Free and Fun Ways To Discover South Carolina

From stunning beaches to breathtaking views and even quaint cities, South Carolina seems to have it all. Seeking adventure is always fun but it can put some serious strain on your wallet. We did the research for you so that you can experience South Carolina for FREE. Whether you’re a tourist or a true South Carolinian, here are the best free and fun things to do in this beautiful state.

1. Charleston: Visit The 1500 Year Old Angel Oak Tree

The city of Charleston has a lot to offer. Founded in 1670, the beautiful cobblestone streets offer quaint views, horse-drawn carriages, and stunning antebellum homes. However, just 30 minutes from downtown Charleston you can visit something truly remarkable, the Angel Oak Tree.

The Angel Oak Tree is 1500 years old! This magnificent tree is about 26 feet around and nearly 65 feet high. It is highly protected however locals and tourists alike can visit the tree for free. Share a picnic with your family or capture an Insta-worthy picture.

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2. Charleston County: Catch Some Rays At Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s Island is located in Charleston county. It offers stunning white sandy beaches that will allow you to unwind and catch some much-needed vitamin D.

It’s important to note that both pets and alcohol are banned on this beach. However, because of this, the beach is extremely family-friendly. Head to the residential streets and park for free. Then settle in for a fun beach day that the whole family will enjoy.

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3. Folly Beach: Enjoy The Folly Beach Pier

If you haven’t been to South Carolina before, you’ll quickly learn that there is no shortage of beautiful beaches. Take another detour and head to the ever stunning Folly Beach. This beautiful beach is located just 20 minutes from the core of Charleston.

Both families and college students alike will spend time here year-round. To ensure this experience is budget-friendly be sure to avoid the pay-as-you-park lots and instead, park for free on the street. If you are willing to spend a few dollars you can enjoy a kayak or paddleboard rental or perhaps, a surf lesson too.

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4. Swim, Relax And Exercise At Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, located on the Atlantic coast, is one of South Carolina’s hottest vacation destinations. Well known for its celebrity-designed golf courses, stunning beachfront boardwalk, and of course the beach. Myrtle Beach truly has something for everyone.

While the arcades, souvenir stands, and restaurants do require money, walking along the boardwalk and taking in the view is totally free. If you love to get in daily exercise, consider taking a long stroll or jog down the beach. If you’re more of the relaxing-type bring a chair and a towel and enjoy a blissful day by the water. To make the best of your trip discover more things to do in Myrtle beach at Visit Myrtle Beach.

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5. Myrtle Beach: Live Entertainment At Barefoot Landing

If you want to be entertained for FREE be sure to head to Barefoot Landing. Every Friday and Saturday evening you can enjoy live music. Don’t forget to bring a lawn chair or a blanket so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the entertainment.

Barefoot Landing also has many shops and restaurants. Feel free to window shop or spend a few dollars and treat yourself to a delicious dinner.

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6. Murrels Inlet: Explore The Saltwater Marsh At The Marsh Walk

After you’ve spent a day in the sun head 30 minutes from downtown Myrtle Beach and find yourself at Murrells Inlet. This historic fishing village offers picturesque scenery that you’re seriously going to love.

There are many wonderful waterfront restaurants to choose from but you can enjoy a relaxing stroll on The Marsh Walk for free! The boardwalk shares stunning views of birds, saltwater marsh and even comes alive at night with live entertainment played from surrounding establishments.

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7. Murrells Inlet: Huntington Beach State Park

If you drive approximately 8 minutes down the road from The Marsh Walk, you’ll find Huntington Beach State Park. The park does have an admission fee, however, it’s such a small fee that we decided it still deserves to be on this list. Plus, the park offers many amenities that make the fee well worth it.

Spend the afternoon fishing or enjoy a picnic under one of the picnic shelters. You can also soak up the sun and swim at the designated swimming spot at South Beach where you’ll find lifeguards posted during the summer. Further, Huntington Beach State Park offers some of the best bird-watching sites in the Southeast. If you’re up for geocaching, you’ll be happy to know there are several geocaches located in the park. For more information about the state park read HERE.

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8. Beaufort: Explore Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

If you find yourself in the beautiful city of Beaufort, South Carolina, be sure to make your way to the waterfront. There you will find the stunning Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park.

The park is open all year round and has free parking as well as free admission into the park. Spend the afternoon and bring a picnic, go fishing, and let your kids burn off energy at the playground. The park is also equipped with restrooms, and relaxing waterfront bench swings. Finally, walk along the seawall and keep your eyes peeled for dolphins!

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9. Beaufort County: Enjoy Fishing & Walking At The Port Royal Boardwalk

Head 12 minutes down the road from downtown Beaufort and you’ll find yourself in the quaint town of Port Royal, South Carolina. At the southern top of Port Royal, is a local favorite spot, The Sands. This picturesque beach is not only free but also allows you to drive right up to the beach and picnic right out of your car.

Spend the day relaxing in the sun searching for sharks teeth or take a dip in the water. Finish the day with a lovely stroll along the long boardwalk that features a 4-story lookout tower. Here you can take in the scenic view, check out the coastal birds, and you may even catch dolphins playing in the water!

