10 Amazing Day Trips to Take in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most popular destinations for North American vacationers over the winter and the college crowd during spring break. With beautiful beaches, great hospitality, and vibrant nightlife, many people head to Cancun’s resorts to soak up the sun. Many resorts are all-inclusive offering food, drinks, activities, and entertainment. Staying at one of these it is easy to find yourself never wanting to leave the resort since everything you could want or need is right at hand. But Cancun and the Mayan Riviera offer more than resort activities and late-night bar crawls. Here are some ideas for activities and places you can visit on a day trip away from the resort.

10. Selvatica

Patryk Kosmider / Shutterstock

To say Selvatica is a theme park really would not do it justice. One of the more popular day excursions for visitors, Selvatica covers 330 acres of the Mayan jungle and is an adventure destination experience. Drive ATV’S on the Mud Madness course, hurl headfirst through the jungle on the zip lines, swim in a cenote (underground swimming hole), try the bungee swing, ride Tarzana the human roller coaster, or test your balance on the aerial bridges. TripAdvisor rated the park as being in the top 10 adventure destinations in the world. The park’s motto is “making adventure personal”. Several tour packages exist at the park so you can tailor the activities you want. Lunch is provided at the ticket price. The park offers free pick up and return to your hotel in Cancun so all you have to do is pack a bag for the day and enjoy the adventure.

9. Isla Mujeres

photo by Pam Susemiehl / Getty Images

Isla Mujeres is an island located off the Yucatan peninsula coast. A short 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun transports you to a more laid back island with lots of things to enjoy. The island has great beaches where you can relax or do some snorkeling. Several boat tours and charter fishing boats operate on the island and the turtle farm is a popular destination. There are several golf cart rentals on the island but these have been designed to look like jeeps and cars. Rent a cart and explore the island and since the island isn’t that large it should only take about an hour. If you want to relax head over to Captain Dulche where you can relax on the beach, have a drink at the shipwreck bar, or visit the small maritime museum with artifacts and historical presentations.

8. Xcaret Park

THEPALMER / Getty Images

Xcaret Park is a theme park, eco-tourism destination and resort located near Playa Del Carmen about an hour’s drive from Cancun. Located within the park are the Mayan ruins of Xcaret which date to between 1400 and 1517 AD. The Park also offers a ride through the underground river where visitors get on inflated inner tubes and slowly float through the cool waters and the current takes you on a leisurely ride through the caverns. In the 200 acre park, there are various exhibits, a Mayan village an aviary where tropical birds interact freely with guests, a coral reef aquarium, a marine turtle pond, and a small island occupied by jaguars. Visitors can walk the jungle paths, take a riverboat ride or enjoy dining in the restaurants. An equestrian show provides entertainment during the day and at night the renowned “Xcaret México Espectacular” show takes you on a visual journey through Mexico’s past from prehistoric times to the present day. Many tour operators offer hotel pick up and return making the trip an easy one from Cancun.

7. Playa Del Carmen

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Playa Del Carmen is another favorite destination for travelers and an easy day trip from Cancun. A smaller town than Cancun, Playa Del Carmen is a great place to spend the day shopping, taking a relaxing catamaran boat ride, do some deep-sea fishing, or enjoying the nightlife. Cleanse your body and soul with a sweat lodge experience at an authentic Mayan Temazcal with a real Shaman, cruise onboard a private yacht and enjoy the Mayan Riviera or walk the Quinta Avenida pedestrian thoroughfare adjacent to the beach and check out the local vendors. There are several public beaches where you can enjoy the clear blue waters along with first-class restaurants and of course the famous nightlife. Popular clubs in Playa Del Carmen include the Blue Parrot, a Playa landmark, Coco Bongo, and the Tequila Barrel. If you can decide which club to visit then take a pub crawl where you will visit several of the area’s hot clubs in one night.

6. Sian Ka’an

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Sian Ka’an means “Origin of the Sky” and is a biosphere reserve. Containing tropical forests, Mangroves, and marshes the reserve is home to over 300 species of birds, manatees, turtles, crocodiles, jaguars, and spider monkeys. The 1.3 million acres reserve is the largest protected area in the Mexican coastal area. In 1987 Sian Ka’an has declared a UNESCO World Heritage Property and is part of UNESCO’S Man and Biosphere Program. Visitors to the reserve can expect to see creatures rarely seen in other areas. A valuable part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef lies within the reserves protected area. There are over twenty known archeological sites located within the reserve and almost 700,000 of the 1.3 million total acres are limited to scientific research only. Several tour operators can arrange day tours to and from Cancun.

