Trading Places in Quebec

Tres belle! My Quebec City home for the next 10 days, doing a home exchange. Marie-Chantal is staying at my home in Austin. Selma and I can’t wait to explore this lovely city!


This chic, three-story townhome is in an excellent location, only about a 15 minute walk from Vieux Quebec and in a lively neighborhood filled with tons of restaurants and boutiques.

And how amazing is this? My partner left this incredibly thoughtful gift for me — she is wearing hers at the same moment as she discovers Austin! This is why I love home exchange most of all: the people. Living like a local in a neighborhood and having FREE accommodations are just icing on the cake. Home exchange people are awesome. Thank you Marie-chantal — I’m wearing it everywhere I explore! In fact, the woman who took my picture (below) at Lower Town below the funicular commented on the beads, and asked me about it. Lovely!

My first full day here, I did what I usually do the first day: simply wandered and explored, with no agenda. At lunchtime, I looked through local magazines and brochures to find free things to do in the city.

Options included yoga in the sculpture garden, a violin and piano concerto, musical in a chapel and an outdoor arts festival. Oui, s’il vous plait!

I look forward to my 12 days here, living and exploring like a local thanks to HomeExchange!

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