The Best Phoenix Area Seafood Restaurants for Fresh Fish

By: George Adelman

You know what makes seafood even more delicious? When it’s eaten fresh! And the Phoenix area in Arizona is best known for its exotic seafood restaurants that serve fresh fish! If you are a die-hard seafood lover, you probably often find yourself craving some raw oysters, a nice fresh fillet of fish or poached lobster. Lucky for you, there so many upscale seafood restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale where you can go and satiate your seafood craving.


Chart House

Located in Central Scottsdale, Chart House is best known for serving fresh seafood in a totally romantic setting! The restaurant overlooks a beautiful man-made lake with an obviously nautical theme that makes one want to indulge in delectable fresh seafood. From king crab legs to lobster and shrimp to their signature macadamia crusted Mahi-Mahi, you will find such as an incredible variety of seafood here. The best part? The food portions at this seafood restaurant are huge, so you better come hungry!


Mastro’s Ocean Club Fish House

If you are looking for exotic seafood platters, Mastro’s Ocean Club Fish House is the ultimate choice for you.

This seafood restaurant is located in North Scottsdale and is most popular for its three-tiered silver platter that features a variety of cold foods fresh from the sea, such as mussels, oysters, crab claws, lobster and ahi.

If you prefer having something non-seafood along with it, you also get to choose from a number of succulent steak options with a la carte like mashed potatoes or black truffle shavings.


Salt Cellar

This is one those old seafood restaurants in the Phoenix area that has been serving delicious seafood since the 70s. It’s still quite the talk of the town, and for all the right reasons, too.

The Salt Cellar has a basement dining and bar area where you get to enjoy fresh seafood served in the traditional American style. Some of its characteristic seafood dishes on the menu include oysters Rockefeller, Maine lobster, sea bass and Alaskan king crab.

Alongside the variety of fresh fish and seafood, Salt Cellar also offers reasonable prices, making it a must-visit restaurant for all the seafood lovers out there!


Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

With fresh fish and shellfish flown into the restaurant every day, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood restaurant specializes in providing its diners with a sophisticated dining experience with seafood dishes that have an all-American, Asian or a distinct, French touch.

It’s more of an upscale restaurant, so if you are ready to go all out to have an exemplary seafood culinary affair, this restaurant certainly won’t disappoint you.

Some of its specialties include macadamia-crusted butterfish with aromatic Thai curry, and a common favorite, Parmesan-crusted sole. It also has a lounge that plays live jazz, so whether it is food or mood, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood has got you covered!

So, are you ready for a truly amazing seafood culinary experience?