Vineyards and Wineries close to Baltimore

By: George Adelman
A glass of red wine placed on a wooden log in a vineyard

When wine lovers think about strolling around picturesque vineyards, plucking supple grapes, and sipping the most exquisite wines in rustic barns, they imagine being in France or Italy. Either way, the first wine-producing epicenter anyone thinks of is always somewhere in exotic Europe. And indeed, the wines crafted in French wineries are creme de la creme of the spirited drink, but little people know of the thriving wine kingdom that exists in the hearty state of Maryland. That’s right, a bustling world of vineyards and wineries lies a few miles away from Baltimore in all its citrusy-toasty glory.

If you have never been to the wine wonderland on the outskirts of Charm City, you need to visit the oh-so-dreamy wine-producing establishments to appreciate the wine galore crafted there.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of some of the best vineyards and wineries close to Baltimore.


Boordy Vineyard

Resting 1/2 an hour away from downtown Baltimore in northeastern Baltimore County, the Boordy Vineyard is the oldest winery in Maryland. The extensive selection of wines crafted at the establishment’s centuries-old barn offers a taste for every palate. The vintners working at the age-old winery use plump grapes freshly grown at their local vineyard.

Besides the lip-smacking liquors and juicy grapes, the Boordy vineyard also serves mesmerizing views all around. You can also attend concerts and parties at the magical location or host one yourself.


Serpent Ridge Vineyard

Serpent Ridge Vineyard is a relatively new setup but no less magnificent than the seasoned establishments in the area. It was built in 2009 in Carroll County and is touted as the first of its kind in West Minister. Serpent Ridge Vineyard is known for producing small lots of handmade wines using their local grapes. The dry wines crafted here are considered one of the best on the market. You can sample the delectable wines during the many tastings and tours offered at the rustic winery.

The wine masters at Serpent Ridge Vineyard also offer wine education, painting classes, yoga sessions, and a lot more for people looking for a respite from city life.


Basignani Winery

Located in the north of hunt valley, The Italian winery boasts of its unfiltered wines crafted using traditional cellar methods and old-world viticulture techniques. Basignani winery also specializes in hosting exuberant events filled with music, fun, and laughter. Outdoor movie nights, brick-oven pizza nights, and Friday night parties are just some of the vibrant gatherings held at Basignani winery. You can join in on the fun at one of the events or have endless glasses of wine with cheese during a tour of the place.


Loew Vineyard

Loew Vineyard is a family-owned business run by seasoned viticulturists and vintners. The Loew family opened the establishment back in 1982 on hills of the Maryland countryside, where they also grow Vinod era and French American grapes. Visit the generation-old vineyard to sip delicious wine or gorge on lush grapes.

If you consider yourself a bit of a wine connoisseur, then the Baltimore countryside will be nothing short of a treat for your taste buds. Head on to the scenic farmlands to enjoy nature and wine!