Xpu Ha Palace Resort

By: George Adelman
Beach palapas at Xpu ha beach along the mayan riviera coast in Mexico near Puerto Aventuras Getty Images / © James R.D. Scott

The picturesque bay and resort area of Xpu Ha is a paradise in the state of Mexico. Bristling with white sand beaches, raging rivers, dense forests, natural springs, and beautiful blue skies, the Xpu Ha village is an ideal tourist destination for the eco-conscious souls. Vacationers get to bask in the serenity of nature in the Mexico village either as groups or ala carte. Generally, the town receives flocks of couples looking for a romantic getaway; however, families and friends can also get quality bonding time in Xpu Ha.

Being such a charming village, bursting with scenic views, Xpu Ha naturally houses many resorts and guesthouses for tourists. While most of the area’s accommodations are reflective of the organic surroundings, some capture the essence of the neighboring area more beautifully than the rest, and xpu ha palace resort is one of them. Although not a palace resort anymore, the exotic retreat has the most wonderful facilities to offer.



The thatched-roof cabana-style bungalows provide peaceful accommodation to guests, giving them a taste of an organic lifestyle with decent modern-day facilities. All the units open into a breathtaking view of white sand beach with lanky palms trees swaying under the sky, which tourists can take in for as long as they wish on the colossal balcony attached to every bungalow.

Xpu ha villas are beautifully designed for nature lovers to make their time in the village memorable.


Pools At The Resort

The Xpu Ha resort houses two massive zero-entry pools brimming with clean blue water. The resort guests can either enjoy some lackadaisical swimming in one of the pools or tread the ocean water all around the place.


Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

The Xpu Ha resort is one of the stay-in-one enjoy all staying locations in the village; therefore, it offers endless recreational activities to its guests. Out of the many fun things one can do at the elegant retreat, snorkeling and scuba diving are the most popular among adventure seekers.

The resort’s proximity to a cove makes it an ideal spot for snorkeling. People staying at Xpu ha resort can have a fun snorkeling trip most times of the day.

Equally fun and thrilling scuba diving adventure is also a major charm of the place, though with an extra charge. People get to the center of the ocean and dive into the water to view the hidden aquatic treasures up close.


Other Activities

If extreme water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling are too much for someone, they can try the calm kayaking rides or go on jungle and mangrove tours. Although roaming around the woods or breathing next to mangrove swamps is not as thrilling as deep-sea diving, it is a worthwhile adventure in and of itself.

Couples visiting the village book tours to walk hand in hand in the middle of swathes of trees, enjoying each other’s company while surrounded by Mother Nature, but some thrill-seeking lovers discover the underwater world together.

If you want to have a memorable vacation at a mesmerizing location, consider Xpu Ha village for your next adventure!