Fort Thomas, AZ


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Fort Thomas (Western Apache: Gowąh Golgai Gohoshé) is a small unincorporated community in Graham County, Arizona, United States. The community has an elementary school and a high school. It is part of the Safford Micropolitan Statistical Area. Fort Thomas has a ZIP Code of 85536; in 2000, the population of the 85536 ZCTA was 443.
Fort Thomas is at 33°2′14″N 109°57′58″W / 33.03722°N 109.96611°W / 33.03722; -109.96611, at an elevation of 2822 feet above sea level.
The earliest military presence in the area was former Camp Goodwin, constructed in 1864 and named for Arizona's first territorial governor, John N. Goodwin. The camp was abandoned after a short time due to failed buildings and malaria from a nearby spring. In 1876, the current site of the community was chosen as a "new post on the Gila," selected to replace Camp Goodwin. Initially, the site was named Camp Thomas in honor of Civil War Major General George W. Thomas. Until 1882 the area would be known by several names including Clantonville, Camp Thomas, Maxey and finally Fort Thomas.