The Best of Cyprus Nightlife

By: Anna Fleet
Evgeny Shmulev /

With a lively blend of euro-pop, techno, hip-hop, and traditional Greek music, the nightlife in Cyprus lures international travelers with a diverse range from energetic clubbing to tucked away candlelight dinners.  The nightclubs on the island don’t cater to party-goers of all ages and tastes, and the laid-back atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome.

To get a taste of Cyprus nightlife, get your dancing shoes on and venture into these five lively neighborhoods…


1. Larnaca

What better backdrop for a party than the stylish palm-lined promenade along Larnaca’s beachfront.  Here you’ll find a variety of lively bars, cafés, and tavernas pumping techno and Euro beats into the night sky. And if you’re up for a discos or some live music after dinner, you’ll find it all speckled along this boisterous promenade.

larnaca, cyprus

2. Ayia Napa

Ancient ruins meet modern club paradise in Ayia Napa, in Eastern Cyprus. This city is well known for its party atmosphere and it won’t disappoint any taste. With about 20 nightclubs, plus a collection of lively bars, cafés, pubs, and restaurants with live music, this club district keeps going until 6 am!

Ayia Napa, cyprus sunset

3. Paphos

If you’re looking for more laid-back fun for an evening, Paphos offers a smattering of bars and clubs with a bit more of a Mediterranean flare. Dining is the center of the entertainment at Paphos, where fresh caught seafood is the star of every evening out.

tourist area, Paphos, cyprus

4. Limassol

Limassol’s exciting nightlife might not quite compete with the show-stopper that is Ayia Napa. However,   after a night out in jam-packed bars you may be eager to shun the crowds and find a more refined pub, café, disco, or restaurants for your evening’s entertainment.

Limassol cyprus


5. Nicosia

Cyprus’ capital city boasts the most multi-ethnic night’s entertainment compared to the rest of the island. There is an abundant array of bars, cafés, clubs, pubs, and restaurants all close to the university campus. The cosmopolitan collection of students really determines what bar or club is most popular in Nicosia that year.

Evgeny Shmulev /
Evgeny Shmulev /