The Opryland Hotel Pools

By: George Adelman
A large swimming pool in a resort

What makes an incredible swimming pool? Well, surely many things, but the two most important features that make a swimming bath enticing are the area it offers and the depth of crystal clear water in it. If a wading pool is brimming with endless gallons of transparent water, anyone will be tempted to jump in for a quick swim. And especially for someone in a bad mood having access to such a splendid swimming pool can be exceedingly cathartic.

If you are tickled by the idea of enjoying a spontaneous swim in a massive swimming pool, then you will absolutely love to learn about the possibility of you being close to not one, not two but three such pools in one place. Feels too good to be true? We hear you, but it’s the truth. The swanky Opryland hotel has three enormous pools, all bristling with clean blue water. And that’s not all. Being the plush place that the Opryland hotel is, all the pools are lined with top-notch materials and modern filtering technologies. Head on to the upscale Opryland hotel in Nashville to enjoy around the clock access to three sumptuous wading pools; The Relache, the Cascades & the Magnolia Pools.


The Cascades-The Outdoor Pool

The Cascades and Relache are situated next to one another, but one is an outdoor pool while the other is an indoor pool. Despite the difference in their locations, both the swimming spots offer a plethora of amenities beyond the huge tanks overflowing with water.

Routinely open from 9 am to 9 pm, The Cascades outdoor pool locality offers scores of outdoor activities, including an outdoor pool, a heated whirlpool, a herd of chaise lounges, a poolside bar and grill, an eating area with tables and some single tables with umbrellas, showers, lockers, and a medium wading pool for younger children.

If you don’t enjoy the sun and the outdoors, then you can skip the fun at the Cascades and move towards its indoor counterpart, The Relache.


The Relache- The Indoor Pool

Like the Cascades, the Relache is located in the westernmost wing of the hotel. It is an incredible space for recreation. It offers numerous exciting features, such as an indoor pool, a heated whirlpool, several padded chaise lounges, and a designated lap lane, as well as showers, lockers, and towels. It is also super accommodating of people with mobility issues; the easy to work handicap chair lift allows people in wheelchairs to conveniently enter the showers, whirlpool, or the pool’s general vicinity.

The Relache stays open from 6 in the morning to 10 at night.


The Magnolia- The Second Outdoor Pool

The third pool at the Opryland Hotel is the Magnolia, located in the eastern part of the hotel, close by the Magnolia & Garden Conservatory sections. Encircled by the hotel’s walls on all four sides, the pool’s interior resembles an alfresco lounge in design.

Functional from 9 in the morning to 9 in the night, the Magnolia features an outdoor pool and eating area, a bar, and a quaint little wading pool for smaller children. It is also surrounded by a fountain and small waterfall accompanied by a small stream meandering towards the water tank.

The Opryland Hotel is undoubtedly a dreamland for aquaholics from anywhere in the world. If you want to thrash around in crystal clear water unfettered, head on to Nashville for a quick getaway.