11 of the World’s Smallest Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms come in all shapes and sizes and depending on how much you’re willing to spend, they can range from teeny tiny spaces all the way up to massive luxury suites. Many hotels in major cities are looking to space-saving alternatives to the traditional full size hotel room and more and more travelers are looking for the cheapest night’s stay they can get. If you’re budget is geared towards deals or if you just appreciate unique hotel experiences, get ready because today we’re taking a look at some of the smallest hotel rooms around the world.

1. CityHub -Amsterdam

CityHub is a totally new kind of travel accommodation experience, created by 2 University buddies from Amsterdam who love travel and meeting people. CityHub offers affordable sleeping accommodations for travelers who enjoy joining in and learning about local city life. With Rates starting at €59 (about $64 USD) you can stay in your own sleeping ‘Hub’, equipped with a roomy 2 person bed, Ipod docking station and color-changing mood lighting. Toilets and showers are shared with other travelers but you’ll have a tiny space to call your own.

Photo by: Cityhub
Photo by: Cityhub

2. Das Park Hotel -Germany

At first the thought of staying in a cement pipe might not tickle your fancy, but hear us out because it’s definitely a unique ‘hotel’ experience! Das Park Hotel opened their original location in Rodlpark in Ottensheim but recently expanded to a second location in Bernepark, Bottrop. Both locations offer travelers the chance to stay in their very own re-purposed drainage pipe equipped with comfy double bed, storage, light, power outlet, blanket and linens. The surrounding public spaces offer the other essentials like toilets, showers, café and minibar. One of the coolest things about Das Park Hotel is that they operate on a ‘pay what you can system’ making it affordable and accessible for everyone.

Photo by: Das park hotel
Photo by: Das park hotel

3. The Pod Hotel -New York City

If you’ve ever tried to book a hotel in New York City you what kinds of high prices and sketchy accommodations are out there. The Pod Hotel was created for the savvy traveler who wants to stay in the heart of the city, see it all but not spend it all. With 2 locations in Midtown and Midtown East (Pod 39 and Pod 51) there are plenty of rooms to meet your needs. The original single pod includes a twin bed, Ipod dock, WiFi, flat screen tv, shared bathroom, closet and your own tiny workstation. If you’re traveling with a buddy there’s also slightly bigger options to suit your needs like a bunk pod, queen pod and even a studio pod.

Photo by: The Pod Hotel
Photo by: The Pod Hotel

4. Yotel -Heathrow Airport, London

The Yotel brand was inspired by first class air travel and was created as a small but luxurious ‘cabin’ space. Yotel is aiming their offerings at busy international travelers by setting up shop at a few major European airports. The Yotel at London’s Heathrow airport is located in the public side of terminal 4 and provides travelers with luxury ‘cabins’ to rest their weary heads without even leaving the airport. The standard cabin measures 3.47m by 2.55m (11 ft x 8 ft) and has 2 bunk beds, small work space, flat screen tv, monsoon shower, sink and toilet. Yotel certainly packs a lot into these small, ‘smart’ spaces.

Photo by: Yotel
Photo by: Yotel

5. Green Plaza Shinjuku -Tokyo

Japan is famous for developing the micro-sized ‘capsule hotel’ for those that literally just need a place to sleep (and that’s all you’ll be able to do in it). The city of Tokyo has many of these accommodations but the Green Plaza Shinjuku Hotel is perhaps the most famous. It offers sleep capsules and massage services for those who may be too intoxicated to get home safely or need a cheap place to stay for work during the week. For rates usually around $20-40 USD per night you’ll be assigned a comfy little capsule with television, bedding, wireless internet and power outlet. This type of hotel is probably not for those travelers who tend to get claustrophobic!