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10. St. Helena Island: Discover Fort Fremont

Less than 20 minutes from downtown Beaufort, is the small coastal city of St. Helena Island, South Carolina. Here you will find Fort Fremont. Fort Fremont, built-in 1899, was 1 of 6 fortifications that were built and designed to protect the southeastern coast during the Spanish-American War.

Visit this historic place for free and marvel at the scenic shell that remains. Keep in mind, a noticed was posted that the Fort Fremont Preserve is closed for construction. The construction is set to build an Interpretive Center, picnic pavilion, walking paths, and public restrooms. For now, you can marvel at a historic diorama at the Saint Helena Island Branch Library.

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11. Walk The Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge In North America

While you’re in Charleston be sure to check out the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. It’s the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America and connects downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant.

This breathtaking bridge has 8 lanes and is 13, 200 feet long. Spend the day venturing across the bridge on foot or on a bike and take in the birds’ eye view of the Cooper River. The 12-foot path offers enough room for runners, walkers, and bicyclists alike to enjoy their venture across.

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12. Visit Surfside Beach

Surfside Beach is a small quaint town in Horry County, South Carolina and is located just 8 miles south of Myrtle Beach. It has gained the nickname of “The Family Beach” because it has more of an amicable setting than the top tourist destination, Myrtle Beach.

Further, Surfside Beach is a part of the Grand Strand. For those that don’t know, the Grand Strand is a large stretch (60 miles to be exact) of beaches on the East Coast of the United States. This lovely town offers over 2 miles of pristine beach, several parks, and many other stunning views that can all be enjoyed for free.

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13. Columbia: Tour The State House

Head to South Carolina’s capital city, Columbia and visit the State House. The old State House was constructed around 1790 but was destroyed in a fire during the American Civil War. However, the reconstruction began around 1875 and was completed in 1907.

In 1976, the State House was recognized as a national historic landmark for its role in the post-Civil War reconstruction era. Today, you can roam the grounds and view several monuments such as the South Carolina Soldiers Monument, Monument to South Carolina Women of the Confederacy, and many more.  Further, tours of the State House are available year-round for free! Check out the full tour details as well as the history of the State House HERE.

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14. Experience Stunning Views At Caesars Head State Park

If you want to experience breathtaking views be sure to add Caesars Head State Park to your destination list. The Raven Cliff Falls trail is a 4-mile hike and is one of Caesars Head’s most popular trails because it leads to the scenic overlook. Here you can view the 420-foot Raven Cliff Falls.

There is an admission fee to access the trails but we decided to include this destination on our list because the fee is minuscule. Admission is only $2 for adults, $1.25 for South Carolinian seniors and children that are 15 years of age or younger are free! That small fee is well worth the picturesque views you will see.

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15. Hilton Head Island: Relax And Play At Coligny Beach

You can’t leave Hilton Head Island without spending a day (or two) at the beautiful Coligny Beach. This breathtaking beach has no admission fee and even has a free parking lot available.

The beach offers access to restrooms and outdoor showers. Feel free to relax on the porch swings, lounge on the sandy beach, or play ball at the volleyball courts. Coligny Beach also has a splash pad for kids and seasonal lifeguards on the beach.

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North America’s Coolest Indoor Waterparks

Indoor water parks promise endless summer, a perfect getaway as the winter months are quickly coming. These water parks are only getting bigger and better, featuring huge wave pools, wild water slides, ziplines, arcades and even spas inside. From Niagara Falls, Canada all the way to Galveston, Texas we have rounded up 15 incredible indoor water parks across North America.

15. Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park -Erie, PA

This park is loaded with a ton of water slides and rides, along with a tropical colorful atmosphere that sets the stage for the perfect getaway during the long cold winter months. At just over 100,000 square feet, Splash Lagoon is full of exciting thrill rides for the adventurer. Among the unique features here are two bowl rides, The Cyclone which accommodates one and two rider tubes and Hurricane Hole, which sends you flying down at over 40 mph. Watch out for the tipping bucket on top of Tiki Tree House which dumps on unsuspecting riders on the The Cyclone. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing head on over to the Frog Pond Whirlpool where giant lily pads, tall amphibians and splashing fountains set the stage. A large arcade, mini-free fall ride and onsite restaurant compliment this awesome water park.

Photo by: Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort
Photo by: Splash Lagoon Indoor Water Park Resort

14. Schlitterbahn Indoor Water Park -Galveston, TX

Although this water park is an outdoor park most of the year, it actually transforms into an indoor park during the colder months and with over 70,000 feet of indoor play, it is one of the best in North America. With four tube slides, three speed slides, a heated pool, a man-made wave and a tidal wave river, there is no shortage of things to do here. The Torrent River is a favorite among visitors as it sends inner tubers along a quarter mile long, 20 foot wide wave filled river, twisting and turning riders throughout. Kids will love their own beach section that is full of tipping buckets, a beached boat, smaller slides and spraying jets. Although this indoor water park is one of the smaller on the list, it deserves recognition for the ability to change from an outdoor park to indoor park, and still offer amazing fun.

