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When I went into court for my divorce, I felt like I was heading to my execution. My heart was beating hard when I was called up and sworn in on the stand. Why was I so nervous? Because I was representing myself, and I was in uncharted territory. Had I missed some little detail in my papers? Had I forgotten some obscure legal rule? And yet, I was one of the lucky ones who managed to complete my case that day and that was only through the good graces of the judge in my case. After the divorce, I began thinking about my experience. Here I was, a college graduate who had worked as a regulatory affairs specialist and engineer in the medical and aerospace fields. Being detail oriented and obsessive about rules and paperwork was my speciality, and yet I barely managed to scrape my way through a relatively simple legal matter. I began to digest every bit of information on the self-service legal field that I could find. I searched through all the books published by so called experts, looked at all the 'do it yourself' kits, and investigated all the legal services non-profits that I could find information on. There was little help to be found. All the books and kits are about the same: catch all, fill in the blank forms that do very little to ensure you do things right. The non-profits have a noble mission, but are generally constrained to only helping those in the greatest need. It seemed that for the rest of us, the choices were to either pay for an attorney or try to go it alone. About three months after my divorce my search came to an end. It was the day I saw that the State of Arizona was starting a new "Legal Document Preparer" program. The program allowed the court to certify certain qualified individuals as "Legal Document Preparers" who are non-attorneys that help consumers in legal matters. I realized that I could take my education and experience and help others avoid the same worry and trouble that I had gone through. I partnered with an experienced paralegal and thus Dawson Documents was born. I could see there was a need for what we did. Arizona abounds with unlicensed, unscrupulous people willing to make a quick dollar preparing legal documents "under the table". It's easy money for them to fill in some blank forms they've downloaded for free from the Internet, and then charging people up to a $1, 000.00 for their services. Sadly, the work is most often not done right, and because these people are breaking the law, you are often on your own after shelling over your money. Dawson Legal Documents and Services works differently. We work closely with the local courts and legal community to fill a legitimate need in our community. To date, we have helped over 500 clients complete their legal matters clients who would have otherwise been forced to try and figure it all out themselves, or as so many do, put off their important legal matters. We are governed by a comprehensive code of ethics and conduct, undergo the same continuing legal education as attorneys, and have built ourselves into Yuma County's largest and most well-regarded legal document firm. So stop on by, there's never a consultation fee and no appointment is required ( you can find directions on our Contact page. ) Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5: 30 p.m. Monday through Friday, but if you need to come in after work or on the weekends just give us a call and we can arrange to meet when it is convenient for you.