Photo by: Green Plaza Shinjuku
Photo by: Green Plaza Shinjuku

6. Capsule Inn -Osaka, Japan

The Capsule Inn located in Osaka Japan is actually the world’s first capsule style hotel, having opened in 1979. As a leader in the capsule hotel industry, their aim is to provide a first class experience at a great value. Once you’re checked in, you’re assigned a wristband key with your changing room and capsule number and a robe. You then head to the change room and leave your clothes and belongings in your assigned locker, don your robe and make yourself comfortable. The Capsule Inn also features free access to their sauna and spa facilities with your standard stay.

capsule Inn
Photo by: Capsule Inn/Flickr

7. EasyHotel –London, England

“Simple comfort and great value” that’s the backbone of the easyHotel brand who currently operates 20 easyHotels throughout the UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, UAE and Bulgaria. One of the brands most popular destinations is London, with 9 locations throughout the city, including one at Heathrow airport. The easyHotel London Luton offers 3 types of rooms; small, standard and twin and range in size from 7-11.5 square meters (75-123 sq ft). Each room is equipped with bed, television, climate control, WiFi and en-suite bathroom.

Photo by: easyHotel
Photo by: easyHotel

8. NiteNite –Birmingham, England

The nitenite hotel in Birmingham England offers budget accommodations in a boutique hotel with free WiFi and 24 hour check in desk. Dubbed as ‘city rooms’ nitnite’s range of sleep cabins have no windows to look upon the outside world but instead feature a 42-inch plasma screen television which shows a live view of the city. That’s just as good as a real window right? The range of double, single and standard rooms offer travelers an affordable and comfortable hotel option all packed within 6.8 or 13 square meters depending on room type.

Photo by: Nitenite Hotel
Photo by: Nitenite Hotel

9. Hongkong Kaiteki Hotel –Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Kaiteki Hotel in Vietnam has taken the capsule concept from Japan and brought it to the backpacker paradise of Ho Chi Minh City. Each 1-person capsule comes with ear plugs to block outside noise, a curtain to cut off outside light, climate control, television and USB, wifi and earphone connections for all your entertainment needs. Shared bathroom and shower facilities are located outside your capsule. Save space and save money; at 2.5 square meters (27 sq ft), the rooms at Hongkong Kaiteki Hotel may very well be the smallest on this list.

Photo by: Hongkong Kaiteki Hotel
Photo by: Hongkong Kaiteki Hotel

10. Tubohotel -Tepoztlan, Mexico

The Tubohotel in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico was designed for good times and meeting new friends. Not unlike the Das Park Hotel in Germany, Tubohotel offers rooms made from cement tubes, with some even stacked on top of each other in a fun tube-room pyramid. Each tube room has a queen size bed, desk, light, fan, storage, towels and bedding. Showers and toilets are available and shared by guests (but don’t worry, showers are private) and there’s even an infinity pool right outside the tubes. Rates start at 600 MXN (about $40 USD) per night, so if you want a great deal and don’t mind small cylindrical spaces the Tubohotel might be for you!

Tubohotel junio 2012 5
Photo by: Tubohotel

11. Sleepbox Hotel -Moscow, Russia

Another example of the sleep pod concept, the Sleepbox Hotel in Moscow is Russia’s first compact hotel. These capsules offer a little more space than the lay-down only rooms seen in Japan but they’re definitely still considered small. The hotel features 50 windowless sleep pods, some of which can sleep up to 3 people. Each one has a bed, shelf, desk, lamp and small wardrobe. Bathrooms and showers are located outside the sleep pods and are shared by guests. Rates are reported to start around $50 USD per night so one thing you’re guaranteed at the Sleepbox Hotel is a great deal.

Photo by: Sleepbox Hotel
Photo by: Sleepbox Hotel

15 Favorite Museums from Around the World

What’s one of the first things you check out while visiting a new city? If your answer isn’t ‘a local museum’ then you definitely need to read this list! We’re exaggerating a bit, but while a museum might not be your first stop, it’s long been a favorite activity of travelers and tourists alike. It’s a great way to explore the history and culture of any city or country and help get a better understanding of its people. Many museums also feature beautiful architecture making them a must visit for those photography enthusiasts. With so many amazing establishments all around the world, choosing a museum can be difficult (although you can always visit more than one) so here’s a quick look at some of our favorites from major cities around the globe:

Museum of Anthropology –Vancouver

Located on the University of British Colombia (UBC) campus, the MOA is home to more than 40,000 ethnographic objects from around the world including the South Pacific, Asia. Europe, Africa and the Americas. The museum offers educational school programs, facility rentals for special events, a Native Youth program, and serves as a research facility for UBC students. Located just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, the museum is easy to get to by car or public transit. Admission is $16.75 CAD for adults and children under 6 are free. Museum of Anthropology Vancouver resized2

Royal Ontario Museum –Toronto

The Royal Ontario Museum or ‘The ROM’ as it’s affectionately known, is located near downtown Toronto and is among the world’s leading museums of natural history and world cultures. With constantly changing exhibits and galleries, one visit to the ROM is never enough as this facility strives for dynamic education and entertainment. Adult admission is $16 CAD, $13 for children age 4-14, or visit on Friday’s after 4:30pm for special discount rates.

