Bel Air Presbyterian Church

16221 Mulholland Dr
Los Angeles CA 90049
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I do not usually write reviews, but I have been so affected by this church that I simply must let people know my story.I grew up going to this church (from 1998 to 2011), and my family still goes to this church. I remember as a young boy going to church every Sunday that there were a few sermons that stood out. In 2004 and 2005, there were a bunch of sermons that discussed homosexuality and how it is a "fallen" state of man. In fact, let me quote for you the exact words the preacher used (the transcripts are online)."Homosexuality is a sign of those who have fallen away from the Lord.""The homosexual will not inherit the Kingdom of God.""Sex is between a man and a woman in a lifelong relationship called marriage.""And if you struggle with homosexuality, I believe it's a call to celibacy."Hearing these sermons as a young boy had a huge negative effect on me. It "branded" my mind like a hot-iron. I am not welcome. I am sinful and destined for hell.If you think the church has changed due to Pastor Drew Sams joining the church as head pastor, think again. Recently, another worshiper wrote a Yelp review about this church, dated 6/24/2014. In it, the person talks about how, in last Sunday's sermon, Pastor Drew Sams has decided to reject welcoming same-sex couples from getting married in the church. He has decided that people in same-sex relationships are living in unholy, unbiblical relationships that are not welcome in Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Upon stating this, many people in the congregation even started to applaud.I hope and pray for the young, struggling lesbian and gay children who are sitting in those pews and listening to Pastor Sams tell them that their future relationships will be unholy, unbiblical, and unwelcome. They will never be able to get married to the person they love in their own church. Most importantly, they might renounce Christianity as a direct result of Sams' unwelcome.
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