5. Tres Rios Ecopark

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Located 35 miles south of Cancun lies the Tres Rios Ecopark. Enjoy kayaking, canoeing, or riding a jet ski. You can take a hike on the trails through the jungle or ride horseback where you can get up close and personal with over 100 exotic species of animals. Enjoy snorkeling and viewing the many tropical fish swimming the coral reefs just offshore. The park has three rivers running through it flowing to the ocean and ten cenotes (cave-like sinkholes with natural water wells) where you can enjoy a cool dip in the water which will come as a welcome relief from the hot humid weather. There is also a beautiful white sand beach to relax on and enjoy the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. With over 150 acres to explore it is a relaxing respite from the party atmosphere of Cancun.

4. Cozumel

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A popular spot on the cruise ship circuit, Cozumel makes for an enjoyable day trip from Cancun. To get there travel south to Playa Del Carmen where you can buy a ticket to the high-speed ferry that will whisk you through the waters to this cozy island. Once on the island, you can explore the town of San Miguel and check out the gift shops and restaurants. Rent a scooter or jeep and take a ride to the eastern side of the island where you can enjoy secluded beaches and a more relaxed atmosphere away from the cruise ship day tourists. Visit the Celarain lighthouse which houses a small nautical museum and get an amazing view of the island from the top of the tower. The small village of El Cedral is built around an ancient Mayan ruin and dates to 800 AD and of course, there is world-class diving fishing, and snorkeling which Cozumel is known for.

3. Tulum

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While not the most famous, Tulum is certainly one of the most beautiful and picturesque Mayan ruins in Mexico.  Tulum is 130 kilometers south of Cancun and many tour operators offer day tours picking you up at your hotel. Once there you will see the ancient well preserved ruins dating from the 13th century sitting on a bluff overlooking a white sand beach. Tulum was a Mayan port that traded mainly in turquoise and jade. Protected by a 784-meter limestone wall on three sides the ruins are accessible by 5 doorways built into the walls. One of the more prominent buildings is the Castillo or Castle that sits on a 12-meter limestone cliff where visitors can ascend the steep rock stairs and be greeted with great views of the Caribbean.

2. Coba Mayan Village

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One way to learn about your host’s ancestors is to take a day trip to visit the Coba Mayan Village. Located at the Coba Mayan Ruins visitors can climb the tallest Mayan pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula and have an unpatrolled view of the surrounding jungle. The ruins can be enjoyed on your own while you walk around and see the various building and ancient ball courts. If you don’t want to explore on your own there are guides available at the entrance for a small fee that will give you a guided tour. The site has three authentic Mayan villages where you can see how the Mayans lived in the past and present. You will visit with a family that will explain Mayan culture and shares how they live. Lunch is arranged where you can enjoy a real Mayan feast.  Other activities include swimming in one of the area’s cenotes.

1. Chichen Itza

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Probably the most popular and certainly the most recognized of all the Mayan ruins in Mexico is Chichen Itza. Chichen Itza was an important Mayan center of influence for 1,000 years and several buildings have survived, most notably the massive pyramid. The Kukulkan Pyramid is 75 feet tall as was built for astronomical purposes. During the vernal and autumnal equinox, the sunlight bathes the steps of the pyramid and descends the stairs lighting up triangles that form a serpent’s body until it reaches the head at the bottom. By standing at the base of the stairs and clapping your hands a sound resembling an eagle will echo from the massive structure. Other structures still exist including the Temple of the Warriors and the Great Ball Court. The ball court is 225 feet wide and 545 feet long overall and a whisper can be clearly understood by the other person at the other end. Chichen Itza is a popular destination and tours can be arranged from your hotel.