Niloo / Shutterstock.com
Niloo / Shutterstock.com

The Guggenheim –New York

With so many amazing institutions to choose from in this city, it’s hard to pick just one to visit; but The Guggenheim Museum located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side is a real stand-out. Most notable for its unique architecture, the ‘teacup’ design was created by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Opened in 1959, visitors to this art institution can experience special exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, film screenings, performances, lectures and tours. Admission is $25 USD for adults and children under 12 get in for free.

f11photo / Shutterstock.com
f11photo / Shutterstock.com

 Field Museum of Natural History –Chicago

Where can you meet a scientist to learn about nature and history, or sleep over among creatures from prehistoric times? Chicago’s Field Museum has all this and much more. This museum inspires curiosity about life on Earth while exploring how it came to be and how we can work to make it a better place. With traveling exhibits on subjects from Indigenous peoples, to prehistoric mammals, even the history of chocolate…there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Basic admission to the Field museum is $18 USD for adults and $13 for children.

Jason Patrick Ross / Shutterstock.com
Jason Patrick Ross / Shutterstock.com

Los Angeles County Museum of Art –Los Angeles

Also known by its acronym; ‘LACMA’ is the largest art museum in the western United States today. The museum boasts a collection of over 120,000 objects ranging from antique artifacts to modern objects of today, which represent the entire geographic world and nearly the entire history of art. It’s clear that this museum strives to be best in class. Located in the heart of LA, it’s situated on 20 acres known as Hancock Park. General admission to LACMA is $15 USD for adults and children under the age of 18 are free.

Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com
Ken Wolter / Shutterstock.com

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum –Rio

Another museum that may be most famous for its recognizable architecture, the MAC Niterói is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and serves as one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the 16 meter high structure includes 3 floors and is surrounded by a beautiful reflection pool. Inside you will find many works of contemporary art from influential Latin artists as well as those from around the world. Adult admission is $10 Brazilian Real or about $3.20 USD, with children under 7 in for free.

lazyllama / Shutterstock.com
lazyllama / Shutterstock.com

The British Museum –London

Founded in 1753, the British Museum located in London brings history and art to life in England. This was the first national public museum in the world and offered free admission to guests since its beginning; a tradition that continues even now. Nearly 6 million people a year come to visit this museum and explore the interesting architecture and fascinating exhibitions which range from ancient mummies, to works of aboriginal art, to ancient Greek statues. The British Museum London

The Louvre –Paris

One of the most recognizable museums in the world, no trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Louvre. This French landmark is the largest and most visited museum in the world drawing nearly 10 million visitors each year. Museum exhibits are grouped into 8 categories including Egyptian Antiques, Islamic Art, Sculptures, and Prints and Drawings. All-access admission is €16 or about $17.50 USD.

cesc_assawin / Shutterstock.com
cesc_assawin / Shutterstock.com

Vatican Museums –Rome

What world-wide list of museums would be complete without including the famous museums of the Vatican in Rome, Italy. The collection is made up of 54 galleries with the world famous Sistine Chapel being the very last gallery in the museum. The galleries display works of art built up by the Popes through many centuries including some of the most renowned sculptures and pieces of Renaissance art in the world.  Admission to the Vatican Museums is €16 or about $17.50 USD for adults and €4 or about $4.50 USD for students. Vatican Museums Aerial Rome

State Historical Museum –Moscow

Many people know Moscow’s Red Square as the home of the world famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral, but this colorful landmark isn’t the only sight worth seeing in the square. The State Historical Museum is also a most recognizable structure with its grand size and deep red color. The museum is an homage to all things Russian history and the total number of objects in the collection is said to be in the millions. Admission is 300 Russian Rubles for adults which is about $5.30 USD.

