El Dorado, AR


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El Dorado (pronounced to rhyme with tornado (IPA: /ɛl dəreɪdoʊ/ or English pronunciation: /ɛl dəreɪdə/) is a city in Union County, Arkansas, USA. According to the 2010 census, the population of the city is 18,884. The city is the county seat of Union County, and is headquarters of the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission as well as large corporations and Fortune 500 companies such as Murphy Oil Corporation, Deltic Timber Corporation, and Lion Oil Refinery. The city contains a community college, South Arkansas Community College ("SouthArk"), a multi-cultural arts center: South Arkansas Arts Center (SAAC), an award-winning renovated downtown, and numerous sporting, shopping, and dining opportunities. El Dorado is the population, cultural, and business center of the 7,300 mi² (11,748.21 km²) regional area. The city is best known as being the heart of the 1920s oil boom in South Arkansas, earning it the nickname “Arkansas’s Original Boomtown”. El Dorado is located about 100 miles (160 km) from Little Rock.
El Dorado is located at 33°12′49″N 92°39′45″W / 33.21361°N 92.6625°W / 33.21361; -92.6625 (33.213521, -92.662553). in Union County, Arkansas in the southern part of the state. Union County is the largest county in the state of Arkansas and borders the state of Louisiana. The area has the unique feature of sharing it's border with 8 counties and parishes: Ouachita County, Arkansas; Calhoun County, Arkansas; Bradley County, Arkansas; Columbia County, Arkansas; Ashley County, Arkansas; Claiborne Parish, Louisiana; Union Parish, Louisiana; and Morehouse Parish, Louisiana. The city of El Dorado is the largest urban population center in the region.