Photo by: Schlitterbahn Galveston
Photo by: Schlitterbahn Galveston

13. Palmetto and Palm Water Parks at Dunes Village Resort -Myrtle Beach, SC

There are actually two water parks located at the Dunes Village Resort in Myrtle Beach and guests to this resort get access to both. Palmetto caters to the younger guests with a 250-foot lazy river, a Kiddie Adventure pool with tons of spray features and a lagoon pool with basketball nets. Adults will also enjoy this park with two water slides and two hot tubs. Over at Palm Water Park there is something for everyone to enjoy including a lap pool, teen pool, three hot tubs and more. The Wild Winding Slide and Speed Slide are there for the more adventurous riders. Little ones will love the Silly Submarine, a water play structure that is loaded with spraying water features. The parks are open from 9am-11pm and while there are no lifeguards on duty, there are attendants at the top of each slide to ensure each rider descends safely.

Photo by: Dunes Village Resort
Photo by: Dunes Village Resort

12. Fallsview Indoor Waterpark -Niagara Falls, Canada

It boasts itself as the largest indoor water park in Niagara Falls and visitors will delight in the sheer number of thrilling water slides here. A total of 16 water slides make up this water park, along with a massive wave pool, adult-only whirlpools and a massive beach house play area. From extreme racing slides where riders will shoot down on mats to four different tube slides and one gigantic super bowl; there are enough slides to keep any adrenaline junkie happy. Planet Hollywood Beach Club is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and is located on the main floor of the water park. Little ones can head to the Tiny Tots Splash Park where they can swim, splash and slide down kid-sized water slides. Don’t forget about the year-round outdoor sun deck which is heated in the winter and operates an outdoor pool in the warm months.

Photo by: Fallsview Indoor Waterpark
Photo by: Fallsview Indoor Waterpark

11. Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark -Boyne Falls, MI

Michigan’s largest indoor water park resort offers plenty of thrills and excitement for the whole family. Always at 84 degrees and open all year around it is easy to make your way here any time of the year, especially in the cold winter months when you are looking to escape the cold. One of the latest additions to this park is The Big Couloir, a water slide which begins in a capsule and shoots riders down a narrow tunnel into a super loop, with powerful g-forces keeping them glued to the sides the entire time. The lazy river on the other hand will lead riders throughout the park, while flowing water features hide around corners. The amazing 800-gallon water avalanche though is perhaps the highlight of this park and when the horn blows you will want to look out below! This climbing structure with its bridges, buckets, slides and climbing wall provides hours of endless fun.

Photo by: Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark
Photo by: Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark

10. Klondike Kavern at Wilderness Resort -Wisconsin Dells, WI

This indoor waterpark offers over 65,000 square feet of water fun for all ages. Guests to this water park rave about the famous Hurricane, a ride that sees riders whip down a 45-degree angle in a four person raft, scoot across a funnel at 20 mph, experience weightlessness and then drop into a splash pool. This ride is made even better with sound effects, fog and strobe lights. For those wanting a little less excitement, head over to the lazy river or the indoor hot spa. Little ones will love Bonanza Bluff, a huge structure that features over 50 squirt features and smaller slides, all situated in a shallow pool. A new ride is currently under construction here and promises to combine exciting water sliding with video game technology.

Photo by: Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort
Photo by: Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort

9. Chula Vista Resort -Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wisconsin Dells is known as the water park capital of the world and Chula Vista is among one of the best indoor water parks in all of North America, and perhaps even the world. The most loved attraction at this park is the Fly’n Mayan; an uphill water coaster that is designed to take riders throughout the park on an exhilarating ride. It prides itself on being on the longest and fastest uphill water coasters in the world! The Jungle Adventure complete with lights and sounds is also one of the famous rides here, a bowl ride that will leave you breathless. The never-ending tropical lazy river is great for relaxing while the oversize wading pool is perfect for little ones to splash around in.

Photo by: Chula Vista Resort
Photo by: Chula Vista Resort

8. Kahuna Laguna at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort -North Conway, NH

It is New Hampshire’s largest indoor water park and features over 40,000 square feet of fun and excitement. This water park has gone all out to bring the tropics indoor and comes off more like a large tiki hut with its colorful decorations and faux palm leaves. There are only four water slides here, two tube slides and two body slides, totaling 900 feet in length, which means you will want to try them all out. The 67,000 gallon wave pool is one of the highlights of this water park, with three patterns of powerful three foot waves, perfect for those who want to body surf. The pool also features two waterfalls and is no more than five feet in depth. The Adventure Tower teems with slides, sprayers, rope bridges and one huge tipping bucket, which anyone of any age can enjoy. At the end of the day make sure to head over to the adult and kid 25-person hot tub that overlooks the entire water park.

Photo by: Kahuna Laguna Water Park
Photo by: Kahuna Laguna Water Park

7. Big Splash Adventure Indoor Waterpark -French Lick, IN

A retractable roof covers this awesome 40,000 square foot indoor water park, which means whether it is hot or cold outdoors, visitors here can enjoy this space any time of the year. With an abundance of pools, tube slides, body slides and over 50 interactive features; there won’t be any time to be bored. Favorite activities here include the Treasure Lagoon Vortex, a round pool with fun whirling water, as well as the Jolly Roger Jetty, a tube ride that takes riders through seven curves and can accommodate both single and double inner tubes. The Splish Splash Pool has been designed for the youngest of visitors, and they can choose to sit in the swings and bounce until their feet hit the water, or slide down the mini slide.