Elena Ermakova / Shutterstock.com
Elena Ermakova / Shutterstock.com

ArtScience Museum –Singapore

What first might look like some sort of lotus flower structure is actually Singapore’s ArtScience Museum, located at the Marina Bay Sands Resort. This newer attraction opened in 2011 and is the world’s first ArtScience museum; featuring 21 gallery spaces in over 50,000 square feet. Inside you’ll find permanent galleries as well as intriguing temporary exhibitions that change throughout the year. All access admission to the ArtScience Museum is $25 Singapore Dollars or roughly $18 USD for adults and $12.50 USD for children. ArtScience Museum Singapore

Hong Kong Museum of Art –Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Museum of Art seeks to preserve the cultural heritage of China while promoting locally produced works of art. Established in 1962, the museum’s collection contains over 16,000 pieces including paintings, calligraphy works, and antique treasures. Located in historic Victoria Harbour, a trip to the Hong Kong Museum of Art is a great way to learn more about the history and future of Chinese art. Standard admission is $10 Hong Kong Dollars or about $1.30 USD.

e X p o s e / Shutterstock.com
e X p o s e / Shutterstock.com

Tokyo National Museum –Tokyo

Located in Tokyo’s Ueno Park, the Tokyo National Museum is a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Established in 1872, this is the oldest national museum in Japan as well as the country’s largest art museum. The museum collection focuses primarily on Japanese art and antiques but also includes art from other Asian countries and along the Silk Road. Adult admission is 620 Japanese Yen or around $5.20 USD while those under the age of 18 get in for free.

cowardlion / Shutterstock.com
cowardlion / Shutterstock.com

Museum of Contemporary Art –Sydney

Located in The Rocks district on the edge of Sydney’s famous Circular Quay, the Museum of Contemporary Art first opened its doors in 1991. The MCA operates with the goal of exhibiting, interpreting and collecting contemporary art from all over Australia as well as around the world. The permanent collection includes over 4,000 works by Australian artists, while the museum also features ever changing temporary exhibits. Regular admission to the MCA is free of charge, though special temporary exhibitions may require a small charge.

Jean-Philippe Menard / Shutterstock.com
Jean-Philippe Menard / Shutterstock.com

National Gallery of Victoria –Melbourne

Located in Melbourne’s CBD, the National Gallery of Victoria -or more commonly known as the NGV, is the oldest public art museum in Australia.  The organization operates 2 distinct sites: On the South side of the Yarra River you’ll find the NGV International where you’ll find an extensive collection of art from all over the world including Asia, Europe and America. North of the river in Federation Square is the NGV Australia, also known as The Ian Potter Centre where you find both aboriginal and non-aboriginal art from all over Australia from the colonial period to present day. General admission to either site is free of charge. National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne resized

The 10 Cheapest Cities to Touchdown in Europe

A trip across the Atlantic Ocean over to the Old World of Europe may only be a fantasy for a number of North Americans. With airfare, accommodations, food, spending money and all the other little things that add up it can be an exceedingly costly trip. Though many people may dismiss the thought of a European getaway as just a fantasy that isn’t fiscally obtainable, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. One may be surprised to learn that certain cities are much more affordable to visit than others and the reasons for this can range from lower airport taxes to economic struggles. Below is a look at 10 of the best places in Europe to visit by cost:

10. Athens, Greece

Athens International Airport is the obvious international hub of Greece, though that may not be the best plan of arrival for potential visitors. In bound flights to Greece are rarely cheap, and it usually makes more sense for travelers to land elsewhere in Europe and make a short land trip into the country instead. Due to recent economic struggles in the country, hotel prices have dropped quite a bit in the past few years.

Tourism is a major industry and a key part of the Greek economy. Greece ranks as the 10th most visited country in Europe, and saw over 15-million visitors in 2012. Major attractions in Athens include: the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Agora and the National Archaeological Museum. For travelers on a budget, Greece is an ideal candidate to visit on a trip through a number of countries as prices for hotels and other amenities have dropped from the aforementioned economic struggles.

