The Giant Pink Rabbit In Piedmont, Italy

By: George Adelman

Who doesn’t love to be around plush toys? No one! Unless someone is allergic to the material a stuffed toy is made of, everyone adores the colorful fluffy goodness. Aside from being oh-so-adorable, plushies are also considered a universal symbol of comfort and warmth. Be it a teddy bear or a giant Winnie the Pooh, looking at a plush toy evokes all the fuzzy feelings there are in the world. Keeping in mind people’s adoration of stuffed toys, plush manufacturers try to produce the cutest and fluffiest bunnies and bears to benefit their business. But a Viennese art collective, by the name of Gelitin, decided to use stuffed toys to their advantage in a rather unsettling manner, which some might even call inconceivably creepy.


Meet The Ginormous Pink Stuffed Bunny

Hase, Italian for Hare, is a 200-foot long stuffed pink rabbit that rests atop a hill in Italy’s Piedmont region. Mind-boggling right? Well, it gets better (or worse, you decide). The masterminds behind the eerie creature over a mountaintop describe their installation and its purpose on their website in a way that’s creepier than the massive toy itself.

The site states,

“Happily in love you step down the decaying corpse, through the wound, now small like a maggot, over woolen kidney and bowel, such is the happiness which made this rabbit, I love the rabbit the rabbit loves me.”

It can’t get any more cryptic than that!


How The Enormous Pink Rabbit Ended Up On A Mountaintop In Italy? Here’s how.

In 2005, the strange group Gelitin knitted an uncharacteristically giant stuffed pink bunny and dropped it over a hilltop called Colleto Fava near the Italian town of Artesina.

When hikers slog their way up the Italian mountain range, they eventually spot a pink ridge clearly different from the rest of the hilly terrain in color and texture. That unexpected, out of place existence on top of Colleto Fava is the giant pink bunny that is supposedly plopped there to enliven the exhausted mountaineers. But considering the decaying state Hase is in, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would be comforted or uplifted by the lifeless fluffy carnage. And the funny bit is that Gelitin is well aware of the rotting mess that has become of the once fluffy rabbit because the group believes Hare will completely decompose anytime in the mid to late 2020s. And yet the rabbit lives on Colleto Fava.


How To Get To The Bizarre Sight

Artesina lies a two-hour drive away from Turin or Genoa in Italy and from nice in France. So, you can hire a taxi or rent a car to make your journey towards the giant pink rabbit in the middle of nowhere. But if you want to take the longer route, you can choose to ride a combination of buses and trains from any of the nearby metropolitan cities near Artesina. Using public transport might land you with some other venturesome individuals who are also interested to see Hase; this way, you won’t be alone when you come face to face with the hair-raising sight!