The Best Tea Shops In Brooklyn for Die-Hard Tea Lovers

By: George Adelman

There’s probably nothing more comforting than a hot cup of tea, no matter what time of day it is. A simple and humble cup of tea has the power to take all your worries away and soothe your soul for a few hours. Whether it’s black tea, milk tea, matcha tea, herbal tea or yellow tea, there’s something really amazing about tea. No wonder there are so many die-hard tea lovers all over the world!

Once upon a time, Brooklyn didn’t have as many tea options, to the point that you would find people bringing their own tea bags to a restaurant! However, over time, as the borough evolved, so did its tea spots and varieties.

Here are our top picks for tea shops in Brooklyn for every tea lover out there.



With an impressive tea selection to a range of organic teas, there’s no surprise that Bellocq is one of those must-visit tea shops in Brooklyn.

It’s a great charming tea spot, almost like a little haven for tea lovers where they can read their favorite book or unwind after a long day and sip away their favorite tea in peace and quiet.


Two for the Pot

Don’t tea and biscuits make the best combination in the entire culinary world? Two for the Pot in Brooklyn take this evergreen combination to a whole new level with its rich, aromatic range of teas and an assortment of fresh, crumbly biscuits.



The matcha craze has been around for a while now, and from the looks of it, it’s here to stay for good! If you are also a true matcha fan, perhaps, Matcha in Brooklyn will surely satisfy your matcha tea cravings! This tea shop is family-owned and offers such a wide, impressive variety of matcha foods and drinks. It’s often described as a “mecca” for matcha lovers, so you make sure to visit it whenever you are in town!


Brooklyn Tea

Some people are big on just the taste of their tea, but others also want their tea to smell out of this world. If you belong to the latter category of people, Brooklyn Tea will truly blow you away with the tea samples that they put on display for people to taste and smell.

Not just that, but the entire experience at this cozy little tea shop will immerse all your senses and take you to tea heaven! What’s even more amazing is that it has over 60 different tea blends, so if you got time on your hands, you might as well spend the entire day smelling and tasting their exotic tea blends!


Tea Is Life

You know how some people say “tea is life”? They speak nothing but the truth! Only a tea lover can truly understand this saying, too. Do visit these incredible tea shops in Brooklyn and indulge in an ever exotic tea affair like never before!