Yorba Linda, CA


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Yorba Linda is a city of 65,000 in California’s popular Orange County. It has the distinction of being the richest city in that affluent county and one of the richest in the entire country based on median household income.

Yorba Linda is also blessed with good geography, located 20 miles from the Pacific Ocean near the Chino Hills and Santa Ana Mountains.

The name “Yorba Linda” is a bit of a mismatch. Yorba was the last name of a Spanish soldier and settler who explored the area in 1769. Well more than a century later, real estate developers added Linda to make the area more appealing to prospective buyers. Linda means “pretty” in Spanish, and city leaders continue working to preserve the beauty and grace of the community.

Yorba Linda is well known as the hometown of President Richard Nixon. The Presidential Library and Museum bearing his name is one of the city’s best-known attractions. The complex has an extensive collection that details the Nixon administration. The museum’s video and movie galleries include some of the controversial taped conversations from the Watergate political scandal of 1972.

Outside the museum is a beautiful garden designed by former First Lady Pat Nixon. On the same grounds is Nixon's birthplace, a modest California bungalow built by his father in the early 1900s.

Yorba Linda visitors can stop in the 100-year-old Friends Church, founded in part by Nixon’s parents. Society of Friends members, also known as Quakers, were among Orange County’s first settlers. The Yorba Linda church is the largest Society of Friends congregation in the world, drawing some 4,000 worshipers every Sunday.

Nearby is the childhood home of Nixon’s second cousin, author Jessamyn West. Many of West's published works focused on the lives of church members locally and elsewhere in the U.S.

The Susannah Bixby Bryant Ranch is another Yorba Linda attraction that merits a visit. The site offers visitors a well-rounded look at Yorba Linda’s past, from Native Americans through the modern age. Outside is a well-regarded botanical garden.

Yorba Linda visitors who like to golf can tee up at the Black Gold Golf Club, one of two public courses in the area. With a challenging par-72 layout, the course includes a variety of water features. Spectacular views of Orange County and Long Beach are available for no extra charge.

Chino Hills State Park forms the city's northern boundary. The park is an excellent Yorba Linda attraction for lovers of the outdoors. The huge preserve spans three counties and measures 30 miles from north to south. Within the park are 60 miles of walking and running trails, with some designated for mountain biking. These features make the park a verdant oasis amid the urban sprawl of Southern California.

In all, Chino Hills covers some 14,000 acres, providing a habitat for native plants and animals. With several well-equipped campgrounds, the park gives Yorba Linda visitors a place to end their visit with marvelous views of the cities beyond and the stars above.