Athens, Greece

9. Milan, Italy

The choice between Milan and Rome is a difficult one, but Milan comes out slightly cheaper in comparison for tourists. Milan is one of the most important tourist destinations in all of Europe, and will never truly be a bargain destination for visitors. The addition of Emirates flights to Milan, however, means that there are more reasonably priced flights to a destination considered to be truly first class among travelers.

The city is home to two professional soccer clubs that share the famous San Siro stadium, considered a Mecca of sorts to traveling fans that are as vocal as they are loyal and exist all across the globe. Milan is also home to Pinacoteca di Brera, Piazza del Duomo, and the Milan Cathedral. Italy ranks as the 3rd most popular European destination behind only France and Spain, and Milan provides an opportunity to experience a cultured city for a relatively reasonable price.

Milan, Italy

8. Prague, Czech Republic

A country known to savvy travelers as a little-known gem, the Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague is where visitors land. The country has started to gain notoriety for being a great place to visit, and has experienced a major boom to its tourism industry. The secret is starting to get out, however, as prices have started to rise in the past few years as more and more people become aware of the beauty of the Czech Republic.

Younger travelers may be interested in the nightlife offered in Prague, as it is known for being low cost, and home to a large number of bars and clubs that are in close proximity and open late. There are a number of castles, breweries, and quaint towns to visit throughout the Czech Republic, but potential visitors should act quickly as prices are expected to continue to rise in this historic and unique Eastern European nation.

Prague, Czech Republic

7. Madrid/Barcelona, Spain

Though the two cities provide a vastly different experience, both cost travelers an almost identical price. Madrid is home to Barajas Airport, while Barcelona has El Prat Airport. For those with an interest in the “beautiful game” both Madrid and Barcelona provide an opportunity to catch some of the best soccer players in the world plying their craft in the confines of the magnificent stadiums.

The Spanish economy has become fairly reliant on tourism as an industry, which has seen a decline due to economic issues. Luckily for potential tourists, this means costs will be less for a very popular destination. Each city provides a unique experience, with the high-tempo Madrid contrasting perfectly to the quieter Barcelona. Take advantage while the opportunity is there, as Spain is still the 2nd most popular destination in Europe. If possible (and if desirable), visit Ibiza for a crazy night or two, as it is recognized as the party capital of the world.

Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com
Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com

6. Budapest, Hungary

Much like Prague in the Czech Republic, Budapest in Hungary is another less-obvious tourist haven that has started to become more recognized. The cheapest tickets for a flight into Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport usually involve a stopover in Moscow or Helsinki, though a stop in Zurich is not much more in terms of cost and saves a great deal of time. Similarly, like Prague, prices for Budapest have begun to climb in 2014.

Popular attractions in Budapest include Buda Castle, which includes: the Hungarian National Gallery, the Matthias Church, the Parliament Building and the City Park. Thermal baths are another popular tourist destination, and the Danube River passes through the city providing for great scenery. While Budapest may not be top of mind in terms of European cities to travel to, take some time to learn about its great history before crossing it off a list of places to visit.

Budapest, Hungary

5. Lisbon, Portugal

The westernmost large city and capital in Europe, Lisbon has been on the rise as a popular and affordable tourist destination. Tourism has started to become an increasingly important industry in Portugal, with Lisbon becoming one of the most visited cities in all of Europe. Flights to Lisbon Portela Airport, the international airport in Lisbon are reasonably priced, and the city is known to be much less expensive than other premier destinations in Europe.

Some of the more popular destinations in Lisbon are the Sao Jorge Castle, Belem Tower, Lisbon Oceanarium and the Church of Santa Engracia. Potential visitors should aim to get to Portugal before the tourism industry truly takes off in the country, while flights and local prices are still more accessible for travelers. Take in some soccer before leaving, and maybe get a chance to witness world-famous Cristiano Ronaldo as he continues his quest to break long-held records.

Lisbon, Portugal

4. Paris, France

The dream vacation for a number of North Americans is a trip to the world-class city of Paris. The popularity of the city has led to Charles de Gaulle Airport being one of the busiest hubs in Europe. Because of this, travelers can find surprisingly competitive prices for a flight to Paris. As of 2014, costs have even slightly improved for tourists as well.

Paris is home to a number of France’s most famous attractions, starting of course with the Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe is another famous monument built to honor those who fought and died for France during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars. The world-renowned Louvre Museum is also in Paris, home to the Mona Lisa and many other iconic pieces of art. The diversity of sights in Paris also features the iconic Notre Dame cathedral, a gothic-style church that is as gigantic as it is awe-inspiring.