Photo by: Big Splash Adventure
Photo by: Big Splash Adventure

6. Wings & Waves at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum -McMinnville, OR

This ultra-cool water park is both a water park and an educational experience, but don’t fear, kids won’t even know that they are actually learning because they will be having so much fun. The water park includes 10 water slides, 91,000 gallon wave pool and a Boeing 747 plane on the roof. Kids are encouraged to learn about water by building tsunami-proof models in the classrooms and then test them in the wave pool. A favorite of visitors here is climbing the 111 stairs up to the plane and then sliding down one of the four water slides, one of which drops a total of six stories. Aquaplay is a favorite among young visitors as the structure is loaded with smaller slides, water guns, spouts, valves and a 300 gallon firefighter bucket that drops on you. Trained and certified lifeguards are on duty at all times at this incredible and educational water park.

Photo by: Hydro Logic
Photo by: Hydro Logic

5. Water Park of America -Bloomington, MN

It is one of the biggest and the best water parks in all of North America, hence the name and it certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of activities. It houses the tallest indoor water slide in all of America, stretching 100 feet into the air, along with a scenic and relaxing lazy river, indoor arcade and the Lake Superior Wave Pool. The 7th Floor Body Slides are among the favorites here as riders can race each other as they travel down twin body slides that actually go outside the building before a final splash. Friends and families should check out the Family Raft Ride, at over a mile long and 10 stories high, this ride offers tight turns, big splashes and lot of laughs. Learn how to body board, shoot a game of hoops in the pool or take the little ones to the zero depth activity pool where they can safely splash and slide.

Photo by: Water Park of America
Photo by: Water Park of America

4. World Waterpark, -West Edmonton Mall, Alberta

It is home to the world’s largest indoor wave pool and more than 17 unique water slides and play features. World Water park is also home to two high water slides, both 83 feet high, and favorites of all visitors. The Cyclone is perhaps the most well known water slide here as it is one of the most extreme slides in all of Canada, where riders enter into a capsule and fall straight down, into a gravity defying loop and ending up in a splashdown chute. The world’s largest permanent indoor zipline is also found here and riders will zip across the water park, over the wave pool and end up near the children’s play area. Speaking of the little ones, World Water park is home to an awesome kid’s area with plenty of water cannons, buckets, rope bridges, slides and pipes to play with.

Photo by: Pinterest
Photo by: Pinterest

3. Great Wolf Lodge -Niagara Falls, Canada

The fun never stops at Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, especially at the indoor water park that offers thousands of square feet of non-stop fun. From tube rides that can fit the whole family to body slides to an uphill water coaster; the whole family will enjoy this park. The Rapids Run tows tube riders up and sends you plunging down a 15.8 meter vertical drop, along with zipping you through enclosed tunnels and around thrilling curves. An indoor wave pool, lazy river, a multitude of slides and specially designed play areas for the little ones makes this one awesome indoor water park.

Photo by: Great Wolf Lodge
Photo by: Great Wolf Lodge

2. Wild West at Wilderness Resort -Wisconsin Dells, WI

It is the largest indoor water park of four that is located at Wilderness Resort, spanning over 70,000 square feet. Thrill rides are the highlight of this water park, with The Black Hole being at the forefront. This thrilling slide has a huge descent followed by spins and turns, before dumping riders into the unknown. A 4-person raging raft ride provides plenty of laughs and thrills. The four-storey interactive play feature is loaded with body slides, water blasters, cannons and one gigantic tipping bucket! The indoor bumper boats are fun for the whole family where you can battle it out against both family members and other visitors. For a more relaxing activity, make sure to visit the indoor and outdoor hot springs.

Photo by: Wilderness Resort
Photo by: Wilderness Resort

1. Kalahari Water Park at Kalahari Resort -Sandusky, OH

It hails itself as being the largest indoor water park in all of America and at 173,000 square feet, we don’t doubt it is. Kalahari Resort is an African themed resort and throughout the water park this theme stays true with ride names such as Zig Zag Zebra, Cheetah Race and Crocodile Cove. A 920 feet lazy river runs throughout the park crossing through waterfalls and rapids while thrill seekers can head over to Zimbabwe Zipper where they can reach 40mph. A 12,000 square foot wave pool, kids only play area, tons of exhilarating water slides and indoor whirlpools all make up this awesome water park. An uphill water coaster ride and the two FlowRiders are among the most loved activities here. No matter what the weather outside is like; you can certainly play all day here.

Photo by: Kalahari Resorts
Photo by: Kalahari Resorts

America’s 12 Best Golf Vacations

Golf may have been invented in Scotland but Americans love the sport. The United States accounts for approximately 45 percent of the golf courses in the world. While golf used to be a “rich man’s” sport, today there are courses that fit every budget. With the emergence of players like Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam golf has become popular with people of all ages. Along with the growing popularity of golf, weekend trips and golfing vacations have also become more popular. Couples and groups of friends have found that a golfing vacation is the best way to play some of the best courses and also enjoy a great travel destination at the same time. We have come up with our list of the best golf destinations in America.

12. Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is a resort destination in the desert. The area became popular around 1900 for its hot springs. In the early part of the 1920’s the Hollywood elite would go there to get away from the crowds, but soon hotels and spas began springing up to serve the clientele. Today Palm Springs is still a spa destination but also offers great golfing. Palm Springs has over 100 public and private courses in the area. Courses are available for all levels of players and budgets. One of the best golf packages is at Indian Wells Golf Resort which has 36 holes and is ranked in the top 20 of “courses you can play” in California by Golfweek magazine. When not golfing you can enjoy the hot springs, shopping, hiking, biking or horseback riding. Great for couples looking to go on a trip, or even just a group of friends.

