Worst Places to Visit in Bellevue, WA, if You Dislike Walking

The nice thing about cities is you don’t usually have to walk far to find everything you need. And if something is a bit far for you, there are convenient transit options to keep your feet well relaxed. Who needs to walk when you’ve got wheels, right? Especially if you’re traveling with children, keeping everyone contained in a car crying “Are we there yet?” while stuck in traffic amidst a forest of skyscrapers is so much easier. If you don’t like to walk and enjoy the exercise, then keep your wheels out of Bellevue’s suburban neighborhoods, which offer a number of recreational areas that require a fair amount of walking, natural beauty, and fun activities for the kids.

Crossroads Community Park

This 34-acre park in the Crossroads neighborhood of Bellevue requires a pair of comfortable walking shoes. It has a circular jogging trail next to a water-play area that connects to a paved walking trail that takes you through a wooded area, past another playground, to a par-3, nine-hole golf course – where you can practice your golf swing while you follow your ball through the course. If walking and golfing isn’t enough to deter you, there is a tennis court, a basketball court, and a skate bowl to get your blood (or your blood pressure if you’re watching your child on a skateboard) flowing. If you must sit down, do so at one of the Bellevue Youth Theater’s running shows. And is that the Crossroads Mall on the other side of the hedge?

Lake Hills Greenbelt

With over 150 acres of wetlands, forests, community gardens, picnic areas, and blueberry farms, you would have a lot of walking to do in this recreational area. Who would possibly think walking through a farm and picking your own blueberries and purchasing fresh produce is fun? Visit the Ranger Station and you and your family could end up following a park ranger on a Saturday tour of the greenbelt, or miss a perfect lounging day during the spring and summer months hiking the trails learning about nature. Oh, the humanity.

Wilburton Hill Park

At 105 acres, this park demands a good walk. The park’s trails are part of a larger trail system, the Lake-to-Lake Trail and Greenway, which even connects to the Lake Hills Greenbelt. If you’re a parent, forget walking. You will be running after your children through the play area, two baseball fields, and one soccer field. And it is adjacent to the expansive Bellevue Botanical Garden, where there are even more pathways to walk through as you enjoy the stunning themed gardens. It’s just too much for someone with an aversion to walking.

Bellevue Square

Even in Bellevue’s urban downtown, be prepared for a hike. With 1.3 million square feet of pure shopping pleasure, you better be ready for a workout that is not just on your wallet. As part of the Bellevue Collection, which includes Lincoln Square and Bellevue Place, you have even more walking and shopping to do. Oh, and did I mention it is next to the beautiful 20-acre gem, Bellevue Downtown Park? Stay away from the heels and leather dress shoes, people.

Best Pizza Places in Bellevue, Washington

There are pizza places, and then there are places for pizza. It’s all about the atmosphere: a place to socialize, to be comfortable, and to surround yourself with friends. Here are the top five places to enjoy pizza with friends and family in Bellevue, Washington.

Can-Am Pizza

Add a taste of adventure with Can-Am’s signature pizzas. A Bellevue fixture since 1999, this family-friendly establishment has a menu as eclectic as their pizza toppings. Strongly influenced by Mediterranean and East Indian flavors, they add an exotic touch to pizzas, salads, and sandwiches, while still offering popular go-to items like pepperoni pizzas, Buffalo wings, and meatball subs. Try their gyro or paneer pizzas and take out or hang out in their open dining area.

Topolino’s Pizza

This independent, family-owned pizzeria offers a true taste of Brooklyn with delicious New York-style pizzas and calzones. Topolino’s makes their own pizza dough and bread fresh daily and pride itself on being the Eastside’s lunch spot for great pizza and subs. It’s a small establishment, better for take-out than dining in. They’re located in the heart of downtown Bellevue within walking distance of prominent shopping areas, so if you want to rest your weary legs awhile, stop in after the lunch rush, around 1:30 p.m. or later.

Zeek’s Pizza

Another pizza place born in the Pacific Northwest, Zeek’s Pizza epitomizes the Seattle lifestyle with its modern decor, poster art, and upbeat music. And the pizza’s pretty good too. The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients, and Zeek’s does offer a gluten-free option. Kids are never bored waiting for their food here. They can create Zeek’s future logo and have it displayed in a gallery area, or watch pizza makers toss the dough, and maybe even play with a little dough themselves. For the over–21 crowd, there is a bar area for friends to hang out and enjoy company over pizza and a beer.

Tutta Bella

If you’re looking for a little less casual, but still comfortable and friendly, Tutta Bella is the place with its light music and modern design. Located in the Crossroads Mall, make this you’re after–shopping dinner destination. Tutta Bella prides itself on honoring Italian pizza-making traditions and making a positive impact in its community, and that pride shows through the attentive and knowledgeable staff. Enjoy a Neapolitan–style pizza or calzone with a delicious gelato or rich espresso.

MOD Pizza

The ultimate in family-friendly, enthusiastic, budget-and-time conscious dining, MOD Pizza is the place to enjoy an energetic industrial atmosphere and pizzas made to order. Choose your toppings from the options laid out in front of you, and the staff will build your pizza creation, fire it up, and it’s ready to go. This is a Seattle–based chain with various locations and still manages a uniformly delicious flavor. But what makes this MOD special is that it partners with a local non-profit and a middle school to help make a difference in children’s lives.

These are by no means the only pizza places in Bellevue. But they are the five chosen for their welcoming atmosphere and family-friendly environment as well as their great pizzas. They are convenient, friendly, and give visitors excellent service. What’s your favorite?