Top 15 Destination Wedding Spots in the World

Getting married is a very personal commitment that people share with their family and friends. Rather than celebrating with a large number of family members and friends in a local reception hall, many brides and grooms are opting to marry farther away from home. Destination weddings usually involve a smaller group of closest family members and friends and are an enjoyable and intimate experience for all involved. Which can be better for any wedding on a budget as well as lower prices for those destinations outside of the US.

There are many exotic, remote, and breathtaking locales where couples can get hitched. The top 15 destination wedding spots in the world include:

1. Hawaii

There are many destination wedding locations in the Hawaiian Islands. The pristine beaches, exhilarating cliffs, and lush mountains make Hawaii a very popular place for weddings. A fee of $60 and photo IDs are all that are needed in the state.


2. Jamaica

Jamaica provides brides and grooms options of getting married on a white-sand beach or in the mountains. After staying on the island for 24 hours, couples can get married but they have to show their passports, copies of their birth certificates, and $50 for a marriage license.

Jamaican Beach

3. South Africa

Perfect for couples who love outdoor adventures, an increasingly popular destination wedding location is South Africa. There are many beautiful spots to get married, including mountaintops and game reserves.

South African Elephants

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica provides brides and grooms with many destination wedding settings, including in the rain forest, a volcano or on the beach. Nature lovers and outdoor adventurers can have a wedding of a lifetime in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

5. Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles Islands are a great place for destination weddings. Large granite boulders can be found on the beaches in the Seychelles, making it unique. Hilltops overlooking ocean coves are options for couples.

Seychelles Islands

6. Bermuda

The pink-sand beaches and clear waters puts Bermuda on this list. The island offers guests English charm. There are many activities for guests to participate in while in attendance.

Bermuda 1

7. Mexico 

The turquoise waters and white-sand beaches draw many couples to Mexico for their destination wedding. Mexico offers couples of all budgets options for their weddings, ranging from the most basic to extreme luxury.

Mexico 1

8. Paris, France

Many consider Paris to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. The “City of Lights” has many landmarks where people like to exchange vows, including the Eiffel Tower, which is especially spectacular at night.

Wedding in Paris in front of Eiffel Tower

9. Barbados

A year-round tropical paradise, couples can get married in temperate weather any time of year in Barbados. This West Indies island boasts beautiful beaches and warm oceans that are second to none. Unlike other caribbean destinations, there is a mild hurricane season in Barbados, making it even more desirable.


10. Tuscany, Italy

Riding through the vineyards in Tuscany can provide destination wedding goers with an unforgettable experience. The rolling hills provide for breathtaking scenery, while the rich culture and cuisine make for a satisfying stay in Italy.

Tuscany Italy

11. Ireland

For princesses and their knights in shining armor, Irish castles are perfect sites for their weddings. Castles on cliff-sides are ideal backdrops for a couple exchanging vows.


12. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Crystal-clear waters and powder-fine sand are a good combination for a destination wedding in Punta Cana. There are many wedding sites of varying sizes scattered throughout this caribbean paradise.

Punta Cana Beach

13. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, also known as “the Venice of the North,” is a popular wedding locale for many couples. The meandering waterways, cobblestone streets, and arched bridges make Amsterdam a very romantic location. Getting married above the city’s canals is an option for the couple.


14. Phuket, Thailand

Many couples choose to get married in Phuket, amidst the majestic rock formations, golden beaches, and emerald coves. The happy couple and their guests can go on an elephant trek as part of their wedding activities.

Phuket Thailand

15. St. George’s Grenada

Getting married on a private beach can be extremely memorable with very close family members and friends. A Spice Island, Grenada has some of the lushest isles in the caribbean.


8 Romantic Places To Visit On Your Honeymoon In Italy

After hundreds of invitations, months of preparing, and two special words that say, “I Do,” getting away on your honeymoon should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. One of the most enjoyable places to have your honeymoon is in Italy. It offers a bevy of options for a newly wedded couple to sit back, relax and enjoy their love for one another. This list will take a look at 8 romantic things to do on your honeymoon in Italy.

1. Venice

It goes without saying that Venice is one of the most popular cities in the world for its beauty and natural romance. This city is famous for its gondola rides on the waterways that connect the city. While visiting Venice, you can get a ride to some of the best shopping areas in Europe; but as night falls, you can enjoy the lights of the city as you make your way through the waterways without a care in the world. After months of stressful wedding planning, there is little that is more relaxing than riding through Venice on a gondola ride with the one you love.

Venice Italy

2. Tuscany

Artists will appreciate Tuscany as they realize it is the backdrop for some of the most famous art pieces in the world. Its natural beauty makes it a place to escape the calamity of the world and simply relax. This makes for a perfect honeymoon spot for newlyweds. While the way of life is simple, the detail of Tuscany is anything but. The roads are made from cobblestone and the architecture will leave you in awe. There are also many vineyards that are perfect for newlyweds to enjoy wine tours from some of the best wineries in Europe.

Tuscany Italy 1

3. Rome

Much like your love, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And once you visit this beautiful city, you’ll see why. Rome is famous for the Roman Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and so much more. For those who have been to Rome, they can tell you there is something special about the city that makes you fall in love with Italian culture almost as much as the person you are with. There are also plenty of street vendors that make for the opportune time to pick up a bouquet of flowers to show the person you love that this is just the beginning of a beautiful life together.

Rome, Italy

4. Lake Como

Lake Como is home to many Hollywood and European stars alike. This lake offers beautiful views of quaint villas and acres of small towns that sprawl along the beautiful water. As you cut out the rest of the world for your honeymoon with your new partner for life, there are few better ways to enjoy the peace and serenity of that Italy offers, than walking along Lake Como.

Lake Como Italy

5. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a tour that offers newlyweds an opportunity to see a variety of Italian villages at one time. Those visiting the Amalfi Coast will be amazed by how similar, how different, and how beautiful these villas all seem to be. And with a backdrop of mountains and vineyards, the Amalfi Coast is a great opportunity to hold the one you love as you go for a ride in the water.

Amalfi Coast Italy

6. Cilento

Cilento makes the list of must do things in Italy on a honeymoon due to its historical significance. The coast is not as popular as the Amalfi Coast, but is just as beautiful and undeniably it offers a natural allure that is a must see for visitors to Italy. Because it is less popular than other tourist spots in Italy, you can expect it to be more rich in untouched Italian culture. This makes for a fantastic and enjoyable opportunity to experience Italian life.

Cilento Italy

7. Piedmont

Piedmont is located in the northwestern corner of Italy. This region offers views of mountain ranges that make up the Alps. Filled with ageless palaces and castles, Piedmont is much like Cilento in that it is one of the less frequented places for tourists. Honeymooners should be sure to visit Piedmont for a chance to get away from the hustle of places like Rome or Venice, but also experience the beauty and timelessness of Italy.

Piedmont Italy

8. Naples

Naples is located in Southern Italy and is one of the busiest cities in the country. While you wont get as relaxing of a vacation in Naples as say Tuscany or Lake Como, you will get to experience Italian busy life outside of Rome or Venice. Naples offers countless restaurants, shops and nightlife opportunities to get the best of your honeymoon. And with its close proximity to the ocean, you can spend your days laying out in the sun or going for a swim.

No matter where you decide to go in Italy, it is an advantageous honeymoon destination. The country allows you to visit multiple popular and secluded areas all in one trip. Furthermore, with its beauty and history, you can spend time with the person you just tied the knot with, while beginning the history you will now make together.

Naples Italy