The 12 Coolest Corn Mazes in Ontario

Photo by: Waterloo County Corn Maze

It’s that time of the year again, the time of fall fairs, pumpkin spice lattes and really cool corn mazes. The province of Ontario in Canada seems to do corn mazes best, with the abundance of farms and markets in the rural areas. Some of the coolest corn mazes involve additional puzzles to solve throughout, special haunted night walks and “date nights” where you and your loved one can get “lost” in love. From Ottawa to London to Guelph, make sure you head to one of these 12 corn mazes this fall.

12. McMaze at Cedar Fox Farm -St. Andrews West, Ontario

Visitors come from all over Ontario to tackle the corn maze at Cedar Fox Farm, as well as to engage in the abundance of fall activities here. There are a variety of mazes here but the four acre maze is the favorite of them all. Each year features a different theme and in 2015 the maze is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 4H club. The large corn maze is 4 acres in size and full of twists, turns and dead ends. It will take participants anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Other cool mazes to explore here include the Haze Maze, a maze made entirely of walls and fog, and the door maze, which consists of 25 decorated doors which may or may not open to let you through. The emphasis at this farm is families and even during the month of October when other farms have haunted mazes and other scary additions, you won’t find that here.

Photo by: McMaze
Photo by: McMaze

11. Richardson’s Farm and Market -Dunnville, Ontario

This corn maze has only been in operation for 12 years but remains one of the best in Ontario due to the hard work and dedication put in by the employees of this farm. This farm offers both a five acre corn maze for kids and adults and a mini one acre maze for the littlest ones. Instead of a normal corn maze that offers so many twists, turns and dead ends, this corn maze offers choices of two routes at many of the intersections. Watch out if you take the wrong route though as you will be walking a long way back once you hit the dead end. While you are here you may as well chuck some pumpkins at the targets, play in the straw bales and visit the animals.

Photo by: Richardson's Farm and Market
Photo by: Richardson’s Farm and Market

10. Naumans -St. Clements, Ontario

This family fun farm is bursting with activities from pick your own gardens to a farmers market to tube slides to pumpkin slingshots and corn cannons. The celebrated corn maze though is not to be missed here. Sticking with their family traditions, the daughter of the owners of this farm designs the corn maze every year, full of twists, windy paths and of course dead ends. The maze is absolutely mammoth, taking up over ten acres and small children must have an adult accompany them. The maze can take anywhere from an hour to three hours, depending on your sense of direction. The farm and maze opens on September 12th in 2015 and this is also the perfect place to pick up your pumpkins as they offer thousands on display and acres where you can pick your own. With over 20 varieties of pumpkins to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Photo by: Nauman Farm
Photo by: Nauman Farm

9. Waterloo Country Corn Maze -Crosshill, Ontario

It is one of the few stand alone corn mazes that aren’t accompanied by a farm or other activities but that shouldn’t stop visitors from heading over to the Waterloo Country Corn Maze. Each year brings a different theme to the maze and in 2015 the theme is Natural Disasters. Open from Labour Day weekend until the end of October there are a variety of ways to explore this twisty tourney maze. Come search the maze and discover the impact that natural disasters have had on our world, bring a picnic to enjoy and let the kids dig in the corn box. Friday and Saturday evenings call for a moonlight maze adventure, just make sure you remember your flashlight. Why not take your date to the maze on Mondays when “date night” is in effect. Day or night, visitors here are expected to have a lot of laughs and a lot of fun finding their way through this intricate maze.

Photo by: Waterloo County Corn Maze
Photo by: Waterloo County Corn Maze

8. Kusterman’s Berry Farm -Mount Brydges, Ontario

They are known for their elaborate corn mazes which feature awesome themes such as Angry Birds and year after year produce incredible designs. In 2015 this farm is celebrating the OHL Hockey team the London Knights by designing their corn maze as a tribute to them. Although you won’t be able to see it while you are searching your way through it, make sure to pick up a map so you can discover just how awesome it looks from above. The maze is about 7.5 acres and involves numerous games throughout to keep both kids and adults occupied. Open six days a week throughout the fall, Thursdays through Tuesdays, visitors are welcome to enjoy the train rides, zip lines, farm animals, playgrounds, sand hills, punch maze, hill slides and much more.

Photo by: Kustermans Berry Farms
Photo by: Kustermans Berry Farms

7. Snyder’s Family Farm -Bright, Ontario

It proclaims itself to be “Kitchener-Waterloo’s most exciting Halloween Destination” and certainly doesn’t disappoint with its plethora of activities for the whole family. The corn maze is at the front and center of this exciting experience as you stroll through five acres filled with activities and an awesome lookout tower. For something a little more scary try one of their haunted hunts where you tromp through the corn maze at night, take a trail of darkness hay ride and try and tackle the barn of fear; a 100 year old barn which becomes too scary for many and making it through the whole thing is an accomplishment meant to be celebrated. Open every weekend in September and October and certain weekdays in November, there is always a good time to head here.

