The World's 10 Best Airports for Foodies

By: Anna Fleet

Stuck with a long layover at the airport and a hungry tummy?

Don’t worry; airport food isn’t quite as bad as it used to be. In fact, it’s quite surprisingly delicious in the following ten instances. These particular airport eats will have you traveling more often—just for the airport snack-attacks…


1. Atlanta International Airport, Georgia

The greatest thing about the Atlanta International Airport food court is that you don’t have to choose between sushi and a sandwich—you can have both in the form of a delectable sushi roll. These pork belly concoctions are the signature item on the menu at ‘One Flew Over’, the airport’s trendy dinning establishment that serves up entrees and cocktails so fine that you won’t believe you’re in an airport.


2. Barcelona Airport, Spain

Not only does the airport in El Prat del Llobregat, Barcelona boast a Michelin-star-rated chef in Carles Gaig, if you’ve developed a taste for traditional Catalan dishes during your trip to Spain, you can have one last parting meal that you won’t forget at Restaurant Gaig, located in Porta Gaig in Terminal 1, where diners dig into succulent roast chicken and spicy veal before takeoff.


3. Washington-Dulles International Airport, USA

If it’s good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for us. Washington Dulles’ Five Guys, in Concourse A and B, isn’t just another burger chain. Made-to-order hamburgers and cheeseburgers served with copious amounts of fresh-cut French fries are the special here. Add on as many toppings as you want, including barbecue sauce, jalapeños, hot sauce, onions, mushrooms, and more. President Obama orders his cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, jalapeños, and mustard.


4. Seoul-Incheon International Airport, Korea

Not only will you be kept busy if you find yourself laid over in Seoul’s major airport with its full spa, premiere golf course, casino, not to mention the Museum of Korean Culture—your belly will also be happy! Why? Because it will be filled with a hot bowl of bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish that combines fragrant rice, chili paste, fresh thin-sliced vegetables, beef, and a fried egg. And you can procure one at Incheon Bibimbap, between rounds of golf or before a mani-pedi.



5. Austin-Bergstrom Airport, Texas, USA

One doesn’t venture through Texas without a catching a whiff of authentic, smoky barbecue and being lured into one of the smoke house restaurants at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Salt Lick BBQ at Gate 12 houses a traditional meat smoke pit and just the scent of their signature beef brisket or pork ribs will have you forgetting your next destination. Grab desert in the form of a whole made ice cream cone at Amy’s Ice Creams if you can choose from their wall of unique flavors like Sweet Cream, Oreo crush, or Mexican Vanilla.


6. Hong Kong International Airport

If you haven’t had your fill of dumplings, prepare to be stuffed to the brim at Terminal 2 of the Hong Kong Airport, it’s a shopping, eating, shopping, and lounging oasis. Try a sampling at Tian Xia Dumplings for the great prices and the traditional street food-style flare or The Wing, if you want a fancier experience with full cocktail service.

Hong Kong

7. Memphis Airport, Tennessee, USA

If you don’t mind waiting in a lengthy line up; it’ll be worth your while at Ivar’s Seafood Bar, located at Gate B4 at the Memphis Airport. Sure, it’s a local fast-food seafood chain, however, you would hardly tell by the food—yummy seafood chowders, huge portions of fish and chips, crispy crab cakes, and friendly and gracious servers to boot! Ye haw!


8. London Heathrow Airport, UK

It might seem a tad odd to eat pan-Asian in the UK, but that doesn’t deter the crowds at Wagamama form waiting for some comfort food. This locale quickly serves up bowls of gyoza, soba, udon, and ramen smack-dab in the middle of Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5.


9. Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, Netherlands

Sucking juicy oysters and guzzling bubbly doesn’t sound like the typical airport experience—unless you’re dining at Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar. Here the champagne and seafood never stop flowing. Plus the surroundings are quite lovely and lively with a huge saltwater aquarium and nearby casino.



10. Changi Airport, Singapore

I dare you to even try to rush your way through Changi Airport. The rows of street food stalls will stop you in your tracks with they’re spicy-garlic infused delectables—as strange as they are delicious. Choose from fish-head curries, spiced pork-rib soups, mutton noodles, and laksa, a fragrant coconut-curry soup.