10 Things to See and Do in Cancun

Cancun Mexico offers so much more than just wild spring break parties and glitzy hotels. Between the 14 miles of pristine white sand beaches, towering Mayan Ruins and sparkling blue waters of the Caribbean; this Yucatan Paradise is begging to be explored. From eco-theme parks that are bursting with activities to extreme water sports to a lesson in Tequila; this city is full of sun, sand and adventure. Explore the history of the Mayans through the ancient ruins, cenotes and cultural performances. Discover Cancun’s hottest nightly entertainment venue with outrageous performances and elaborate costumes. Find the perfect place to relax and escape the city and discover all the marine life that lives below the surface. Whatever you are looking for in a vacation, Cancun offers it so to help you out, here are our top ten picks of things to see and do on your visit.

1. Chichen Itza

A world heritage site, the second most visited archaeological site in Mexico and a world of immense cultural significance are all reasons to visit Chichen Itza while in Cancun. This ancient Mayan Ruin is a place of towering pyramids, gigantic temples, intricately carved columns and an array of “do or die” sports fields. Perhaps the most famous site here is the Castillo Pyramid that consists of four sides containing 365 steps, 52 panels and 18 terraces. This pyramid built for cosmological symbolism is accessed by a narrow stairway and a focal point of Chichen Itza.

The Chichen-Itza court located on this site is the largest of its kind and was home to Mayan Sports that had intricate rules and attracted huge crowds of spectators. Fascinating carvings line the court that depicts the rules and details of the games that were played here. Other interesting things to see here are The Sacred Cenote, The Temple of Warriors and The Temple of a Thousand Columns. Whether you choose to explore Chichen Itza with a tour or on your own; it is truly the number one stop to make in Cancun. When you are finished at Chichen Itza, head over to the cenotes for a cool dip in the amazing “secret wells”.

Chichen Itza Mexico

2. Explore the Cenotes

The name “cenotes” is derived from the Mayan name meaning secret well which is the perfect explanation for the sinkholes that are often filled with water; forming caves and underground rivers in Mexico. With so many located just a stone’s throw away from Cancun exploring at least one or more of these breathtaking natural wonders is a must. Snorkel, swim or dive and explore the underwater formations and marine life that fill these waters.

Ik-Kil is one of the most popular cenotes for swimming and snorkeling and is located just a couple of miles from Chichen Itza. This crystal clear well type cenotes is full of waterfalls, lush vegetation and is over 130 feet deep. Smack in the middle of a Mexican Village outside Cancun is Gran Conoto or Sac Aktum as it is often called. This cenote offers visitors plenty of turtle and fish viewing in the stunning clear water. Bats are plentiful here as well and there are locker rentals, washroom facilities and jumping platforms. Swim through a cave that connects two cenotes, watch turtles surface beside you and enjoy this less touristy attraction.

Ik-Kil Cenote Mexico

3. Tequila Herradura Sensory Museum

In the renowned Cancun Hotel Zone you can discover the who, what and where about tequila. Mexican’s national spirit can only be produced in one region of the country and the Tequila Sensory Museum will delight your senses as it takes you through both modern and traditional methods of producing this delicious and complex drink. Depending how much you drink and what type of tequila you want to drink on this tour is entirely up to you; and your pocketbook.

Step back in history and learn why Hacienda San Jose del Refugio at Amatlan is home to the finest of tequilas and why this Hacienda is part of a World Heritage Site. Discover the proper techniques of drinking tequila, the culture behind it and learn the art of how tequila is distilled. Sniff, smell and taste your way through this cultural experience that awaits you at the Tequila Herradura Sensory Museum. We recommend walking or taking a cab to this site; as the tequila flows quickly here.


4. Jetpack Cancun

The latest in adventure sports to gain popularity is the adrenaline pumping, heart racing concept of soaring above the water with a jetpack strapped to your back. Revolutionizing the world of water sports; taking the plunge to Jetpack is as easy as riding a bicycle, although it may require just a tiny bit more courage than that. With lots of companies now offering this unique experience; visitors have their choice of operators in the city.

An introductory lesson to the sport gets you started and within half an hour you are all trained up and ready to go. Fly above the water, dive into it, walk on it and reach heights of up to thirty feet. Safety is the utmost priority and you will feel comfortable with a certified instructor guiding you along the way. If blasting into the air above the sparkling blue water isn’t enough for you, strap on a fly board and try to master tricks as you soar in the air. Cancun is a playground for the adventure loving traveler and be sure to face your fears with one of these unique innovative experiences.

betto rodrigues / Shutterstock.com
betto rodrigues / Shutterstock.com

5. Ferry to Isla Mujeres

Located just a short twenty minute ferry ride away from Cancun is Isla Mujeres; the Island of Women. Take a break from the bustling city and escape to a world of sun, sand and relaxation. We suggest renting a golf cart to get around; pre-book one on the ferry ride over or grab one as soon as you disembark or rent a bicycle or scooter for a little less. The Island is only approximately 7km long and can be explored in a few hours.

