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When you are ready for drug or alcohol rehabilitation, you will have more questions than answers. All you really understand is that you have a problem. The counselor will guide you through the recovery steps, from an initial intake where the medical staff will learn about you, how your addiction started and what your life is like today; to identifying your specific needs. For example, depending on the type of drugs used, there may be a need for a prescription medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification step. You'll find encouragement as you participate in group and one-on-one therapy sessions. When you enter our drug rehabilitation program, you will re-learn how to live without drugs. It may seem easier to give up than pursue recovery but deep down you know that isn’t true. Life can be complicated and cause you to think about your next fix. Think of your drug treatment as your way of trying to get to the root of your problem. Something bigger is tugging at you. Your addiction is filling a void. With the help of the counselors at Drug Treatment Centers Tempe, you will discover what your life was missing and why you began using drugs as a cover. Your addiction has been your primary focus. Maintaining your habit has been more important than anything or anyone else. Wouldn’t it be nice to be up when the sun comes up and actually notice the colors in the sky and the clouds floating by without a care in the world? When you are clean, you will notice everything differently. Nothing will seem small and unimportant. You will appreciate your life. Call (602) 358-2956 for a personal evaluation.