Top Cities 2013 - Paris

3. Istanbul, Turkey

Despite the significantly further distance to travel to Istanbul in comparison to the rest of Europe, Istanbul can offer some reasonable prices for airfare. Turkey ranks as the 4th most popular destination in Europe, and 10th most popular in the world. With tourism in mind, the government in Turkey has undertaken the development of what will be the world’s largest airport in Istanbul, with the first (of a four part plan) being completed in 2017.

Due to the historical significance of Istanbul, the city is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Some of the major tourist sights in the city include the Haiga Sofia, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Topkapi, Basillca Cistern and Galata Tower. Istanbul is also home to Cevahir Mall, the biggest shopping mall in all of Europe (and 7th largest in the world). The city is also home to a number of museums, sports teams and cultural events.

Istanbul, Turkey

2. Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is a remarkably cheap country to visit in comparison to the rest of Europe. Though Dublin is the capital of the country, the airfares for flights landing at Dublin Airport are less than that of Shannon Airport, Ireland’s other international hub. Tourism provides a significant amount of income for Ireland’s economy with more than 6-million people visiting the country in 2012.

Destinations in Dublin include St Patrick’s Cathedral, the National Museum of Ireland, Trinity College, Christ Church Cathedral and of course the Guinness Storehouse. While at the Guinness Brewery, taste brews that are only available in Ireland, and take a break in their famous lounge. In 2010, the United Nations even awarded Dublin the title of UNESCO City of Literature due to the number of famous writers who are from the city. Travelers should also be pleased to know that Ireland also has no departure tax or comparable fees for air travel.

Bridge Dublin Ireland

1. Moscow, Russia

Even though the distance to Russia is quite far, travelers shouldn’t be intimidated by the fear of an expensive trip. Russia’s national airline, Aeroflot, is one of the cheapest tickets in Europe, and many cheap flights to other countries stop over in Moscow. Russia has seen a rise in tourism likely as a result of the previous Winter Olympics, but the current economic landscape in Russia benefits potential tourists right now.

There are a number of world-famous tourist destinations in Moscow, most notably the Kremlin and Red Square, the political heart of Russia. The city also features the impressive architecture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Winter Palace and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The city is also home to the iconic Mausoleum of Lenin. It is important to note the cultural differences between Russia and the west, so it is best to read up on recent political and legislative changes that unfortunately may deter some travelers from wanting to travel here.

Moscow Russia Red Square

The Most Interesting Facts About Russia

Russia, located in Eurasia (the combined continental landmass of Europe and Asia), is one of the most popular countries in the world. The official language is Russian but there are 27 other languages co-official in various regions throughout the country. Most people are aware of where Russia is located and what types of people live there, but there are many little known facts about this country and its culture that are really quite interesting.

Here are 10 cool facts about Russia:

1. World’s Longest Railway

Nutexzles / Getty Images

The Trans-Siberian Railway spans almost all the way across the county, making it the single longest railway in the world. The 9200 kilometers (or 5700 miles) railway departs in Moscow (located in European Russia) and crosses into Asia. It then makes its way to the Pacific Ocean port of Vladivostok where it reaches the end of its incredible journey. The entire journey non-stop will take you 152 hours and 27 minutes to complete.

2. World’s Largest McDonald’s

gmlykin / Shutterstock

If you’re a fan of the famous golden arches, Russia is the place to go. The country is home to the largest Mcdonald’s restaurant in the world. With 700 seats. A larger building, seating 1,500, was constructed for the 2012 Olympics in London, England but it was a temporary location and was dissembled six weeks after the doors opened (once the Olympics had come to an end).

3. Women vs. Men

Oleh_Slobodeniuk / Getty Images

There are approximately 10 million more women in Russia than there are men. The imbalance was initially believed to the result of so many men dying during World War II.

4. Wedding Ring Tradition

Burazin / Getty Images

For many Russians, it is tradition to wear your wedding ring on your ring finger of your right hand. Countries like Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Germany, Spain, Austria, India, and Greece have a similar tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the right hand.

