The Best New York City Piano Bars

By: George Adelman

New York City is full one of the most vibrant and lively cities in the US. The opportunities and the fun is never-ending. People in New York are always looking for activities to keep themselves occupied so that the fun never stops. One of these activities includes dancing to your favorite music at a piano bar. The people of the city love music, and it is also a good way to show off your talent. All sort of music is generally welcomed, ranging from contemporary style to classical jazz. The only difference between a regular bar and a piano bar is that piano bars have live performances on piano.

A good way to spend Friday night would be at a piano bar listening to your favorite tunes with a drink in your hand. Check out this list of the best piano bars in New York City:


The Duplex

This bar offers one of a kind entertainment. It is almost 70 years old and has always been the center of attention by offering never-ending live performances throughout the night. This bar is the one place where even the bartender will be singing along while pouring you a drink.

The Bemelmans Bar

This bar is usually packed with locals and tourists. You will mostly find couples here as this is a classical jazz bar. It is also a great place for people to meet and greet. The pianist plays the piano from evening till midnight. It is a popular piano bar in New York, and there are chances that you might even spot a celebrity here.

Mezzrow Jazz Club

This bar is located at the heart of Greenwich Village. It is a popular bar for those who are into jazz music. It is not just the music; the piano itself is so attractive that you will be tempted to visit this bar. The overall environment of the bar is also very relaxing for visitors.

Brandy’s Piano Bar

This bar is located in the upper east side of New York. It has been operational for the past 35 years and has caught the attention of many visitors who now visit very frequently. If you want to enjoy live musical talent, this would be the right place to go. You can enjoy karaoke nights as well as sing-along throughout the night and have a wonderful time.

New York City is full of life. There are numerous piano bars available where you can spend the night and unwind from all of the daily work grind as well as household chores. You can either go with your family or with your friends, either way; you will end up having a fantastic time.