The Top 10 Cities for Cycling Enthusiasts

By: Freelance Contributor

Enjoying the world from the perspective of a bicycle is a type of enjoyment shared by millions the world over. Whether a person enjoys cycling amidst the urban areas of a major city, or cycling among the trees and nature of a remote town, there are a number of terrific locations around the world for cycling enthusiasts.


1. Portland, Oregon

The residents of Portland have made great strides in creating a bike-friendly culture and city design for cyclists, and visitors are also treated to amazing views of the Cascades that look beautiful in every season. Bicycling enthusiasts will also experience a particularly green and environmentally friendly city while visiting or living in Portland.

Portland Oregon

2. Mundaring, Western Australia

Offering a trail that runs for over 200 miles through forests and past native Australian animals like kangaroos, the Munda Biddi Trail starts in Mundaring and travels all the way to Collie. Beautiful eucalyptus trees and Aboriginal forests line the special cycling route that the locals created in 2004, and which has become internationally popular in the years since.

Mundaring, Western Australia

3. Burlington, Vermont

An extraordinarily healthy city, Burlington offers residents amazing views of the Green Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains from the perspective of miles and miles of amazing biking trails. Inside and outside of the city there are many areas dedicated to bicycle-friendly travel.

Burlington, Vermont

4. Flagstaff, Arizona

Surrounded by forests and offering a strong view of the historic west, Flagstaff and Sedona (which is directly south of Flagstaff) offer many cycling opportunities within the towns, and it’s also easy to head outside of the urban areas and ride around to enjoy the beautiful ponderosa pines of the region.

Flagstaff, Arizona


5. Luchon, France

For any cyclist who fancies that they are a competitor for the Tour de France, the mountain pass from Luchon to Bayonne represents some of the fiercest bicycling opportunities anywhere in the world with a road that covers four difficult mountain passes. Cyclists in France might want to check out Alpe d’Huez for additional French cycling adventures.

Luchon France
Radu Razvan /

6. Boulder, Colorado

Offering many miles of paths dedicated to cycling, Boulder sits in a perfect spot near the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and is one of the best spots in the western United States to head for recreational opportunities and to be around people who love the outdoors.

Boulder, Colorado

7. Jotunheimen, Norway

This national park area offers views of a mountainous area that almost looks as though it was created for a fantasy novel. There is a very popular route within the park that offers some incredible hill work for cyclists, but there are a few different paths that offer different degrees of difficulty for cyclists.

Jotunheimen, Norway

8. Langkawai, Malaysia

This archipelago area of Malaysia encompasses over a hundred islands and is an amazing area that’s popular for cycling around waterfalls and pristine beaches. There aren’t any amazing peaks to ascend, but the scenery is some of the most idyllic in the world and the trails and paths go on for many miles.

Langkawai, Malaysia

9. Hanoi, Vietnam

Cycling culture is extremely strong in Vietnam, and residents are apt to be on their bikes whether they’re commuting to work or riding around for fun. Through Hanoi and along the coast toward Ho Chi Minh City, is an amazing route of over 700 miles that takes riders along perfect sandy beaches and beautiful coastlines.

Hanoi, Vietnam


10. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Although the harsh winters might make riders think otherwise, Minneapolis is second only to Portland with the number of bicycle commuters in the city. There are terrific bicycle-friendly streets all over the city along with many parks and trails across the town.

Traveling with the intent of bicycling one’s way around a vacation is a terrific idea in so many beautiful and amazing trails around the world. From leisurely rides along the beaches in Malaysia to the incredibly difficult peaks in France, the world is a cyclist’s playground of beautiful adventures and classic rides.

Minneapolis, Minnesota