5. Flower Superstition 

Flavio Coelho / Getty Images

A dozen roses? No thanks! In Russia, men never give an even amount of flowers to women. It is considered bad luck and is associated with funerals.

6. Largest Country by Area

pawel.gaul / Getty Images

Russia is the largest country in the world by area. Its total area is 17,075,400 square kilometers and it covers more than a ninth of the Earth’s land area. The area of the land in Russia is 1.8 times larger than the total size of the United States.

7. Home to Many Billionaires

LP7 / Getty Images

Moscow has more billionaire residents than any other city in the world. There are a total of 74 billionaires living in a popular city, which is exactly 3 more than the second-place city, New York.

8. Second-Largest Oil Producer in the World

Vladimirovic / Getty Images

As of 2012, Russia is the second-largest producer of oil in the world, producing an average of 9,900,000 barrels of crude per day. Saudi Arabia landed the top position with 10,900,000 barrels per day, however, it is estimated that the US will surpass both Russa and Saudi Arabia by 2020 to become the world’s largest oil producer (the US is currently in the third position).

9. Fastest Means of Transportation

Soltan Frédéric / Getty Images

Moscow’s amazing metro system is the fastest means of transport. During rush hour, trains are scheduled for every 90 seconds. It is estimated that over 9 million passengers ride the Meto every day. The Metro of St. Petersburg is also the deepest subway in the world, clocking in at a whopping 100m deep.

10. Shaking Hand Superstition

Shannon Fagan / Getty Images

Russian’s will never shake hands over a doorway. It is believed to be a bad omen and most Russians are convinced the action will lead to an argument.

10 Best Shopping Cities in the World

If you love shopping, then you can get your fix at any one of these great cities. While every city has places to shop, these cities are renowned for their wide selections, prices, and atmosphere. Each city is chosen for its selection, ease of payment, and atmosphere. Find the best clothes, accessories, and more while visiting these shopping havens!

1. New York 


New York is famous for having a wide variety of shops, outlets, and specialty stores. You will be able to find anything from jeans to high-end Italian watches while walking on the Manhattan strip. Price ranges are flexible, and you can find clothing from all corners of the globe in a one-block radius.

2. Paris

Nisian Hughes / Getty Images

Paris is renowned for its style, attitude, and designer boutiques. Enter any one of the high-end stores for a panorama of expensive jewelry, shoes, and designer clothing. You can also experience any one of the famous boutiques along Montmartre. Some of these boutiques have been open for generations, and they are the perfect place to experience history and style.

3. San Francisco

Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

San Francisco has a great mixture of large malls and independent designers. Westfield is a multi-tiered mall featuring designers from all over the world. You can also walk around the famous Fillmore in order to experience San Francisco’s greatest independent stores. These stores are filled to the brim with the latest in trendy attire.

4. London

Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

London is a large city full of every shop you can imagine. From low-end to high-end, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. You will also find surprises at every corner with London’s unique cultural blend of stores, markets, and fairs. Check out the Liberty Mall to experience the best in London shopping.

5. Moscow

Sergey Alimov / Getty Images

If you are looking for luxury, then Moscow has something for you. While frugal shoppers are advised to stay far away, Moscow has many of the world’s most expensive brands within a walking distance from the center. Splurge in the world famous GUM on Red Square, or find the latest perfume at the newly restored Tsum. With a taste for decadence, Moscow is the perfect city for expensive shopping.

6. Dubai

Captured Blinks Photography / Getty Images

The Dubai Mall was built to be the greatest mall in the world. Since Dubai is a relatively new city, they needed something grand to attract tourists. This mall is filled to the brim with activities, fountains, and all the shopping you’ll ever need. With music festivals and incredible sales, the Dubai Mall will have any shopper gushing.

7. Barcelona

Francesco Riccardo Iacomino / Getty Images

Barcelona has immense offerings for any shopper. There is a mall on the pier at the end of Las Ramblas that has clothing for any budget. Walk down Las Ramblas and its side streets to find a chic boutique or cobbler. You will also find many common retail outlets scattered throughout this wonderful city.

8. Hong Kong

kan wang / Getty Images

Hong Kong offers the best value to international shoppers. You find name brands and local brands for the best prices at the Hong Kong Mall. You can also shop with the locals at the hip Fang Hong outlet.

