Your Complete 8-Stop Walking Tour of Rome

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With so many ruins and sites in one city, tourists have to hit the streets running in Rome—or walking in this case.  Believe us; you can squeeze in literally every monumental site with our recommended walking tour of Rome. Come on, follow us…

Stop 1: The Colosseum

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Our tour starts at the most famous of Rome’s sights, the Colosseum, where you’ll be steeped in the glory of first century A.D. when gladiators and emperors ruled the bloody games.

Stop 2: The Forum

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Next, head to the center of the Eternal City to the Great Forum, surrounded by the mystery of front of ancient temples, holy basilicas, and feared rulers—from Cicero to Julius Caesar.

Stop 3: Gelato Break

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It wouldn’t be a day in Rome without stopping for something sweet. And luckily, Cremeria Monteforte is just nearby. Constantly winning awards for its unique flavors—like chocolate sorbet and After Eight—this gelato won’t bog you down with dairy, unless you request whipped cream on top!

Stop 4: The Vatican

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From royalty to piety, the next stop should be the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel, which houses the works of the most admired Renaissance masters. A leisurely stroll through the statue-studded octagonal courtyard will take you through the halls of the museum into the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel, where the most famous fresco in the world—Michael Angelo’s ceiling—will have you gazing up in awe.

Stop 5: St. Peter’s Basilica

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Don’t forget to look around. You’re standing in the world’s largest and most amazing basilica, St. Peter’s, the peaceful resting place of entombed popes, saints, and artists.

Stop 6: Trevi Fountain

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From St. Peter’s the walk should resume with a look at Rome’s famous fountains and piazzas. Start at Trevi Fountain, and if you wish to return to Rome, toss in a coin for good luck.

Stop 7: The Pantheon & Piazza Navona

Atlantide Phototravel / Getty Images

From Trevi, you can already see the Pantheon, and take a short stroll to the open-air majesty of Piazza Navona, Rome’s most impressive and popular square, which was built in first century A.D.

Stop 8: Authentic Roman Pizza

Kathrin Ziegler / Getty Images

Finally, stop for dinner at Baffetto, for the most authentic pizzeria in Rome. It’s just a short stretch from  Piazza Navona, and it fires up its wood ovens starting at 7pm in the evening.

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