Beach Auto Sound

18042 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach CA 92648
1 Reviews

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Very disappointed in the parts, the customer service, reliability . Most recently purchased a expensive car alarm. The alarm was just going off by it self. The reason we did not take it back. Is The at will employee : A.K. A. Eddy is very incompetent. So went to another alarm company and installed another car alarm. Next: They sell some garbage called: The ( Black Box). Yet to see what's on this garbage. You must have a smart phone. Sadly : Tom the owner doesn't know how completely use this product he sells. Next: Tom the owner will sent you a text to see, his accomplice in Los Angeles, Calif. This is his friend the male Asian adult. I spent almost two thousand dollars at this disgusting establishment. Next: A.K.A. messed the wiring so bad , when supposedly installing the , $1,000.00 plus , Black Box, this is what , A.K. A. Eddy told a paying customer : " I don't like you're attitude "! Now another thing my question is this retaliation for making a complaint? California Labor Code: 6310. The reason is when : A.K.A. Eddy , supposedly fixed the wiring for the : Black Box, then not long after , the car : Air Bag light was staying on. I had to pay lots of money to fix this at a car dealership. Now another thing; Its unknown if , Tom the owner is gay. He places his hand on certain customer's shoulders. This is : ( Assault ). Calif. Penal Code: 240. The facts are: No employee is required to do anything unsafe or illegal. Calif. Labor Code: 6300. Osha. So the question is when at will employee : A.K.A. Eddy messed up the wiring , in reference to air bag light, was this because he is ignorant and does not know what he is doing? Calif. Penal Code: 26. Or was it deliberate? Shouldn't customers know if : A.K.A. Tom , the owner is honest? Plus: His accomplice : Calif. Penal Code: 31. A.K.A. Eddy ? Here is how we can find out. Will both volunteer to prove they are honest? ( 1.) No. Lie. M. R. I. This machine measures brain waves to determine if some one is honest? ( 2.) Calif. Evidence Code: 801.70. This is the lie truth serum. For more accurate results , the amount induced should be based on the subjects body weight. This places the volunteered subject , in a conscious , unconscious state of mind. Called : The comfort zone. So the truth comes out of the mouth. ( 3.) California Evidence Code: Section: 795. This is hypnosis. The volunteered subjects: A.K.A. Tom the owner and his favorite possible : Camel Jockey, A.K.A. Eddy. Will both volunteer to be subject to being hypnotized by a state or government licensed credible hypnotist ? ( 4.) With this prerequisite : A blood and urine test. By a licensed credible , toxicologist of the state or government ? ( 5.) Too also include: Will both of these rip offs, con artist volunteer to be filmed .With verbal and written consent ? To be posted on : You Tube. In regards to being filmed for the results to each form of admissible, scientific forms of evidence? For over site and transparency ? To refuse shows: ( Silence of a entity ) Calif. Gov. Codes: 911.23 and 911.64. Plus: To refuse to volunteer shows: ( Reasonable Doubt ). This equals : ( Guilt ). So if we never see both volunteering and doing these requested tests, on a volunteer basis , on You Tube. We have our answer. ( Reasonable Doubt). This equals: ( Guilt ). Not also to mention all the cashiers look constipated with anxiety. I do not know if : A.K.A. Tom is affiliated in some bike gang ? Or I also don't know if this shop is in reality a front to sell drugs? It could be? Will find out when : A.K. A. Tom the owner volunteers to do these tests. With his , camel jockey, A.K.A. Eddy. Bad business. Bad customer service. Tom , the owner should not be putting his hands on paying customers. If not all are treated like this, its selective enforcement. A violation of: Calif. Gov. Code: 12900. Bad service, bad parts. Rip Off. Maybe its for white people only ?