Top 10 Countries to Buy Vacation Property

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With the entire world to choose from, buying a vacation property can be an intimidating prospect. Let’s take a look at some of today’s best options for your home-away-from-home.

1. Argentina

With beautiful landscapes, a fast-growing wine region, and famously great food, Argentina is a great place to spend a vacation. You’ll have your choice between spending your time in the mountains and jungles or enjoying the nightlife in major cities such as Buenos Aires and Mendoza. As a bonus, the Argentinian economy is growing like mad, so your vacation property just might double as an investment property.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as the ‘greenest country in the world,’ not just because of its scenery but also because it’s way ahead of the game in terms of sustainable technology and environmental practices, so have no worries about your pristine vacation home getting polluted in twenty years. In addition to the stunning green scenery and beautiful beaches, it has a very low cost of living, so your vacation money will stretch farther than ever.

3. Albania

Call it the frugal alternative to Greece. Although not one of the most popular vacation destinations, Albania borders Greece and is almost within rock-throwing distance across the sea from Italy, so it shares its great Mediterranean climate. Its beautiful scenery includes both beaches and rugged mountains, and the prices are astonishingly low. For $50,000, you can get a beach-front apartment, and since the country’s successful transition to capitalism, the economy is just going up and bringing property values with it.

4. Ecuador

The whole country is great, but the north coast is an especially good deal. Featuring a beautiful stretch of the Pacific coast, it remains mostly untouched due to historic inaccessibility. A new road opened up recently, but it remains significantly less crowded than other areas of the country. Beach lots are available for well under $50,000.

5. Italy

Italy is famous for the climate, history, and food, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Stay away from the major cities, and try places like Puglia (Apulia, in English), close to the southern tip of the country and full of olive groves, scenic farmhouses, and a wealth of archaeological treasures.

6. Mexico

Once you get out of the cities, Mexico is full of fantastic areas. Tulum is inexpensive and downright pristine, bordered by a heavily protected biosphere, ancient ruins (mostly Mayan), and white beaches backed by dense jungle. It’s only 80 miles from Cancun, but much less crowded. Since the environmental protections mean that not a lot of land available, crowding will stay low, and land values are guaranteed to go up.

7. Austria

If you’re not so into the tropical and Mediterranean places, Austria is a great option. The Salzburg region is particularly nice, with sailing on the lakes in the summer and skiing in the winter, plus beautiful medieval castles and baroque churches practically everywhere you look.

8. Portugal

Cultural treasures, world-famous cuisine, and a great maritime heritage: What more could you want? The economy is growing, too, making any purchases a good investment. Look into seaside towns like Cascais for historic city centers and beaches complete with lighthouses.

9. Shetland Islands

The Shetland Islands are technically just part of Britain, but they’re far removed as far as lifestyle goes. rugged coastline and low rolling hills dotted with sheep and stone crofts accompany a strong cultural tradition, especially in music: The traditional fiddle style is world-famous.

10. Kenya

Beach property on Lamu Island is lovely but expensive, and it requires presidential consent to buy. Instead try inland communities such as Nanyuki, right next to Mount Kenya on the equator, where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful safari land. Mountain climbing and big-game hunting aren’t the only activities, though – there is horse-riding, fishing, golf, and the world’s best birdwatching.

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