Visit the turtle sanctuary where you can get up close to all different sizes, shapes and kinds of these fascinating creatures. Pick one of the calm beaches and strap on your goggles and snorkel to discover the abundance of wildlife. Rent a kayak and skim the blue waters keeping your eyes peeled for the many dolphins that frequent this area. Grab a local beer at one of many hangouts, eat some authentic Mexican food and meet some great local people. With many budget hotels Isla Mujeres is the perfect place to spend the night and truly enjoy this beautiful small island that is full of surprises.

Isla Mujeres Mexico

6. Visit Coco Bongo

The most famous club in Cancun; Coco Bongo is a mix of nightclub and live shows. Picture Cirque du Soleil in a nightclub full of lively patrons. With new shows happening every 10-15 minutes this is truly a night of non-stop entertainment. Elaborate costumes, acrobatic performances and extremely well-mannered staff makes this club a must visit.

The choice is yours when it comes to buying tickets whether you want the full VIP experience or not. Gold tickets get you express entrance, VIP access with a limited number of people, seating and a personal waiter or waitress; along with free premium drinks all night long. The regular ticket still gets your free drinks all night but they are of the domestic brand and you are not guaranteed seating or a personal waiter or waitress and you may have to wait in line. Either way you choose to experience this show consisting of Congo lines, fog sprayers, musicians, impersonators, streamers, confetti and any other imaginable club entertainment; we promise you will enjoy it.

coco bongo cancun
Photo by: Coco Bongo Cancun

7. Underwater Museum: MUSA (Museo Subacuatico de Arte)

The world’s most famous underwater sculpture museum is located right here in Cancun. Designed in response to the damage that was being done to the local reef areas; this museum provides a safe haven for coral growth in which marine life can live and breed safely. This Underwater Museum offers the opportunity for beginner and advanced divers to discover over 400 life-sized statues. Snorkeling is also an option here but beware that the water does become murky when it is busy and the statues are truly more awe-inspiring when you are beside them rather than above them.

Discover the famous “man on fire” sculpture; a figurine that is becoming covered with fire coral or the sculpture that has several in-bottled messages of peace and environmental health that is named “Collector of Dreams”. There is not a high concentration of marine life yet but bring your underwater camera, a little patience and you will be able to capture some amazing photos of the art and sculptures.

Photo by: Andy Blackledge
Photo by: Andy Blackledge

8. Visit the Tulum Ruins

Considered one of the most beautiful Mayan Ruin sites around Cancun, it’s worth a trip to the Tulum Ruins to seek out this breathtaking location. What makes this site so unique is that the ruins are located atop a fifteen meter high cliff towering over the sparkling azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. The city of Tulum has an access fee that grants visitors inside the city to explore the ruins, bask in the glorious sun on the beautiful beach, shop the craft market or grab a bite to eat.

Get to the ruins early in the morning to avoid the tourist crowds and watch as the sun rises high into the air over the sea. Slip into the water at the ruins beach and swim north to witness the ruins from a whole new perspective. Snorkel and scuba dive operators are also located on this beach and there are amazing cenotes around this area to explore as well as plenty of marine life. Rent a car, take a tour, ride the bus or cycle around the walled city of Tulum; a city rich in history and culture.

Tulum Ruins Mexico

9. Xcaret Park

One of the favorite touristy things to do in Cancun is visit the eco theme park Xcaret. Loaded with over 40 attractions this theme park offers culture, entertainment, traditional food and a plethora of activities to fill your day. Wildlife enthusiasts will love Jaguar Island, Manatee Lagoon and the Butterfly Pavilion where you will come face to face with these exciting creatures. For a walk on the wild side surround yourself with stingrays or nurse sharks as you snorkel in the waters with them.