Photo by: Prayitno via Flickr
Photo by: Prayitno via Flickr

11. San Antonio, Texas

Texas has over a thousand golf courses to choose from. San Antonio makes our list not only for the great courses but the surrounding activities. La Cantera Golf Resort is ranked #2 in “Top Resorts in North America” and among the “top 50 Golf Resorts in the US” by Conde Nast traveler. As the site of PGA events, the resort offers great dining, luxurious rooms and is a good home base for exploring the surrounding area. Sights like the famed San Antonio River Walk and of course, The Alamo are both destinations that need to be on your must see list. Located at the gateway to the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio is a great destination for couples, families or that buddy trip.

Photo by: La Cantera
Photo by: La Cantera

10. Savannah, Georgia

Established in 1733, Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia. Outdoor cafes, gourmet restaurants and River Street along the Savannah River offers visitors a unique experience. The famed 18-hole Savannah Harbor Golf Resort is a Robert Cupp and Sam Snead championship course and is ranked among the top 100 golf courses in the US by Conde Nast Traveler. The Westin offers golf packages from $109 and up. The Westin also has a complimentary water ferry to take you to River Street where you can check out the brew pubs, galleries and great restaurants after a day on the course.

Photo by: Keith Allison
Photo by: Keith Allison

9. Orlando, Florida

Mickey Mouse isn’t the only thing Orlando is known for. Besides the proximity to Disney World, Orlando offers world class golf courses and resorts. Resorts like the Villas of Grand Cypress are close to Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Orlando. The resort offers exceptional golfing and has hosted such tournaments as the LPGA Tour Championship, World Cup of Golf and Greg Norman’s Shark Shoot-out. The club offers 45-holes of Jack Nicklaus Signature designed golf. With all the great nearby attractions, Orlando rates as a great golf destination for everyone.

Golf Course Florida (2)

8. Napa, California

Located in the Napa wine region, the Silverado Resort and Spa is also home to two championship courses designed by PGA Hall of Famer Johnny Miller. The resort offers several golf packages and also has Junior Golf Summer Camps. The resort also has a world class spa with wellness coaches and even a golf swing therapy session with massage and reflexology treatments.  With over 400 wineries in the region a day tour of wine tasting and sightseeing should be on your list of things to do. Host to the PGA tournament, the luxury resort is a great getaway for couples looking to relax, golf and spend time in the wine country.

Silverado Resort and Spa, CA
Photo by: Silverado Resort and Spa

7. Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island off the coast of South Carolina is known for beautiful beaches, exceptional restaurants and world class golf. With over 50 courses to choose from on the island it is hard to make a choice, but one place stands out above the rest. The courses at Sea Pines Resort home to the Heron Point Course by Pete Dye, the Ocean Course and the Harbor Town Golf Links which is a favorite among PGA players has to be the best resort on the island. Located on 5,000 acres the resort hosts the annual PGA Tour’s RBC Heritage tournament. Accommodations range from elegant rooms at the Harbor Town Inn to homes and vacation villas. The resort has vacation packages to suit couples groups and families.

Photo by: Sea Pines Resort
Photo by: Sea Pines Resort

6. Monterey, California

Monterey, located on California’s rugged central coast, is the home of the Pebble Beach Golf Resort. Even people that don’t follow or play the sport have heard of Pebble Beach. Over the years the resort has attracted politicians such as Prime Minister Winston Churchill, President Teddy Roosevelt, golfers like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones and celebrities the likes of Bill Murray, Bing Crosby and Clint Eastwood. With choices of three distinct accommodations, the Lodge, the Inn and a Mediterranean-styled estate, you can relax in style and also experience one of the best known courses in the world. Five courses to include the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links will test your skills and patience.

Pebble Beach Golf Resort, CA

5. White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Don’t be confused that this location is included on our list. White Sulphur Springs is home to The Greenbrier. Since 1778 The Greenbrier Resort has been welcoming guests from all over the world. Listed on the National Historic Register, The Greenbrier has hosted 26 of the nation’s Presidents and has been a favorite of royalty and celebrities. Befitting the status of the Greenbrier be prepared to dress accordingly. Collared shirts and slacks, no denim, are required on the course. With rates ranging from $300 per person and up, this is chance to experience great golf and stay at a historic resort. You never can tell who you might run into.

Joseph Sohm /
Joseph Sohm /

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Situated at the base of Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs is also home to the US Air Force Academy. Colorado Springs offers visitors great outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, sightseeing and of course golf. The Broadmoor was founded in 1918 and at the time had the highest elevation golf course in the United States at 6,400 ft. The resort has three courses and package rates that include accommodations, course fees and meal credits. The resort also has over 20 restaurants and lounges on the property. If you ever decide to venture away from the resort, the nearby area surrounding Colorado Springs offers a lot of things to see and do.


