Tucson, AZ


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Tucson, Arizona, combines unique desert landscapes with cultural attractions. The city offers visitors incredible cuisine, vibrant nightlife destinations and trendy shops. From historic frescoes to unusual boutiques, Tucson has a variety of attractions to keep visitors busy.

Must see in Tucson 
Saguaro National Park is a top destination in Tucson and includes a cactus forest, hiking trails and wildlife. You also want to visit the Old Tucson Studios, which served as the filming location for many Westerns, to see live shows and stunts. Sabino Canyon is another popular attraction for hikers and nature lovers.

Where to stay in Tucson 
Travelers with children may want to stay in North Tucson because of the safe location and multiple shopping options. Families will enjoy this neighborhood's St. Philip's Plaza, farmer's markets, boutique shops and restaurants. Younger travelers looking for nightlife activities may want to stay in the downtown area and visit Main Gate Square or 4th Avenue for live music and bars. Visitors who are looking for the cheapest and best deals may want to stay near the Tucson International Airport area, but you will need to rent a car.

Best and worst time to go to Tucson 
October and November are some of the best times to visit Tucson because of the milder temperatures. Some of the worst times to visit Tucson are from May to September because of the high temperatures.

Where to get lost in Tucson 
You can spend hours exploring the Catalina Foothills in Tucson and see expensive mansions, desert landscapes, art galleries, upscale shopping malls and fine restaurants.

The best deal in Tucson 
One of the best deals in Tucson is the free admission and free parking at the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum. This attraction offers visitors historic artifacts and exhibits. The museum also has child-friendly activities, community festivals and photo opportunities.

Transportation in Tucson 
Renting a car is the most reliable way to travel in Tucson because the city is spread out. You may also want to try bike rentals or the Sun Tran buses.

Getting in from Tucson International Airport
If you are traveling from Tucson International Airport, then rental cars, taxis and shuttles are popular choices. You may also want to consider the Sun Tran bus service.

Local tip for visitors to Tucson 
Cafe Poca Cosa has some of the best Mexican food in Tucson with unique dishes. The menu changes every day, so you should be prepared to order from the chalkboard.

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