The Best Ice Skating Options in San Jose and Silicon Valley

Hiking, shopping, dining and sightseeing are some of the must-do activities in the San Jose and Silicon Valley area, but there’s one other activity that definitely tops the list – ice skating! Ice skating is a popular and a favorite pastime activity in San Jose and Silicon Valley, with so many options and places to choose from. Some are open year-round, while others only open during the holidays. Regardless of that, it’s quite a big deal in this area, and many people spend their weekend ice skating at many indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks.

Here are some of the best ice skating options in San Jose and Silicon Valley for all the adventurous people out there

Winter Lodge

This is one of the most popular ice skating rinks in San Jose that has been once ranked as one of the top ten outdoor rinks in the whole of the US. It’s a family-favorite ice skating destination for a lot of people that come here with their families and kids, especially over weekends. Winter Lodge also provides their outdoor rink for youth classes for little kids, so if you have kids who wish to learn how to ice skate, you know where to send them.

Aloha Roller Rink

This is a premium roller rink located in the South Bay and is quite a popular spot among ice skating-enthusiasts. Aloha Roller Rink provides public skating sessions every weekend alongside which it also offers skate rentals, parties, snacks, drinks and lots of music! It’s an absolute must-visit not just for those who love skating, but also for those who want to learn how to ice skate.

Downtown Ice

How does ice skating under the palm trees sound to you?

Located in the heart of downtown San Jose, the Downtown Ice Skating rink is an excellent outdoor ice skating spot and the only one in the entire world that lets you skate in and around a huge circle of thirty-two beautiful palm trees!

This ice skating rink started in 1994, and Kristi Yamaguchi, an American former figure skater, has been associated with it for nine seasons. On a different and quite an interesting note, though, Downtown Ice has seen many things, experienced tons of memories with first dates and marriage proposals on the ice rink!

Solar4America Ice at San Jose

With the largest rink facility in the area west of Mississippi, Solar4America features a 70,000 square-feet facility that offers ice dancing, public skating, ice hockey, figure skating and speed skating, among many other things. This skating rink is super popular for its “Holiday Ice” event that starts in November and runs all the way through January. During this special event, you get to ice skate to your ever favorite holiday music, and if you get really lucky, you might even get to visit Santa!

Head over to these ice skating rinks in San Jose and Silicon Valley and have an absolute blast!

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