3. Tucson, Arizona

Located in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson is also the home of the University of Arizona. Historic old Spanish Missions, Hot Air Balloon rides, horseback riding, handcrafted jewelry and souvenirs are all available. The reason we include this on our list is the Omni Tucson National Resort, a host course for the PGA Tucson Conquistadores Classic and past host of the Chrysler Classic. Ranked by PGA pros as one of the most challenging finishing holes on the tour this course will make for a memorable trip. The Catalina course has hosted over 30 PGA tournaments throughout the years while the Tom Lehman designed Sonoran Course features 2 lakes and over 60 bunkers. After spending time on the course exploring Tucson and all it has to offer makes for a great trip.

Photo by: Tucson Golf Estates
Photo by: Tucson Golf Estates

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

With close to 100 courses in the greater Myrtle Beach area there is no wonder why it is often called “the Golf Capital of the World”. Depending on the time of year a golf vacation package can cost as low as $60 per day which includes lodging and course fees. When you’re not on the golf course you can enjoy the beach, great shopping or book a fishing charter. Myrtle Beach is a great destination for couples, families or friends alike. With courses like TPC Myrtle beach, awarded five stars by Golf Digest and the Dunes, a Robert Trent Jones signature course; Myrtle Beach has to be on your list of destination.

Myrtle Beach Golf Course

1. Pinehurst, North Carolina

While Myrtle Beach is known as the “Golf Capital of the World” Pinehurst is known as the “Cradle of American Golf”. Pinehurst has a population of less than 15,000 and is home to nothing else but Pinehurst. Since the first cottages were built in 1895, Pinehurst has expanded and grown into one of the most recognized golf courses in the world. In the early 1900’s Donald Ross was commissioned to build the first four courses at Pinehurst. Since then it has grown to nine courses total and has hosted more championships than any other course in the United States. Pinehurst has to be on every avid golfer’s bucket list and is a great trip destination.

Pinehurst Golf Course

The Best Cities to Travel with Kids in North America

With so many amusement parks, zoos, beaches, water parks, and museums; it has never been harder to choose where to travel with your kids in North America.  From the beautiful Islands of Hawaii to traveling back in time to Williamsburg, VA; we have dug deep to find the top ten cities in North America that offer the best for family vacations. Kid-friendly hotels, ease of access to destinations, entertainment factor for both parents and kids and maybe even some learning opportunities were all taken into account (but don’t tell the kids about the learning one). North America is a wonderful place for all ages to explore and we have just touched the tip of the iceberg with our suggestions on activities in these destinations. We invite you to dive in, explore more and discover what makes these ten cities the most kid-friendly vacations in North America.

10. Kauai, Hawaii

Anywhere you go in Hawaii is a great place to travel with kids, and frankly we could have made a whole other list of places to go just in Hawaii but we chose Kauai for a few reasons. Fewer crowds, beautiful weather and affordability pushed this island to the top of our list. Condo rentals are in abundance on this island while still having resorts to choose from if you wish. With lifeguarded beaches, short driving distances between destinations and activities for the whole family to enjoy; you will never want to leave. Stay all day on the beach with a picnic, zip line through the jungle or bike along the coastal path; the possibilities are endless.

Kilauea Point lighthouse

9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Smack in the middle of a 60-mile stretch of beach is the budget-friendly, family-friendly, city of Myrtle Beach. Known to have some of the best body surfing waters around, you can spend all day watching the kids play in the ocean. Don’t miss out on walking the boardwalk and promenade that stretch a mile along the sand with the carnival like atmosphere. Family-friendly hotels with on-site pools, waterslides and so much more make this city one hot spot. Kids will love the bigger amusement and water parks just a short trip away. Be sure to check the average annual temperatures before you book your trip as this destination is best enjoyed in the summer months.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

8. Williamsburg, Virginia

Visiting Williamsburg is to step back in time to the 18th century where this living history museum is sure to thrill the little ones. Let the kids travel back through time with a costume rental and traditional chores and farm work opportunities so they can really feel the part. Free guided tours that take you through town encompass the right amount of history and interaction, and the best part is they’re led by kids for kids. When the feet grow weary from exploring, be sure to hop onto a carriage ride where the driver will delight you with stories of who once owned that very same carriage.  Once you are done living in the past; head to Busch Gardens or Water Country USA for some modern thrills.

Stephen B. Goodwin /
Stephen B. Goodwin /

7. Toronto, Ontario

Kids like nothing more than to climb to the top of things (and truth be told so do most adults) and where else can you find something as tall as the CN Tower to climb! Toronto is a vibrant buzzing city that has so many family friendly activities we can’t name them all. To start you off on your next Toronto vacation here are just a few of our favorites. The Science Centre, Canada’s Wonderland, Ripley’s Aquarium (the largest indoor Aquarium in Canada), The Toronto Zoo, Royal Ontario Museum and the list could go on forever. Don’t miss out on the chance to ferry across to Centre Island where the kids can burn off their energy in wading pools, endless green space and antique rides.


6. Washington, D.C.

Loaded with free museums, a free national zoo and The White House; Washington is not only a great place to visit as an adult but surprisingly very kid-friendly.  While the Museum of Natural History is perfect for the dinosaur lover and the National Museum of Air and Space will get any rocket crazed kid excited; Washington’s official travel website offers a printable activity book for kids. Loaded with contests, take a “selfie” ideas and scavenger hunts; the kids won’t be bored. Washington also offers many free walking tours and make sure you watch that white house lawn; the president’s helicopter lands there several times a week. Finally, a trip to Washington wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the National Mall to ride the carousel.

