Top Hotels in Old Town Alexandria

By: George Adelman
A gazebo in a park in Virginia

Old Town Alexandria is a historic neighborhood in the American State of Virginia that lies only minutes away from Washington DC. It enjoys a venerable status among the black community as it was instrumental to the black rights movement back in the day. Today many glorious monuments stand tall all over the borough, paying homage to the inspiring history that it has witnessed. Besides being historically rich, old town Alexandria is also a hub of architectural wonders and fresh, organic foods. People from all over America trot over to the Virginian district to take in the magnificent memorials, admire the architectural excellence and relish the delectable treats from cafes at every corner of town. It is the perfect place for a short weekend getaway or a week-long break from the monotonous daily life.

If you have never been to the independent neighborhood, you must visit the area at least once in your lifetime to see the greatness that lies in Old Town Alexandria yourself. Whether you go for a weekend or an entire week, you’ll need to crash at a hotel, and luckily, there are plenty of quaint yet comfortable lodges in the Virginian locality. Here is a rundown of all the top old town Alexandria hotels.


Kimpton Lorien Hotel and Spa

Standing near the famous King Street Metro Station, the Kimpton Lorien Hotel and Spa is a 107-room facility that provides top-notch accommodation to visitors. It’s a four-star hotel that houses a state of the art fitness center and a full-service spa. The in-house restaurant, BRABO by Robert Wiedmaier, serves mouthwatering, decadent American food with a touch of French and Belgian flavors. Kimpton lies near the widely visited George Washington Masonic Memorial, the Lyceum, Market Square, and Anthenaeum. In other words, you get to thoroughly explore the town by staying at the 4-star lodge, thanks to its strategic location.


Hilton Alexandria Hotel

The contemporary 252- room plush hotel is situated on the King Street close to the metro station. It recently went through a grand remodel, becoming one of the most luxurious accommodations in town. Hilton Alexandria Hotel offers spacious guest rooms, a restaurant, lobby, and meeting space. The king street tavern near the lodge serves delicious fare for visitors who wish to enjoy local delicacies. The hotel also has an on-site fitness center that houses high-functioning machines and equipment, enabling the guests to keep up with their physical training routines. Lastly, there is a bike kiosk for capital bike share inside Hilton Alexandria Hotel that offers multiple deals for visitors to get around with Alexandria’s free King Street Trolley.


Kimpton Morrison House

The rustic, homey Kimpton Morrison house is a rather smaller lodge, but it offers luxurious facilities, which is why Condé Nast Traveler named it the best hotel in the world.

Guests staying at the Federal-style inn get all the bed and breakfast offerings, including in-room spa services. The in-house restaurant, MOHO kitchen serves tasty dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. The hotel also offers a venue for wedding receptions for up to 65 guests or cocktail parties for up to 100 guests.

Make the most of your time in old town Alexandria by staying at any of the mentioned hotels in town!