Explore the three rivers that flow to the ocean. Strap on a life preserver and float down as you discover mangroves inhabited by pink flamingos, marine fossils, Mayan cenotes and rock formations that have caused tunnels and caves. Watch and participate in one of many cultural performances that will teach you the history of the Mayans and the lives they used to know. If you are heading to Xcaret at night for the infamous musical show prepare to be amazed by the 300 artists that take you through a musical journey of the history of Mexico. Xcaret is the perfect place to spend a fun-filled day of authentic activities located all in one spot.

Patryk Kosmider / Shutterstock.com
Patryk Kosmider / Shutterstock.com

10. Cook Cancun Style

Not your typical tourist attraction; Can Cook in Cancun offers a unique experience that you will never forget. Chefs Claudia and Lorenzo offer small class sizes specializing in authentic Mexican cuisine. Discover how easy it is to use fresh and natural ingredients to produce delicious home cooked meals. Claudia and Lorenzo will make you feel at home with their engaging stories and warm atmosphere.

You’ll learn numerous recipes and cook alongside them throughout the day while sampling tequila, enjoying after dinner talks and browsing in the unique shop they have on-site. Meet new friends, collect new recipes and enjoy the tastiest foods in Cancun. Complete your day with your final meal on an outside patio overlooking beautiful green lush grounds. Can Cook in Cancun is definitely a unique experience that will get you away from the hustle bustle of the city, introduce to some amazing local chefs and complete your trip to Cancun.

Mexican Ingredients and salsa

Party Time: 10 Best Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a rite of passage. Each year, tens of thousands of college students flee their dorms and head for sunnier locales. They are planning to blow off some steam – leaving classes, teachers, and homework far behind. It is the perfect time to hang out with friends, do a little partying, and just relax and recharge after a long winter. The biggest choice these college students want to make is where to go for Spring Break.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” right? Las Vegas offers a wide variety of activities from amusement park rides to the Eiffel Tower or a gondola ride on a Venice Canal. For those looking to try their hand at gambling, each hotel has its own casino. There are a wide variety of nightclubs and shows to visit in the evening as well.

Las Vegas

2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is a great Spring Break location. It is renowned for its extreme outdoor sports and pristine beaches. Spend an afternoon relaxing on Lover’s Beach. In the evenings, there is always a party during the week of Spring Break in one of the glamorous hotels.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

3. Nassau, Bahamas

Consider taking a cruise to Nassau, where the nightlife is vibrant and varied. Nassau is the largest city in the Bahamas with plenty of beaches, culture, and, of course, drinks (with umbrellas!). Under the Caribbean moon there are plenty of nightclubs where the rum is cheap and the music is loud. After an evening of partying, spend the day relaxing on one of the many pristine beaches.

Nassau, Bahamas

4. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay enjoys a reputation as a Spring Break hotspot. Each March, Montego Bay hosts the Brit-Jam. This party blends American and English music with the music and culture of Jamaica for a unique party experience. Spend the day relaxing on the beach, splashing in the waves or simply recovering from the previous night’s party.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

5. Acapulco, Mexico

There is always a party in Acapulco. During the day, enjoy one of Acapulco’s many pool parties. In the evening, it is time to head out to one of the many nightclubs. Acapulco combines plenty of stunning beaches with countless clubs, making it a top pick for Spring Breakers. Be sure to stop by Palladium, a club on the cliffs that offers breathtaking views of Acapulco Bay.

Acapulco, Mexico

6. South Padre Island, Texas

The Lone Star state has become an up and coming hotspot for college students enjoying Spring Break. South Padre Island offers white sandy beaches, blue oceans, and plenty of Spring Break parties. It’s also easily accessible to students who live in Texas – or one of the other states in the Southeastern United States.

South Padre Island, Texas

7. Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach is known as the Spring Break Capital of the World. It is easy to see why with MTV sending camera crews to film the festivities and choosing it as the best party. They roll kegs of beers out on to the beach, so they can party in the sun or under the moonlight.

Panama City Beach, Florida
Maria Maarbes / Shutterstock.com

8. Miami Beach, Florida

No, the South Beach Diet is not beer, tequila, rum and repeat. Here in Miami’s South Beach, there is a variety of nightclubs and entertainment. During the day, the beaches of Miami seem to go on for miles. With its Cuban influenced flavors the food is outstanding. Dance the night away in Miami!