9. Tokyo

Jackyenjoyphotography / Getty Images

Tokyo’s retail outlets are brimming with every culture imaginable. You will find French pastries next to German designer stores in these vast malls. You will find a mall to suit your needs at the end of every neon-lit street. While the prices are relatively high, you will not be disappointed with the breathtaking selection that Tokyo has to offer.

10. Berlin

RICOWde / Getty Images

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Top 10 Places to Ring in the New Year

Were you watching the ball drop in beautiful New York City when the clock struck midnight last New Year’s Eve? Or worse, were you already in a peaceful slumber?

It sounds like your New Year’s Eve plan requires a little adventure. Don’t let next year be the same let down as it’s always been. Here are our picks for the top 10 2010 New Year’s Eve destinations around the world…

1. Moscow, Russia

There are few celebratory backdrops that can even attempt to rival Russia’s Red Square. Here, New Year’s Eve fireworks are set off behind the gleaming domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral and the square is literally crowded with the tidings of revelers, street vendors, street performers, and snow sculptures of the Russian Federation.


2. Sydney, Australia

If you want to be among the first to ring in a New Year, Sydney throws a midnight fireworks display and “Harbor of Light” parade (at Sydney Harbor) that make the over one million participants wish they were nowhere else on earth. And since January is summer in Australia, you can drink in your itty-bitty bikini and still dance the night away.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

3. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

If you’re in the mood for a little debauchery this December 31st, then look no further than Sin City. Here the strip is dubbed a “pedestrian zone” for the massive New Year’s Eve party, drinks, fireworks, light shows, music, clubs, and virtually hundreds of thousands of revelers—anyone of whom might kiss you at midnight!

Las Vegas, Nevada

4. Mexico City, Mexico

The End of the Year Fiesta in Mexico’s capital comes alive with street festivals, confetti, fireworks, dancing, traditional music, and parties. The celebrations are underway by 9 p.m. after a family meal. Revelers gather at the Zócalo (the city’s main square) with their empty eggshells filled with confetti to toss at other party-goers, and colorful cocktails to raise their festive spirits.


5. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

If beer tents, open air clubs with world-renowned DJs, lightshows, performers, and fireworks displays are your ideal way to ring in the new year—then say Guten Tag to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, where you can gather with over a million other party-goers for the 1.2 mile-long “Party Mile,” which begins at strasse des 17th Juni (17th June Street) and goes until the wee hours of dawn.

Berlin Germany

6. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Sun, sand, and people as stunning as the fireworks displays—this is what New Year’s Eve in Brazil is made of! You’ll be swept away by the carnival atmosphere on one of the earth’s most spectacular beaches.  It’s tradition in Brazil to dress completely in white for the festivities (or “Reveillon”) an all-day party with musical acts, dancing, and four kilometers of open-air club.


7. Paris, France

The City of Love is an excellent place to ring in the New Year with that special someone in your life. And the stunning backdrop of a glittering Eiffel Tower, a massive pyrotechnic firework display, and the laid back bohemian hedonism of gay Paris make the ideal combination for a memorable New Year. Add some champagne, and pop—c’est magnifique!


8. Kitzbühel, Austria

For a traditional New Year’s Eve celebration among snowy, hills, horse drawn carriages, roaring fires, and brightly lit cobblestone walks,  Kitzbühel, a ninth-century town in Austria, serves up a satisfying serving of romance set against jingling bells, medieval inns, traditional folk singers, and impressive fireworks to choreographed to music over the pristine alps.

St. Anton, Austria

9. Frenchmen Street, New Orleans

Renowned for its bars, cafes, and lively entertainment all year long—it’s no wonder that the locals in New Orleans book it to Frenchmen Street to party the previous year away, along to the tunes of fantastic musicians, dancing in the street, parades, eccentric costumes, and, of course, lots of flowing booze.

new orleans

10. Times Square, New York City, USA

The most famous New Year’s Eve in the world takes place in the Big Apple and is capped off by the big ball descending in Times Square. If you want to be among the millions of people gathered in Times Square, you’ll witness the star-studded entertainment, world-class fireworks display, people streaming between lively clubs, and you’ll be the envy of everyone watching on television at home.