Visiting Prague in March

By: George Adelman
View from Letna to Prague city and Charles Bridge that crosses Vltava river, Prague. Getty Images / @ Belthelem

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is known for its rich ancient history as well as its beautiful modern sights. It is the mixture of both modern and medieval times that makes a visit worthwhile in Prague. The cultural hub is full of life and offers many activities for entertainment to tourists, such as music, dance, art, fine dining, and many other cultural events and festivals.

One of the best months to visit Prague is March. The city is not hustling and bustling with tourists, and if you like the soft touch of the summer sun, then March is the perfect time for you. Prague’s weather in March welcomes spring, so you will get to see the beautiful flowers blooming during the day.

Moreover, Prague offers various activities in March, which may not be available throughout the rest of the year. For example, there are many festivals that happen in March, such as the Shockproof Film Festival, Miss and Mister Concert, Bazaar Festival, St. Patrick’s Day Festival, Young Bohemia Prague Festival, etc. The best part about this is that it is not very crowded and you can easily have a great time with your family or friends.

March usually marks the end of winter in Prague; however, the days are still relatively chilly. Some days the sun shines bright in the clear blue sky, but on other days, there are dark clouds and chances of rain. But the overall weather is very pleasant and makes the experience worthwhile.


Places To Visit

Prague Castle

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus and Adalbert is a Roman Catholic metropolitan cathedral in Prague, the seat of the Archbishop of Prague.
Getty Images / Dado Daniela

This castle is one of the most important cultural monuments in the capital city. It has a rich history and is full of many artifacts, historical documents, and jewels.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Getty Images / Fraser Hall

This is another great site to visit. The cathedral has its own interesting history and ancient stories about kings and queens. It is the largest church in the city and is also used as a burial ground.

Narodni Divadlo

Getty Images / (c) Tuomas Lehtinen

This is a national theater that offers many dramas and opera shows. There are several dramas and shows scheduled in March for tourists, which reveal the history of Prague.


Vltava River Cruise

Tour boat on the Vltava river next to Charles Bridge on a Auntumn day. Prague, Czech Republic, Central Europe
Getty Images / Copyright © 2014 Luis Dafos

The cruise goes under several bridges, which are definitely a sight to see. It is ideal for relaxation as you can just sit and enjoy food and drinks along with a breathtaking view.

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague astronomical clock
Getty Images / Alan John Lander Phillips

This is a very old clock, and the interesting thing about it is that it still works! It includes the old calendar, zodiac signs, as well as the movement of the sun and the moon.

Dancing House

kaprik / Shutterstock

The dancing house has a very interesting and unique structure. It has a restaurant at the top which has a panoramic view of the city. It also features an art gallery on the ground floor.

If you are looking for a nice getaway to enjoy a relaxing vacation in March either on your own or with family and friends, you should definitely put Prague on your list. March is the most pleasant time of the year in the capital city, and visiting the city in this month is sure to leave you with memories and experiences to last a lifetime!