Traveling to post Brexit Britain – Vital things Americans need to know before visiting

Traveling to post Brexit Britain – Vital things Americans need to know before visiting

There has to be a winner for every loser and if the current vote to leave the EU has seen Britain lose a fair deal, then America is definitely a nation of clear winners. The sterling has already slumped to a low rate as against the dollar, dropping down below $1.31 for the very first time since 1985. With such statistics, American tourists are giving covetous glances at the UK as their holiday cash will stretch even further now. In fact, hotel booking websites reveal that there has been a 50% rise in searches for British accommodation as compared to the same time last year.

What should the Americans expect if they’re all set for a union-jacked relaxation? Here are few vital things to take into account if you’re switching New York for Norwich in 2017.

There are restaurants over the core of London

While most Americans speak of Leicester Square, there is no hard and fast rule which says that you are supposed to eat and dine there. There are several other restaurants in London and in the country, as a whole. There are many which have upgraded their interior decoration since a long time now. You can opt for a minibus hire to commute from one place to another in London.

Going around London is pretty effortless

Whether you’re travelling to England alone of you’re a part of a tour, there are high chances that you will wish to take a rise in the London black cabs or even go for a coach hire London. The London black cabs have all changed now and now they have shiny double-decker buses which are bright red in colour. The cabs these days come in multiple colours and if you’re in Central London, you can get an Oyster Card and swipe it when you go on tubes and buses.

Brits drive cars with gear sticks

The gear sticks are also known as ‘stick-shifts’ and this makes the Brit cars tougher to drive than the automatic ones. You will require focusing more on the road and although this doesn’t enhance the experience of driving, yet this is the trend in England.

Everybody speaks just English

Well, yes, though everybody speaks just English here, yet you should understand how Daisy’s accent is not understood sometimes in Downton Abbey. London is home to several melting pots of cultures and while this clearly implies that food has improved in a significant manner, it also means that people might be there who may not speak English. You just have to be careful about the common courtesy there.

The questioning need of getting travel insurance

As a thumb rule, England is pretty safe but still, you need to take all the casual precautions, particularly when you’re off to larger cities. Keep your bags zipped in public and do travel with minimum coverage on your travel insurance policy.

So, as we see, there are many things that you should know about a place before travelling there. Consider the above-mentioned points if you’re an American who is about to visit Britain post-Brexit.

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