abroad

By: Flashpacking Duo
Green stethoscope forming a plane shape with the tube Getty Images / James Shearman

If you’re travelling abroad anytime soon, it’s likely you’ll be focusing on where you’re staying, what attractions you’ll be going to see and just generally getting excited. Staying healthy isn’t always a top priority for anyone travelling abroad. But it should be. To come back feeling as refreshed as possible, you’ve got to take care of yourself when you’re on holiday. That’s why we’ve gathered seven of the best health tips for anyone travelling abroad. Check them out!


You don’t have to get up early every morning to do a full workout. But you should make a bit of effort to stay fit and work off some of those large holiday meals. Don’t worry if where you’re staying doesn’t have a gym, though.

As the Independent Traveler says, why not bring your own? Make it easy for yourself to exercise anywhere by packing a resistance band or downloading an exercise programme onto your phone. Whether it’s a routine of jumping jacks and squats, an early-morning calming stretch or you’ve opted to jog around the local town, you’ll feel better for it.

Be strict with food hygiene

The last thing you want is to fall ill when you’re on holiday. As Insurancewith explains, most illnesses abroad will be water or food-borne. To avoid this, you should practice good hygiene levels. They advise the following:

  • Avoid raw or undercooked seafood
  • Steer clear of uncooked fruit and vegetables
  • Dodge food that has been left to stand for long periods at room temperature

Be safe in the sun

If you’re spending your holiday in a warm climate, be careful you don’t spend too much time out in the sun. Heat exhaustion can cause headaches, dizzy spells, nausea and cramps. Schedule some time out of the midday sun.

Walk to places

You can’t go wrong with a bit of old-fashion walking. What better way to experience a city? Although it’s tempting to jump on public transport, take your time walking between major attractions. You can soak up the atmosphere and are free to go into any place that takes your fancy.

Stay hydrated

Wherever you’re travelling, the Every Girl explains a reusable water bottle will be endlessly useful. Get in the habit of filling it up before leaving your hotel each day (where you know the tap water is safe to drink). Not only will it stop you buying more expensive, sugary bottles on-the-go, but it will also make sure you’re hydrated and refreshed. This is especially important when you inevitably find yourself indulging in alcohol or rich foods when travelling.

Keep in touch with friends and family

Staying healthy isn’t just about your physical well-being. You’ve got to look after your mental health too. Travelling can mean you’re away from your friends and family for a long period of time. This can be tough, especially when you’re used to seeing them regularly.

But modern technology means you can easily keep in touch – as often as you like. Just find a decent Wi-Fi connection, work around different time zones and use Skype or Facetime to have a good catch up with those close to you. It will do your mood wonders.

Get enough sleep

The importance of getting enough sleep cannot be understated. As the Huffington Post says, “your body needs rest when you’re physically travelling, crossing time zones, carrying luggage to and from destinations, walking all day, and so forth.” Indeed, travelling can be harsh on your body – so listen to it when you need a break and a good night’s sleep.