Photo by: Snyders Family Farm
Photo by: Snyders Family Farm

6. Leaping Deer Adventure Farm and Market -Ingersoll, Ontario

It is hailed as being Oxford County’s largest corn maze and at just over ten acres, this maze is full of fun activities and more than just corn planted inside. Besides the challenge of making your way through this maze, the farm has hidden much to be discovered inside and that may in fact just be the greatest challenge yet. The maze is shaped this year as a leaping deer and platforms throughout allow visitors to look out and see some of the shapes. Admission to the corn maze also includes a plethora of activities such as pedal cars, pig races, a giant sand box and the Johnny Popper Wagon Ride. Open from August through October on weekends, visitors have a whole three months to visit this adventure farm, and try to find their way through one intricate corn maze.

Photo by: Leaping Deer Adventure Farm
Photo by: Leaping Deer Adventure Farm

5. Strom’s Farm and Bakery -Guelph, Ontario

It is open weekends from September 19th until October 31st and visitors here will have the chance to experience this epic corn maze either during the day or at night. Every year this farm chooses a different organization to support and not only designs the maze to represent that organization but also donates some of the admission money to them. Not only do you get to experience an awesome maze but you get to support a great local cause as well. If you plan on attending the moonlight maze walk, make sure you pack a flashlight and only strollers not wagons are permitted in the maze at any time. Other activities at this farm include duck races, pumpkin slingshots, rope and straw mazes, a pick your own popcorn field and a market with vegetables and plenty of baked goods.

Photo by: Strom's Farm and Bakery
Photo by: Strom’s Farm and Bakery

4. Downey’s Farm & Market -Caledon, Ontario

You will have to work together with friends and family to complete this corn maze that is spread over four acres and this farm promises you the ultimate fun getting lost. You will have to work together to find all the stations in order to find your way out and new this year is the finger funnies maze game. This game takes place in the maze and visitors will search for the 5 game stations and get a color pattern. Matching the color pattern to a chart which will give you a hilarious funny challenge to perform in front of your friends and family. In 2014 the maze was shaped like a giant tractor. Pumpkinfest is open from Sept. 26 – Oct. 31, 2015 and this is when you will find the corn maze, wagon rides, farm animals, live entertainment and more.

Photo by: Downey's Farm Market
Photo by: Downey’s Farm Market

3. Cooper’s CSA Farm and Maze -Zephyr, Ontario

This market garden and family owned farm produces a wide range of quality vegetables using sustainable and ethical practices, and produces one pretty amazing corn maze. The maze opened to the public on August 28th this year and will remain open until November 1st. The maze is spread out over 10 acres and offers many challenges, activities, twists and turns. On October 24, 25 and 30th the maze is turned into a special “trick or treat” maze, which is a hit amongst all the kids. Admission here is only $9 for anyone over the age of three and includes the corn maze, horse swings, giant corn box, wagon rides, animal encounters and mini mazes for the wee ones. Make sure to check out the farm store for some incredible baked goods, preserves and produce.

Photo by: Cooper's CSA Farm & Maze
Photo by: Cooper’s CSA Farm & Maze

2. Saunder’s Farm -Ottawa, Ontario

Saunder’s has the largest collection of mazes in North America, including some pretty epic corn ones, along with hedges, grapevines and more. Each maze is designed to test your perseverance and problem solving skills with an abundance of activities throughout. Try your hand at the mile maze or how about the musical maze, both will take you on quite the adventure. If you have little ones with you it is best to visit during the day when things aren’t as scary as when night falls the haunting begins. Besides the crazy amount of mazes what awaits you here is the barn of terror, ghost town stage and haunted hayrides. Open on weekends from September 26th to November the absolute best time to go here is right around Halloween when the place is completely decked out! Although admission is pricier than other corn mazes, you get a slew of activities to participate in.

Photo by: Saunders Farm
Photo by: Saunders Farm

1. Thiessen Orchards -Leamington, Ontario

This apple orchard has taken corn mazes to a new level and this is by far the best corn maze in Ontario. Not only is this incredible maze hard and challenging with its dead ends, twists and turns but it offers a second challenge to all visitors. The corn maze has been turned into a farm scene investigation where there has been an accident but foul play is suspected. Seven farm animals will need to be investigated and there are six locations throughout the maze where you will find an animal, weapon, and a location to eliminate. Punch your card to keep track of your clues and help put the guilty animal behind bars. This giant game of ‘who done it’ is fun for both kids and adults alike, although the mini-maze for kids is almost a sure hit among the little ones. Opening on September 8th, 2015 this farm is open seven days a week and promises fun for the whole family.

Photo by: Thiessen Apple Orchard
Photo by: Thiessen Apple Orchard

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