The Greatest Sandwich Shops in Sacramento

By: George Adelman

The food scene in Sacramento has always been super diverse and unique, with new restaurants and cafés opening up every now and then. However, there’s one thing that is still a mutual favorite, and it is none other than the ever humble and delicious sandwich!

Sandwich shops in Sacramento are the ultimate culinary hub where people drop by at any time of the day to indulge in a hearty, cheesy oozing sandwich.

Whenever you visit Sacramento, here are some of its best sandwich shops that you must try at least once during your trip.


Roxie Deli

When an eatery runs out of food by the end of the day, you know it must be extremely amazing. That’s probably what makes Roxie Deli one of the greatest sandwich shops in Sacramento.

It is best known for its weekly barbeque specials, and if you really want to get your hands on those, you must go there early! Their barbeque tri-tip sandwich has to be the hottest-selling sandwich, so much so that they make it twice a week!

After all, who doesn’t like a smoky, flavorful sandwich served on a ciabatta roll with sweet and delicious barbeque sauce, right?


The Sandwich Spot

Known for their super special sauce, The Sandwich Spot will leave a little explosion of flavors in your mouth with its rich sandwiches, and of course, the sauce!

If you are a turkey fan, you have to try the Governor sandwich that features hot turkey avocado, Bomb Sauce and cream cheese. If you prefer chicken, go for the Hot One sandwich with delectable marinated chicken, spicy bomb sauce & pepper jack cheese

The best part? The owners of this sandwich place are super welcoming, friendly and will ensure that you leave with a one-of-a-kind and a satiating sandwich experience!


Corti Brothers

Fancy some irresistible meatloaf and rich Fontina cheese? Head over to Corti Brothers, one of the most amazing sandwiches places in Sacramento!

This is one of those homely eateries that you want to go to after a long day at work or shopping and settle down for a humble but ever so delicious serving of sandwich.

Their Corti’s special is an all-time favorite of people in the city, which is made of extra cuts combined in a way that you taste a fusion of salty, smoky, fatty and sweet flavor notes, all at once in your mouth.

This special sandwich isn’t special just for its taste, but also for the super low price, making it a stellar deal for days when you are short on money.


Juno’s Kitchen and Delicatessen

If you ever find yourself craving for a non-chicken sandwich, you must visit Juno’s Kitchen and Delicatessen, one of the best sandwich shops in Sacramento, for a smoked trout sandwich!

Imagine a firm crust baguette with a soft interior with smoked trout, crisp apples, the perfect amount of aioli, fragrant rosemary potatoes and salty, creamy manchego cheese – doesn’t that sound absolutely delicious?

Well, what are you waiting for?