Miami Beach

9. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana offers a variety of inclusive resorts that provide a wide array of activities for students. From lazing on the beach to snorkeling to parties at the clubs, there’s no shortage of things to do here. Only in Punta Cana can you take the president’s crown. If you are able to drink more of the country’s beer (Presidente), than the president, you get his crown. The number to beat? 42 and counting.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

10. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun offers pristine beaches, sparkling water, and of course plenty of parties. In the evening, choose between a club with a water slide and one that offers bungee jumping. Under the Mexican moon, the party never ends!

Cancun, Mexico

The World’s Most Unique Tourist Destinations

Looking for a unique vacation destination? If the idea of going to see the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben does not appeal to you, then maybe a trip to one of the 10 most unique tourist destinations might. There are many places to visit that are off the beaten path and offer exciting and exotic experiences.

1. Sichuan, China

Located in Sichuan, China is the Leshan Giant Buddha. Carved in to the mountainside, this Buddha measures 233 feet tall. The Giant Buddha was carved in the 8th Century and is one of the largest known Buddha images in the world. While in Sichuan, be sure to stay at the Panda Inn featuring the panda image everywhere including on the walls and the furniture. For added fun, the staff dresses as pandas.

2. Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico

In Las Pozas, there is a surreal landscape of structures created by a wealthy English aristocrat. Edward James wanted to create a fantasyland and chose the jungles of Mexico for his masterpiece. On the 20 acres, he built buildings with names like “House With a Roof Like a Whale” and a staircase to nowhere. Las Pozas translates to the pools in English.

Las Pozas, Xilitla, Mexico

3. Pancake Rocks, New Zealand

Located on New Zealand’s South Island, Pancake Rocks sits on the western edge of Paparoa National Park. Layers of limestone and sandstone gathered on the ocean floor. The sandstone was softer than the limestone, and it began to erode. As this process occurred, rock outcroppings that resembled stacks of pancakes began to form. Of course, this did not happen overnight; the process began 30 million years ago.

Pancake Rocks New Zealand

4. Mont St. Michel, France

Mont St. Michel is a tidal island. When the tide comes in it is surrounded by water, when the tide recedes it is surrounded by land. The island is located off the coast of Normandy, France. On the island is a Gothic Abbey that housed prisoners during the French Revolution.

Mont St. Michel, France

5. Icehotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Not afraid of a little cold weather? Located approximately 124 miles above the Arctic Circle, sits the Icehotel, but only in the winter months. The hotel is made almost entirely from ice. Here guests sleep on beds made from ice. There is a church, main hall, and bar made from ice. The glasses in the bar are also carved from ice.

6. Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

Blue holes contain fresh water, seawater, or a mixture of both water types that extend below sea level. The name blue hole comes from bright blue color that can be seen from above the hole. Dean’s Blue Hole located on Bahamas’ Long Island is the deepest in the world. It has a depth of 600 feet.

Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas

7. Cancun Underwater Museum, Cancun

In the ocean, just off the coast of Cancun sits the Cancun Underwater Museum. The museum features more than 400 life size sculptures. The underwater sculptures were made from materials to promote the growth of coral. On the sea floor, the sculpture of a man sits on his couch watching television, while schools of fish swim by. This is truly a unique experience.


8. Alberobello, Italy

In 1996, the trulli of Alberobello became a UNESCO World Heritage site. This small town in Italy began in the 14th Century when the Count of Conversano colonized it. Here the homes are trulli. Trulli are dwellings made from limestone and appear cone shaped. When the homes were first built, they were made from interlocking rocks that lacked mortar. Since there was no mortar, they could be moved easily.

Alberobello, Italy

9. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Ever wanted to dine with the fish? On the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, there is a Hilton Resort that offers lunch and dinner at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. The restaurant is located 16 feet below sea level. The sides and roof are made of clear glass, allowing guests to be surrounded by sea life as they eat. Be sure to make reservation, because the restaurant only seats 12.

Snorkeling 2

10. Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey

In some places, the Pamukkale Thermal Pools look like fields of cotton balls. The name translates to cotton castle. The thermal pools are filled with natural hot spring waters and cascade down inclines to various tiers. The thermal pools are more than a great way to relax or spend the day swimming. They are breathtakingly beautiful. Do not forget the camera!

Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Turkey