Museum of Natural History Washington

5. Vancouver, British Columbia

Known for its moderately warm temperatures in the winter, Vancouver is a city you can visit any time of the year. The famous Stanley Park is made up of 1000 acres and lets families explore the seawall and jungle like sanctuary. Tired of walking through the park; pop into the Vancouver Aquarium where the indoor and outdoor exhibits let you get up close and personal with the animals.  Granville Island, located just a short ferry ride away has emerged into a family friendly oasis. Markets (including a children’s market), live entertainment, shops and the largest free water park in North America make up this unique little island. For the adventure seeker, Grouse Mountain is just a short trip away or visit one of the suspension bridges located outside the city.

Grouse Mountain Vancouver

4. Chicago, Illinois

It’s not a question of whether Chicago is a kid-friendly city but a question of where to take the kids first. Do you venture to one of the many museums that offer free admission to kids? Or do you check out the famous Millennium Park to visit the sculpture known as ‘The Bean’? For budget activities, Lincoln Park offers one of the few free zoos in the country. You’ll also want to head down to Navy Pier to visit the Children’s Museum and the famous 150 foot high Ferris wheel. If you have a little sports fan, be sure to catch a game or take a tour at Wrigley Field. With hot dogs and deep dish pizza being the top food choices, your kids will have nothing to complain about.

navy pier

3. San Diego, California

San Diego is filled with family fun activity and luckily you can enjoy the sights just as much as your kids will. The world famous San Diego Zoo is a must see on any trip to the city. As a bonus the zoo has opened a Safari Park which allows you to tour an enormous wildlife reserve with animals from Africa and Asia. Looking to relax while in San Diego?  Head on over to Point Loma and let the kids explore the trails, lighthouse and tidal pools at low tide. If you’re craving some adventure after a relaxing beach day, head on over to Belmont Park, the only beachfront amusement park in San Diego.

littleny /
littleny /

2. Niagara Falls, Ontario

Not only will the view of hundreds of thousands of gallons of water rushing down over the rocks thrill your little ones but there is so much to do in Niagara Falls. Geared towards tourists, this town is one big amusement park for kids and adults alike. Take in the neon signs, haunted houses, arcades and restaurants that line Clifton Hill. Travel as close to the falls as possible on the boat tours, take a helicopter tour to get the best view or hit up the largest indoor water park in North America. Stay up late to watch the falls illuminate and watch the spectacular firework display over the falls. If that isn’t enough; discover the zoos, aquarium and bird kingdoms nearby.

Niagara Falls

1. Orlando, Florida

What would a top ten list of cities to visit with kids be without Orlando? Besides the obvious Disney World which encompasses all four different theme parks plus two water parks, Orlando is filled with kid-friendly activities. Pay a visit to International Drive where the kids can discover an upside-down house, laser tag, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and many other family focused activities. After splurging on all of the above take a quick drive to the coast and relax on one of the many beaches or take a dip in one of Orlando’s freshwater springs. If that isn’t enough to keep your family occupied; take a trip to LEGOLAND, SeaWorld or stroll through downtown Orlando and hop into a paddleboat at Lake Eola.

Orlando downtown welcome sign with tropical scene

10 Must-See Attractions in Myrtle Beach

With so much to see and do in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you may find that you simply do not have the time to experience it all. This popular vacation spot has a wide range of attractions that are aimed towards everyone from families with small children to teenagers escaping on Spring Break and retirees who are looking for a spot to kick back and relax in the warm weather. The great thing about Myrtle Beach is that most major attractions are all within a short distance from each other, meaning that there are no major traveling expenses and difficulty of finding where everything is located. Make the most out of your next trip to Myrtle Beach and opt to visit these top 10 must-see attractions.

1. Waccatee Zoological Farm

If you are traveling with children to Myrtle Beach, the Waccatee Zoological Farm is an absolute must-see. While this attraction is a bit off the beaten path, it provides guests with a fun time of viewing and feeding a wide range of different animal species. You may even come up close with peacocks that wander around the zoos property. Best of all, this attraction is completely affordable and offers shade during those hot summer days.

Peacock Myrtle Beach

2. The Palace Theatre

Head to The Palace Theatre to view Broadway-inspired performances right at the beach. This small, yet quaint and comfortable theater offers a selection of seats that all provide guests with great views of the show. Check out a Matinee performance for discounted prices.

Theater 1

3. Myrtle Beach State Park

The Myrtle Beach State Park is only steps away from all of the action that Myrtle Beach offers. If you’re looking for somewhere to sit back, relax and enjoy your own little slice of paradise, this state park is one attraction that you wont want to miss. Lounge on an undeveloped, secluded area of the beach that takes you away from all of the hustle and bustle that tourists bring to the area.

Myrtle Beach State Park

4. Dixie Stampede

The Dixie Stampede dinner show is a favorite among Myrtle Beach visitors and locals. Enjoy an outstanding meal of chicken, ribs, corn bread and more that is all eaten by hand while you watch live horses perform stunts and tricks in an indoor ring right in front of your eyes. This show will have you cheering the whole time.

