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Dougherty Valley High School (commonly Dougherty, Dougherty Valley, Dougherty Valley High, or DVHS) is a public high school located in the Windemere development of San Ramon, California, USA. Dougherty is one of four high schools in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD), along with California High School, San Ramon Valley High School, and Monte Vista High School. Constructed by Shapell Industries of California and Windemere Ranch Partners BLC, Dougherty was the first developer-built school in the SRVUSD. The school opened its doors in 2007.
Dougherty's mascot is the Wildcat, and its school colors are navy, Columbia blue, and silver. Dougherty is known for its state-of-the-art campus, which features a performing arts center and aquatics center in a joint-use agreement with the city. The school has a diverse student body with a significant population of Asians. Dougherty is the top school in the district based on Academic Performance Index and is developing as an athletic force. The school is also home to a number of clubs. The school newspaper, the Wildcat Tribune, is notable as the first print publication to interview Chesley Sullenberger after the events of US Airways Flight 1549.
Dougherty Valley High School was built by Shapell Industries of California and Windemere Ranch Partners BLC, which were also the two main developers of the Dougherty Valley area in general. Shapell was obligated through a December 1988 agreement with the SRVUSD to "contribute its fair share of the cost of additional high school space needed to serve students generated by the project," with the project mentioned being the construction of 11,000 houses in the area. Dougherty is the first developer-built high school in the SRVUSD, in contrast with the typical method of a developer and the state funding the school district for construction of any necessary schools. The district and developers began further negotiations regarding the school's construction in 2001.