Freedom Fuels

5415 Chana Creek Rd
Tallassee AL 36078

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Freedom Fuels, LLC is an Iowa Limited Liability Company that has built a biodiesel plant located at Mason City, IA. This plant has the capability of producing 30 million gallons of biodiesel per year along with other co-products, namely glycerin, fatty acids, and soap stock. While there are currently other plants of this size either in production, or in the development stages, Freedom Fuels L.L.C is strategically located to maximize profitability. The plant is located in the number one soybean producing state in the country. Iowa currently is home to 24 bean processing facilities which make it a prime location in terms of oil procurement. Freedom Fuels L.L.C is also located along the I.C.E. railroad and has access to the Union Pacific railroad via the Iowa Traction railroad. This makes the location favorable from a logistics standpoint. In addition Freedom Fuels L.L.C has access to city waste water and other city utilities. We have access to a looped city water system so we are not required to have our own on-site fire protection. Freedom Fuels, LLC has implemented technology that will allow the plant to utilize both soybean and canola oil. Freedom Fuels L.L.C was formed to allow soybean producers and others the opportunity to own and operate a biodiesel plant and bring the economic benefits of the biodiesel industry directly to its members and local communities. In addition to better air quality, the use of biodiesel reduces our dependence on foreign oil, thereby promoting energy security. The majority of our nation's biodiesel comes from processing soybeans, a domestically produced renewable resource that is grown in abundance within the United States. Petroleum based fuels on the other hand, rely solely on a nonrenewable source. Since about half of our petroleum is now imported, much of it from the Middle East, protecting those foreign sources subject the United States to huge financial and human cost. A small percentage of the United States soybean crop is processed into biodiesel and other valuable non-consumption products. The increased demand for soybeans by way of biodiesel manufacture and the economic activity related to soybean processing leads to another significant benefit of biodiesel; improving the profitability of soybean producers and rural communities. Rural economic development generated by a growing biodiesel industry is one of the greatest success stories in value-added agriculture.