Stampede Myrtle Beach
Pavel L Photo and Video /

5. Nascar Speed Park

Make your way out onto the track at the Nascar Speed Park. Kids and adults of all ages will have a blast as they board their go-kart and speed around the course. An arcade is also available on-site for additional fun to be had.

Go-Carts Myrtle Beach
PhotoStock10 /

6. Broadway at the Beach

You can’t come to Myrtle Beach without going shopping. Visit Broadway at the Beach where you will find many unique stores, an IMAX theater, Ripley’s Aquarium, miniature golf and much more.

Broadway at the Beach

7. Barefoot Landing

Another one of the most popular shopping attractions in the area is Barefoot Landing. Here you can sit back and relax in a rocking chair where you can enjoy water views, catch a glimpse of a crocodile, ride the carousel or walk around and visit all of the great stores such as the Fudge Shop.

Barefoot Landing

8. Huntington Beach State Park

This state park is just minutes away from Myrtle Beach and provides guests with a secluded area to relax and swim. This pristine coastline area is perfect for fishing, bird watching, and gator spotting off of the pier.

Huntington Beach State Park Myrtle Beach

9. Brookgreen Gardens

These botanical gardens feature a wide variety of plants and man-made sculptures through over 10,000 acres of property. This is a great place to go and enjoy concert series and picnics while taking in the amazing views all around you.

Brookgreen Gardens Myrtle Beach

10. The Beach

A trip to Myrtle Beach would not be complete without visiting the areas main attraction – the beach! Spend the day at the beach watching the waves crash in, frolicking through the sand or taking a dip in the water. Best of all, this top attraction is completely free.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

The Most Popular Family Vacation Destinations

Once summer arrives, it’s a great time to take a family vacation. These trips can create memories that will last a lifetime that both you and your children will remember. Whether that time off is a yearly event or a special occasion, here are ten of the most popular family vacation destinations.

1. Orlando, Florida

Great Florida weather combines with Universal Studios, Disney World and SeaWorld Orlando to present one of the best vacation packages anywhere. Add water parks, numerous resort hotels and discounted tickets to create the right list of activities to please your family.

Orlando Florida

2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

What will you find in Myrtle Beach? Start with sixty miles of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, historic lighthouses, NASCAR SpeedPark, mini-golf courses, and roller coasters. End at the boardwalk with dozens of friendly resort hotels and you have an ideal location to relax and enjoy.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina

3. Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi

Biloxi-Gulfport provides the perfect combination of recreation and kid happy leisure time. Centered on the Gulf, this resort town showcases sugar-white sand on miles of beaches. When you need a beach break, check out the NASA Stennis Space Center, ocean cruises and miniature golf. A perfect mix of leisure time and activities will entertain every member of the family.

Biloxi-Gulfport Mississippi

4. Arizona

Get spooked in a ghost town, see the London Bridge and travel to the Navajo Reservation to see Monument Valley. Enjoy a day trip to the Grand Canyon or raft the Colorado River. See the O. K. Corral in Tombstone. Pick a dude ranch for your stay and absorb authentic Wild West history. This state delivers a memorable vacation.

Vacclav /

5. Southern California

San Diego and Los Angeles offer families a busy trip with Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego, Legoland and the Hollywood Blvd. Step back to other less famous sites with the California Science Center or hit the beaches at Santa Monica and Malibu. This might be more expensive than other venues, but plan ahead and shop for deals.

San Diego Zoo

6. Oahu, Hawaii

Explore Hawaii with boat trips, dolphin shows, surf lessons, Pearl Harbor and sunny beaches. Great together time for the family comes from a visit to the Diamond Head Crater and hiking a tropical rainforest to see Manoa Falls. Include a visit to the Iolani Palace, the Dole Pineapple Plantation and the Waikiki Aquarium. If you want a once in a lifetime vacation, this is your destination.

Diamondhead Crater Oahu Hawaii

7. Nashville, Tennessee

This music city offers water parks, museums, children’s theater and live music. Combine your trip with kid friendly resorts and stellar restaurants. Plan trips to the Adventure Science Center, the Grand Ole Opry and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Nashville’s electric atmosphere has something for every family.

Nashville Tennessee

8. Washington, D. C.

Washington, D. C. is an endless list of free attractions steeped in American history. Your favorite museum or monument list should have these favorites: The Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Museum, National Children’s Museum, Bureau of Engraving & Printing and the Washington Monument. Add great hotels and restaurants and bring your camera.

Washington DC

9. Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

For those families that want a foreign trip, Canada is the place to go. Family-friendly with no language hassle, that’s Vancouver. Stanley Park and Granville Island deserve a visit for their abundance of kid-friendly activities. Make the trip to Grouse Mountain to hike or choose Science World for a fun day exploring. Water activities include kayaking, windsurfing, and rafting. You’ll go home tired but rested.

Grouse Mountain Vancouver
Lissandra Melo /

10. Southern Texas and Matamoros, Mexico

Water activities prevail in South Padre Island. This resort community on the Gulf delivers surfing, snorkeling, parasailing, dolphin watching, beach tanning, and sandcastle building. Across the Rio Grande thirty miles away, pass over into Matamoros, Mexico for unique shops with handmade goods and delicious food served with history and culture. If that isn’t enough, venture back to San Antonio to visit the historic Alamo, Six Flags Over Texas and SeaWorld San Antonio.

Alamo Texas